2013 NFL season – Week 8 predictions

Cleveland @ Kansas City –> Cleveland. Shocker. I think this match-up it’s very dangerous for the Chiefs and even more if Bowe won’t play. Cleveland Defense is good and young and can come up stopping a pretty much overrated Chiefs Offense. Kansas City Defense could also play the half of itself to stop Cleveland Offense. Special Teams will have their primetime moments and turnovers too. If Cleveland defense would be able to create a couple of turnovers in the second half this could be a real shocker.

Miami @ New England –> New England. The Patriots have  the home field and cold weather advantage against a warm weather visitor as the Dolphins.

Buffalo @ New Orleans –> New Orleans. Buffalo could put a lot of pression on Drew Brees in this contest but the Saints come out from the bye and will be to much focused to be beatable by a team with huge offense problems like the Bills.

Dallas @ Detroit –> Detroit. The Lions just lost at home against the Bengals, they have to win this one at home against a NFC team to still get a shot to the playoffs. This match means much more to Detroit than to a Cowboys team that plays in a horrendous NFC east.

New York Giants @ Philadephia –> New York Giants. I think Hillis will have an even better game against the overrated Eagles. Vick will start for the Eagles, because Foles is out with a concussion. The Giants aren’t the most reliable team in the league but they broke the ice last Monday night and have a coach that is the master of carrying on momentum. I’m for the upset.

San Francisco @ Jacksonville –> San Francisco. Tampa Bay lost on Thursday so the Jaguars front office really need a loss against the 49ers to keep the pace for the 1st overall pick of the draft. Plus off course the 49ers are an elite team and Jacksonville isn’t and this game will be played in London. I don’t see how the Jaguars would compete in this horrendous match up for them.

Pittsburg @ Oackland –> Oakland.  I think the Raiders could surprise in this game. The point it will be on piling up pressure on a precarious Steelers offensive line.

New York Jets @ Cincinnati –> Cincinnati. I believe the Bengals will have to fight on this game but their defense is too good to not crush the Jets offense.

Washington @ Denver –> Denver. It’s a special game here this one in Denver. Mike Shanahan teams always suffered Peyton Manning offense and cannot find a way to contain him. Because of this and the overall Broncos talent level, I think that the Broncos will, at the end, came up with thw W.

Atlanta @ Arizona –> Arizona. I like the Cardinal chances here. It would be easy, by talent point of view to chose the Falcons as winners, but I think that they still have a tons of problem with the offensive line, since Baker is still out. Arizona has a good defense with very good corners, if they could stop Julio Jones (update: I’m an idiot he’s on IR) and find a way to costantly put pressure on Matt Ryan, and I think they will, the Cardinals could come out with a win that will mostly mean the end of the Falsons season.

Green Bay @ Minnesota –> Minnesota. I like the Vikings options against a injury ridden Packers team. Seriously on offense I don’t know how many Green Bay receivers are not playing injured or coming off injuries, on defense pass rushers also have been decimated by injuries….this is a rivalry game and the Vikings are playing for their honor. It should be a really physical game and the Packers look to be on the short side of the physicality balance with all their injuries.

Seattle @ St. Louis –> Seattle.

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