2013 Regular season Broncos game review: Week 6 – Denver 35 Jacksonville 19

Overall Team Performance note: 6-

The Broncos won, so it’s a sufficient note. But the match was chaotic; the offensive line looked confused at times and was never really able to establish the rhythm that was the reason of Denver offense being unstoppable before this game.

The defense also didn’t play well. There were some takeaway and some good play here and there, but all in all the defense also looked incapable to define the rhythm. The pass defense again was suspicious, given that the Jaguars are one of the worse offenses in the league.


Performances of note:

Dominique Rogers-Cromartie looked really solid with two tipped balls and a tackle for loss.

Malik Jackson put on a show on a drive where he made three big plays in a row (sack, TFL, sack), he’s growing as a player and has one of the finest performance this week.

Denver Defense had 10 tipped passes and two interceptions, the first of which virtually finished the game.

Webster looked to me as a reach on this year draft. I guess he would have needed one year at least of development. I was wrong, Keyvon is playing very well. His physicality was never in doubt but he’s showing that he already plays and thinks at the Pro speed. This is the second week in a row that he produces an important turnover. He had an interception and a TFL.

Sylvester Williams made his first important stop as a pro with a TFL at the beginning of the game.

Even if Wolfe does not shine out of the monitor, he made an important TFL on a 3rd-1. Just to remember.

The receiving corps didn’t produce as much as we got used in the previous five matches, but each receiver showed his skills at times during the game. Demariyous Thomas is a beast and Manning looked for him twice when big plays were needed, the receiver delivered.

Knowshon Moreno is playing really effectively and is exactly what Fox likes from his runningbacks. Moreno is capable to move the chains everytime is number is called, giving Manning the most reliable option to keep defenses out of rhythm. Since I read a lot about Denver giving another contract to Moreno at the end of this year, well last time I checked the Broncos could call an option in the contract and maintain Moreno in Denver the next year at the cost of 5 million. Even if Moreno is playing really well for the team now, I don’t see Denver keeping him for 5 million. I guess the coaching staff is doing its diligence teaching Ball how to pick blitzes and Hillman how to be more physical. Anyhow there will always be another draft before the start of the 2014 season.

In a match that was really chaotic at times, the Broncos were flagged only three times for a total of 21 yards (twice on offense and once on defense).

Most valuable player on offense: Manning (he’ll be probably always here), Moreno.

Most valuable player on defense: Malik Jackson, because the stats he created (2 sacks, 1 TFL, 1 tipped pass 1 stop for no gain) show that he was solid against both the pass and the run and through the whole game, not only that drive. DRC and Rahim Moore also deserve their name to be called here, the first because his rebound after the bad game against Dallas, the second because he’s always were he’s supposed to be.

Tactical note: at the beginning of the third quarter, Denver came back and attacked several time Evans in the Jaguars defense, having big success. I guess this was one adjustment.

Critical Issue of the game: the Broncos offense managed to have only two penalties called against, but the two snap fumbles will be under the microscope comes Tuesday.


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