2013 NFL season – Week 10 predictions

Seattle @ Atlanta –> Atlanta. Early game out east for the Seahawks against a team that is recovering some important piece from injury and most probably sees this game as an opportunity to redeem an unfortunate season.

Cincinnati @ Baltimore –> Baltimore. The Ravens will have the opportunity to play against the AFC North leader at home. As the Falcons they will look at this game as a redeem game and also as the last chance to play for something in 2013.

Detroit @ Chicago –> Chicago. Close call. I like more Detroit talent but Chicago will be playing at home and come from a huge win in Green Bay.

Philadelphia @ Green Bay –> Philadelphia. The Packers are wonderful to watch when Rodgers plays but, as the Broncos, they really don’t have a B-plan to Rodgers. The running game is finally really good  but Green Bay looks like a strictly one dimensional team right now and still have to recover fundamental defensive players. If the Eagles won’t badly loose the turnover battle, they’ll win this contest.

St. Louis @ Indianapolis –> Indianapolis. The Rams have a really good defense, but the offense is not really good on scoring. The Colts show one week ago in Houston that they could have a pretty good pass offense even without Reggie Wayne.

Oakland @ New York Giants –> New York Giants. The Giants will win this game at home against a team that is actually decimated by injuries both on offense and defense.

Buffalo @ Pittsburgh –> Pittsburgh. The Bills are not really lucky this year but I like the talent they have on the roster. Still this game will be totally on Pittsburgh demonstrating not to be a washed out team after the 600 yards on defense given to the Patriots in week 9. I expect the Steelers defense to look as dominant has it has never been in 2013. And it’s not that the Bills are unstoppable on offense.

Jacksonville @ Tennessee –> Tennessee. This game is quite more complicated for the Titans than what it could look like. They are coming out a good road win in St. Louis and are looking in for a playoffs run. The Jaguars really don’t have anything else to ask to their season as a team but sometimes this kind of mindset helps to elevate the execution level. Basically the Titans have everything to lose in this match and they will have to show a lot of maturity to come out with a win.

Carolina @ San Francisco –> San Francisco. The 49ers are a talented mature team. I like a lot what the Panthers have accomplished in 2013 and I even like their chances to play for a playoffs spot, but I don’t think that they’ll be back from California with a win.

Houston @ Arizona –> Arizona. Bad loss for the Texans against the Colts. I like what Bruce Arians brings to the table and the Cardinals defense. I think that somehow Arizona’s offense and Carlson Palmer will find the way to score just enough points to get this win at home.

Denver @ San Diego –> San Diego. I don’t like Denver chances here. I don’t know which influence (good or bad) Fox open heart surgery will have on the Broncos players. Still Rivers played wonderfully the whole year and Denver defense is missing Bailey and Ihenacho in the secondary…I hope I’m wrong here.

Dallas @ New Orleans –> New Orleans. I think that the Cowboys will win the NFC East, but I don’t think that they are in the same category of the Saints. Plus Rob Ryan will put on a show with his defense to demonstrate to his former employers that they were wrong firing him this past off season.

Miami @ Tampa Bay –> Tampa Bay. Too much scandals in south Florida.


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