2013 NFL season – Week 12 predictions

New Orleans @ Atlanta –> New Orleans. The falcons have one of the worse defense in most of the statistical categories. They will most certainly show up and fight in this game, instead of what they did in Tampa Bay. Still New Orleans have the talent and the sense of urgency to be able to win this game on the road, even against a team that will play like is the SB.

New York Jets @ Baltimore –> Baltimore. The Jets should win this game since they are winning one and losing the next one.  Baltimore offense looked everything but efficient in the loss to the Bears, but still to play in Chicago is never easy and this game will be played in Baltimore. Both these teams are still in the playoff hunt and should put in place a huge fight. The Jets defense is really better than Chicago’s one this year but I bet that Baltimore offense will rebound and will play well. New York offense is closer to the disaster it has been in Buffalo than to the efficient one they had been in the previous win; so all in all I’m going with the Ravens.

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland –> Pittsburgh. I think the Browns are back at being the 4th best team in the AFC North. Pittsburgh had a really good win against a good team like the Lions are and will face a tough game against the Browns, in Cleveland. Anyhow the show the Browns put on offense in Cincinnati was really bad, they really struggled to move the ball, did few good play now and then but no consistency. The running game was not there and I don’t think Cleveland has the weapons to really attack Pittsburgh passing defense. It will be a close gritty game where  Steelers habit of winning (or the Browns habit of loosing) will make the difference.

Tampa Bay @ Detroit –> Detroit. The Lions just need this win. Tampa looks to have some momentum going on but Detroit is playing for being NFC North champion for the first time in over two decades. The Lions must win.

Minnesota @ Green Bay –> Green Bay. I think that the Vikings are a better team than the Rodgersless Packers, but I have a gut feeling that Green Bay will stop the loosing streak.

Jacksonville @ Houston –> Houston. The Texans look like a mess but Jacksonville is the best opportunity for Keenum to get his first win with the big guys.

San Diego @ Kansas City –> San Diego. Gut feeling, only that for the moment. San Diego offense will be the second great offense in a row that the Chiefs will have to face in 2013. The difference here is that the Chargers offense struggle with red zone offense and Chiefs defense is really good statistically in that department, only to be beaten 3 times over 3 times against Broncos offense in Denver. I think that San Diego needs this win and Rivers is playing great football, Chargers will win.

Carolina @ Miami –> Carolina. The Panthers are the hottest team in the NFL right now.

Chicago @ St. Louis –> St. Louis. Fisher’s team played really good through the season against good teams. Chicago is a good team without its good QB.

Indianapolis @ Arizona –> Arizona. This is the great 2012 coach story matchup. Arians deserves this one for the work he did last year for the Colts.

Tennessee @ Oakland –> Oakland. The Raiders shown in the past two games that they react to the humiliating loss against the Eagles as a tough team. The need a home win to get back to Raiders fans. I think that they’ll win against a Tennessee team that lost a big home game in week 11 against one of their top rivals, that was a blow.

Dallas @ New York Giants –> Dallas.  The Cowboys could always do the most unexpected things like winning against a resurgent Giants team in New York.

Denver @ New England –> New England. The Patriots cannot allow losing this game, Denver can. I hope I’m wrong here.

San Francisco @ Washington –> San Francisco. The 49ers need a win and have a defense that can neutralize RGIII. Plus Washington defense is weak enough to let the Kaepernick resurrection begin.


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