2013 NFL season – Week 9 predictions

Kansas City @ Buffalo –> Buffalo. The Chiefs looks like a team that got the top of the game and are on their way down to the middle of the pack form. If it would have been 3 or 4 weeks ago I’d picked the Chiefs hands down, but now I doubt them even against a team with no QB.

Atlanta @ Carolina –> Carolina.  The difference here it will be motivations, a team, the Panthers, looking in playoff possibility plays at home against a team that was waiting for a superbowl appearance year that instead is facing 8 games of futility.

Minnesota @ Dallas –> Dallas.  I stick with the Cowboys even if they still miss a ton of their best players because of injuries. I don’t see the Vikings being so cohesive team to go on the road and win out a playoffs seeking team.

New Orleans @ New York Jets –> New Orleans.  Even though I don’t like this Jets team, I have some doubt on this one. This match-up is pretty defining for New Orleans and their quest for the nº 1 seed in the NFC playoff race. Anyhow I’m with them this time, could be a blowout or a close game, and if the Jets will be leading in the last 3 minutes of the game, I will miss on this one.

Tennessee @ St. Louis –> St. Louis.  The Rams shown on Monday Night that they’re a pretty stout team. With no QB the defense show up big against a great/wanna be dominant team as the Seahawks. Tennessee is no Seattle so I bet that Jeff Fisher will find a way to really limited their offense (shut down the running game?).

San Diego @ Washington –> Washington.  I bet on the Redskins here because their defense played quite well through 3 quarters in Denver, only to be, at the end blown up big time in the fourth. The Chargers are an up an coming team that have great veterans but is still chemically new and could fail from time to time in games against worse teams. I bet this will be one of these cases.

Philadelphia @ Oakland –> Philadelphia. Too many injuries on the Raiders Oline. The RT Pashos will be out and the replacement Watson is banged up. Plus SS Bracnch also will be out opening the starting spot to Usama Young. Philadephia lost a bad one against the Giants and will face the Raiders with a bigger sense of urgency.

Tampa Bay @ Seattle –> Seattle. No doubts on this one.

Baltimore @ Cleveland –> Cleveland.  I go with Cleveland this game, Baltimore has a more experienced and talented team, but also a bit more banhed up. I consider this one a big upset.

Indianapolis @ Houston –> Houston. Houston has to win this game and Indianapolis is a young team. Houston will win.

Chicago @ Green Bay –> Green Bay. A rivalry game where the Bears won’t have Cutler and have a suspicious defense. Green Bay is learning once again to play with tons of injuries.


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