2013 Regular season Broncos game review: Week 6 – Denver 28 San Diego 20

Overall Team Performance note: 8,5

The Broncos won and won a really good football team away from Colorado. The offensive line was not perfect and Manning is hurt again. The offense struggled some but was able to get together in the second quarter and basically win out the game there.

The defense played well IMO. Philip Rivers played really well and Denver defense really was ready to challenge him. The Refs really helped the Chargers on a couple of flags that I still have to understand.


Performances of note:

Terrance Knighton is the kind of DT that the Broncos were looking for since a lot of years. He just makes a lot of plays, really a lot!!

Is not a real performance, but the decision to end the game with the offense taking as many 1st down as needed was just plain great and really exiting. Good job Jack Del Rio.

The red zone offense was great for the Broncos. Great performance for the offense as a whole unit, hats off.

Knowshon Moreno is building up a memorable year. Could be that his stats are even misleading, but the most of the time Denver needed something get going they gave the ball to Knowshon. I don’t know how many passes he caught, some of them in pretty good traffic and how many extra yards he got with second and third effort on 1st or 2nd down. That extra yard or two always makes easier the next play, remember that when you check how many yards he ran at the end of the game.

The screen plays blocking was awesome. Denver offense really performed exceptionally these plays. How agile and fast the O-linemen were running downfield and blocking was unbelievable.

Shawn Phillips played really well, much better that Von Miller IMO.

Monte Ball looks to be on the wake of getting going, if he goes on like this, it looks pretty good for Denver late in the season when Manning and Moreno will need to rely on a extra body that could take the toll on offense.

Most valuable player on offense: Manning (he’ll be probably always here), Moreno again was an all-purpose player, but Demariyous Thomas caught 3 touchdown passes, it does not happen every Sunday.

Most valuable player on defense: Shawn Phillips and Terrence Knighton, because the big fella in the middle of the D-line played like a beast against the run and the passing game (Vickerson gained more than Honorable mention with 6 solo tackles). Phillips just show which kind of professional and leader he his. A part from his sack, did you notice that every lineman adopted his bowling ballet to cheers on sack or big stop?

Tactical note: loved to go out and take the 1st down with the offense to ice the game, instead of letting the defense to close out the game.

Critical Issue of the game: the offense at time looked to use some unnecessary fast passing plays. Sometime the play call isn’t really clear or the players look not to be really on the same page.

Anyhow, there were, IMO several defense pass interference that the refs didn’t call to the Chargers defense and a couple of flags that allowed San Diego to score the last touchdown. Really and the lower body hit to manning at the end of the game? Wasn’t a flag worth play? Come on!!

Also to note that Denver O-line is still quite banged up. Just hope that they could be quite in shape to face one of the toughest D-line in football.

The Broncos pass rush was a bit inconsistent, which led to…

I really have the impression that Von Miller lost a step or two, he’s not as fast he used to be and he’s not double teamed all the times…..he’s not in shape or was something else other than weed the one he was using?


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