2013 NFL season – Week 6 predictions

New York Giants @ Chicago –> Chicago. For as bad as the Giants Offense is playing, I really cannot imagine the Giants being 0-6 tomorrow morning. Anyhow I’m going with the Bears because New York has still too many injuries and banged up players. David Wilson, the sophomore RB, is the latest addition to an already full list of starters that won’t play tonight in Chicago (CBs Hosley and Webster are already ruled out as well as C David Baas). I think the Giants will play with pride and Eli Manning will try to limit errors on offense, but the running game could be questionable and would make the Giants one dimensional on offense, and the dimension that is really not productive up to now this year.

Green Bay @ Baltimore –> TBD.

Cincinnati @ Buffalo –> Cincinnati. Buffalo does not have a QB. Thought that the Bills defense could really have a good day against Bengals offense, Cincinnati defense will be able to create turnovers against this one dimensional Buffalo offense.

Detroit @ Cleveland –> Detroit. I’m not underestimating the Browns. I think that if Calvin Johnson will be able to play, the Lions offense will be back on fire and cannot let Detroit lose two games in a row. I think Detroit has a more talented team than Chicago. Cleveland won a great game in week 5 and is 3-2 and leading the AFC North for the first time since ages, but I still don’t buy their consistency, they’re a young team, these are the most dangerous games for young teams.

St. Louis @ Houston –> Houston. Houston really needs a win and the Rams have not enough ammunition on offense to beat Houston defense. I think that there is a better chance that Houston offense will score more consistently against St. Luois defense, even tough is a young good one coming, especially in Houston and in desperation mode as the Texans will play.

Oakland @ Kansas City –> Kansas City. The Chiefs will beat the Raiders at Arrowhead. Terrell Pryor is really playing better than expected but Arrowhead is tough. Plus Kansas City defense could easily be the best defense in the NFL right now.

Carolina @ Minnesota –> Carolina. I just don’t buy Minnesota. I don’t know what they’re doing with their QBs but is not good. The Panthers have a really good front 7 against the run, they’ll find a way to “limit” Peterson and help their offense win the game.

Philadelphia @ Tampa Bay –> Philadelphia. Tampa Bay is in disarray. Philadelphia just got a motivational win in week 5.

Pittsburg @ New York Jets –> Pittsburg. The Jets won in Atlanta because the Falcons have a lot of injured players and the defense looks to be even worse than the one they had the past two years (which was their weakness). Still the winless Steelers are my favourite in this match up. I like their experience and “winless” urgency mindset. I think the Jets will not match up the Steelers mindset and will lose this game.

Jacksonville @ Denver –> Denver. This Broncos team will not underestimate Jacksonville. Denver will cover the spread, I don’t know, but the Jaguars have not enough weapons to play with Denver also considering the altitude they’ll face in Denver. Jacksonville will be more alive than most thinks now, but the Broncos will win.

Tennessee @ Seattle –> Seattle. The Seahawks will win against the Titans. Fitzpatrick didn’t delivered against the Chiefs at home, it could be that the Titans will force Locker to play and will be a big error. Seattle is just a better team right now and plays at home, the 12th men.

New Orleans @ New England –> New England. I think the Saints are right now a better team but this game will be played in Foxboro Stadium.

Arizona @ San Francisco –> San Francisco. The 49ers are a better team and play at home.

Washington @ Dallas –> Dallas. I never know with the CowBoys but if they play the half of the offense they played against the Broncos, they’ll win this game. This will be the game that will define Dallas season, if they’ll win, I see them winning the NFC east, if they’ll lose, no playoff and a new coach next season.

Indianapolis @ San Diego –> Indianapolis. It’s a close call. The Chargers plays at home and will look to have a defining win against a better team. Indianapolis offense could end up being too much for San Diego defense, since Luck looks like a great “closer” and the Chargers tend to lose games in the 4th quarter.


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