2013 NFL season – Week 11 predictions

Indianapolis @ Tennessee –> Indianapolis. The Titans without Locker already proved to be not a really good team. Indianapolis also played really poorly in week 10, but I bet they won’t play as bad also in week 11.

New York Jets @ Buffalo –> New York Jets. The Bills will be without their starting receivers, making them a one dimensional team against the best defense of the AFC East. Plus this contest is the opportunity for Geno Smith to prove that he’s better than EJ Manuel, the QB that the Bills selected in the 1st round of the past draft instead of him (and that actually is quite still banged up form the knee injury. Plus the Jets have the best run defense of all NFL, not just AFC East.

Baltimore @ Chicago –> Baltimore. The Ravens have a better team than the Bears especially because Cutler won’t play. I see Baltimore as a more focused team after last week win against the Bengals

Oakland @ Houston –> Houston. The Texans will play against Raiders backup QB.

Arizona @ Jacksonville –> Arizona. I’m going with the Cardinals because they are the better team and are playing for a playoff spot. Jacksonville got its first win against the Titans in week 10 and will look to get a second one (first at home) but Arizona have the third best run defense and I don’t think that the Jaguars without Blackmon could find solution from the passing game.

Washington @ Philadelphia –> Philadelphia. This one I’m not quite sure. I’m going with the Eagles at the moment because they come from back to back road wins and look to run a “momentum”. On the other side this is an elimination game for the Redskins, at 3-6 or they win this inner division game or they could start thinking who’ll be their next coach. Plus this are that kind of underdog situations where Shanahan usually get the best out of it.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati –> Cincinnati. The Bengals desperately need a win to get back on track after a couple of losses in a row. Cleveland is rested, coming from the bye and could be really coached up for this rivalry game, but I think that at the end Cincinnati will win this game at home.

Detroit @ Pittsburgh –> Pittsburgh. Detroit is a much better team than Buffalo, but I’m betting here on Steelers defense again to show up big against one of the better offense of the NFL and the best receiver of the NFL. If the defense will allow the Steelers to stay in the game, Big Ben will find a way to win this game.

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay –> Atlanta. I think that in my mind there is no chances that these two teams could be tye at last place in the NFC south. Therefor Atlanta will win. On the other side Tampa defense has much better number both against the pass and the run (especially the run), so technically the Buccaneers could be on track for their second win of the year. I’m still going with the Falcons.

San Diego @ Miami –> San Diego. I like what Fluker did against Denver at LT during the 2nd half of week 10 game. So I Think he’ll do well against Wake (still Wake will get some good stat) and will allow Rivers continuing be one of the stars QB of this year. Miami would really need this win to keep hopes alive but both coach and GM already know that they won’t be in Miami in 2014, so will be quite difficult to see a fired up Dolphins team ready to fight for any inches against a very determinate Chargers team. 

San Francisco @ New Orleans –> San Francisco. I like better the 49ers defense and I don’t like enough the Saints run defence in this game. If the 49ers could build on running the ball the the Saints defense will never know if Kaepernick is going to throw the ball or not in any given play.

Green Bay @ New York Giants –> New York Giants. I don’t think that who ever will starts at QB for the Packers will be throwing a lot the football. Rodgers absence is just too big for Green Bay and the Giants are coming from 3 win in a row and pretty much fired up. It could be a tough game where at the end I think the Giants will prevail.

Minnesota @ Seattle –> Seattle. The best team win at home.

Kansas City @ Denver –> Denver. The Broncos will be really motivated to win this game and give the rivals Chiefs their first loss of 2013. Kansas City will go after Manning from minute 1 of the game, their shot at greatness depends on if an how soon they’d get him and force him out of the game. With him in the game and with the Chiefs run defense being the last in the NFL for average yards per play, I don’t see Kansas City winning this one, even with a favorable turnover ratio.

New England @ Carolina –> New England. Because Brady knows how to win important matched that does not look important on the paper. Carolina is coming really fired up after the win in San Francisco and giving that I’m saying that New Orleans will loose to the 49ers on Sunday, will have on Monday the chances, by winning this game, to tye New Orleans record at 7-3. New England is an expert team that know how to behave in this kind of situations and will be able to play with the younger and less big moment experienced Carolina team.


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