In the 8th round of the 2013 NFL Draft The Denver Broncos select:

This is the list of College Free agents signed by the Broncos the past saturday just minutes after the Draft was over:

Player Position College Exp Height Weight Analysis
John Youboty DE Temple rSr 6’4” 252 Has some flashes in the run defense. Hols well the corner in the right side. Has marginal quickness and needs to gain more power. Has a good size and frame for a prototypical 4-3 DE. A project with some upside.
Ryan Katz QB San Diego State rSr 6’1” 214 He has some mobility and can throw deep balls. Has really good arms and good accurancy. Played a lot of play actions, which is interesting from a Broncos point of view, because play action is one of the strong point on Denver passing game. Has to polish his footwork and has raw mechanics with raw release of the ball. Has good pocket awareness and could excape pressure even scrambling for good gains. I like this player and I think he will really challenge Dysert for the 3rd QB spot on the roster. Even if he would lose that position battle I really do hope he could stick around in the Practice squad (even tough I think is unlikely the Broncos would use one of those 8 spots on a QB, given that the 3rd QB is already the scouting QB on Denver paractices). Really good pickup.
Manase Foketi OL West Texas rSr 6’5” 318 Transfer from Kansas State. Looks really dominant againts the competition he faced at West Texas. He played mainly at LT and looks like a very athletic wall. Does a really good job tiptoeing for a guy of his frame. Looks also like acloser and a mauler in the running game. The level of the competition has to be taken in count, I have ni idea how he’ll face competition at the higher level. Still, to me he looks a really good addition looking forward Training camp and could really surprise.
CJ Ansderson RB California Sr 5’8” 224 Good receiver out of the backfield. Has some elusivenes at the line of scrimmage, is able to read blocks and find the hole hitting it with some burst. Does not have speed and does not have the power to break tacles at the second level.
Gary Mason Jr DL Baylor rSr 6’4” 271 Good production out of few stats recorded: 16,5 TFL out of 78 career tackles is an interesting data.
Aaron Hester CB UCLA rSr 6’2” 198 Tall physical corner that does not really fluid but has accettable footwork from a man of his size. Has timing on tackle. Hands of stone but knows how to position himself. Looks more confortable in man coverage but does not have the speed to stay with top wide receivers. Could end up being a viable option to cove TEs in the middle.
Quincy McDuffie WR/KR Central Florida Sr 5’9” 176 Really good return man, is elusive in his returns and have speed enough to gain separation in open field.
Lamaar Thomas WR/KR New Mexico Sr 5’11” 187 Inconsistent all around weapon. Can catch passes, run the widcat, return kickoff but inconsistency (or effort) mined his career bot at Ohio Sate and New Mexico. He has supreme athletic ability but struggle to put it all together.
Ross Rasner S Arkansas Sr 6’0” 207 Hard hitting safety that has a lots of trouble in man coverage, tough that when i does not get lost, id s usually making a great play on the ball or at the WR. Has really great burst coming downhill in run support and blitzes. Could be a special team terror. Does have not have elite speed.
Uona Kaveinga MLB BYU rSr 5’11” 231 Woah, woah woah. Careful with this undersized LB. He has the tool to be the next CFA to make the 53 men roster. If he doesn’t, let’s hope Denver could add him to the practice squad. But man, how can a football player slip this much in the process. He’s one of the pure instinct linebacker I saw in the entire draft. He hit hard and with great angles, has good burst in run support. I didn’t dind any indication of his coverage skills, at least in the video I saw, so I guess that it’s his weak area, but I don’t remember any Broncos MLB on the roster showing anything in coverage. He looks to play like a leader organizing the defense at the scrimmage and playing hard every snap.
Lerentee McCray LB Florida rSr 6’2” 250 He’s really more suited for being 3-4 OLB than 4-3 DE or SOLB (Jocker). I didn’t see him backpedaling in coverage. I’m not understanding really well this addition. I think the player went undrafted because injury concerns (college career plagued with injuries, he neve had been able to play one season free from injuries). He has the frame to be a SOLB in the 4-3 but I have no idea if he can learn to cover TEs. He can rush the passer but doen not have great speed. He’s powerful and use his size well. I think he will get a look as developmental backup for Von Miller.
Licas Reed TE New Mexico rSr 6’6” 247 Great size and frame. Impressive pass catching TE. Thomas ia advised. Does not have great speed but has the frame and the power to become a reliable blocker. He’s a prohject and has the stats that indicates that he can be a good target in short field and intermediate situations.
Ryan Doerr P/K Kansas State rSr 6’3” 189 A special team player that will try to challenge Denver incumbents but not that much more on him.
Douglas Rippy LB Colorado rSr 6’2” 240 Colorado guy that has been plagued with injuries in his junior and senior year.
Romney Fuga DT BYU rSr 6’1” 318 A stout noste tackle for the 4-3 defense that doesa  good job against the run accupying blockers and has good lateral movements to disengage the blocks and make the tackle. Looks really strong at the line of scrimmage and could have some potential as two downs run defender. Looks like practice squad candidate.
Kemonte Bateman WR New Mexico State Sr  6’0”  183  He got 77 reception in his career, scoring 9 TDs averagind 15 yards per catch in 2011 and 14 in 2012. Looks like a physical WR that has some good speed, knows how to use his body to get separation from the CB and is not afraid to go over the middle and takenhits. Has reliable hands and made interesting plays on a not very good team, at best, in 2012. Interesting player to watch in training camp.

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