2013 Regular season Broncos game review: Week 11 – Kansas City 17 Denver 27

Overall Team Performance note: 8

The Broncos won and won comfortably. They played wise and didn’t humiliate the Chiefs. I guess Kansas City Chiefs are almost sure they’d have revenge in two weeks, but it looks that Denver didn’t have to show everything they could do both in offense and defense. I guess the Broncos have room to stun the Chiefs in Arrowhead in week 13.


Performances of note:

Malik Jackson played a hell of a game again. He had half sack and a TFL. But two tipped passes by a defensive lineman? Wow!!

Demaryious Thomas came back after the bye showing the monster wide receiver he is. He really can do everything around the field, catching the ball downfield, in the traffic in the middle of the field, he’s a stud blocking and he’s a track star on screen passes.

What about Trevathan, is he the best pure linebacker (this exclude Miller and Phillips) on the Broncos roster right now? If not yet, how much it will take him to become? And this does not mean than Woodyard is the most deserving pro bowl linebacker that never get a Pro Bowl call.

Anyhow how about having Steven Johnson coming in for a down and making one of the plays of the game just out of the blue?

Quentin Jammer again did a silent great job shutting down passes.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie played like a beast. He was always destroying plays and always glue to his assignment. Too bad he didn’t take home the interception; he could have been my Most Valuable player on defense……this close….

Most valuable player on offense: Manning he’s throwing release was incredibly fast. His quickness in releasing the ball was one of the reason, or the main reason, why the Chiefs defense wasn’t able to get a sack. This is one of the most incredible things Manning does every Sunday.

Most valuable player on defense: Shaun Phillips game was amazing. He was all over the field, made sacks, tackles for loss, tipped passes, hurries, hits, everything. Incredible player.

Tactical note: the 3rd down conversion ratio was not particularly brilliant this time around. But is actually something that could be improved by using a little bit more tricks or getting less yards to be gained with the 3rd down down in Kansas in two weeks.

Critical Issue of the game: Rahim Moore injury will cost hardly to the Broncos. Moore was the player with the highest number of snaps in the past two years and a lot at FS. Adams could do some of that but has not the same kind of speed Moore has. Plus I hope Moore could get back, if not this year, next year, but his injury is the kind of injury that scares a lot.

Did Von Miller play against the Chiefs? When did the opponents will start to not double team him, will he have the same impact Phillips is having right now? What the Hell happened to his quickness, does the schemes try to prevent him to get to the QB?

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