2013 NFL season – Week 7 predictions

Seattle @ Arizona –> Seattle. It’s a close call because Seattle is not as dominant on the road as at home. Plus I like the Cardinals talent more than the usual fan does. I like their defense but I think that the offense is not performing at the same level and will face a tough opponent in the Seahawks.  Seattle defense will be the key of this game.

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta –> Atlanta. The Falcons still have too many important players injured but the Buccaneers are in disarray. The game is played in Atlanta and the home team will overcome injuries and get a much needed win.

Chicago @ Washington –> Washington. I don’t like this match up. Chicago is the better team right now and Washington defense is playing really badly in this season start. Anyhow Washington needs a win to keep hopes while Chicago, IMO, is playing to its very best potential. Shanahan teams usually perform really well in this kind of game so I’m going with the home underdog.

Dallas @ Philadelphia –> Philadelphia. I think Dallas is a better team, but the Eagles play at home.

New England @ New York Jets –> New England. I don’t like this Jets team and they’re still quite close to the top of their division to not fail in this match up. New England rarely lose this kind of face off, this time will be interesting how the Patriots defense will perform without Mayo at the helm. I’m going with the Jets underachieving.

Buffalo @ Miami –> Miami. The dolphins play at home. Buffalo defense could show up big, but Buffalo offense is strictly one dimensional (no passing game) at this moment. Miami front 7 will face off well to this challenge.

San Diego @ Jacksonville –> San Diego. I was going to choose this as my official upset of the week, but then I had second thoughts and usually bad teams are incapable to gain momentum between games. Since the Jaguars played well against the Broncos, I guess they’ll have a more sluggish performance against the Chargers. Meanwhile this AFC matchup is capital for the Chargers post season hopes and they won’t miss it.

St. Louis @ Carolina –> Carolina. St. Louis already got an unexpected win in week 6 in Houston. Carolina had another upsetting win (covered in this blog) against the Vikings. The Panthers need this win to define what could become their season, a wild card berth or another disappointment. I think the team is ready to take this game and fight for the post-season.

Cincinnati @ Detroit –> Detroit. I think the Bengals have more talent overall, but the Lions are not so behind and play at home. If Detroit play focused (no mistake both on offense and defense) this is going to be a win for the lions.

San Francisco @ Tennessee –> San Francisco. Defining game for the 49ers. If they play well and win they’ll be an elite team again in 2013. If they lose to a borderline wild card Titans team (that means a big enhancement for Tennessee) they’ll be an uninspired play off bound team that could lose some more game through the season. Locker could be back at being the starter for the Titans, but I don’t foresee him being at his best condition. I’m going with San Francisco.

Houston @ Kansas City –> Kansas City. Houston QB will have his first career start against the hottest defense of the NFL in the hottest stadium.  Kansas City offence will produce just enough to win the game.

Baltimore @ Pittsburg –> Pittsburg. The Steelers came out of the hole last week in a imports road AFC win in New Jersey and this franchise knows how to play and win capital divisional match-ups with archrivals.

Cleeveland @ Green Bay –> Green Bay. Even with almost all the pass rushers and wide receivers injured the Packers will find a way to win the Browns at home.

Denver @ Indianapolis –> Indianapolis. I hope to be wrong here, but there is too much optimism in Denver media about the Broncos being the best team in the league. This loss could help everybody and cool down the superbowl talking.

Minnesota @ New York Giants –> New York Giants. The Giants will finally win the first game of 2013. They play at home against a team that looks weak after a (covered in this blog) bad performance in week 6 against the Panthers.


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