With the 90th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft The Denver Broncos select:

Keyvon Webster – CB – South Florida: Sr, 5’10’’, 194 lbs.

My Analysis:

Quick read and react, good burst, does have great top end speed. Powerful and well built. Uses really well his body to make a tackle. Does not look really fluid in his movements.

He is a really solid prospect that could bring some depth but most important looks to have a lot of potential. Is not fluid enough to become a shutdown corner but could become a really good nº2 and nickel corner.


My Post selections take:

At the moment of the selection I was shocked because I was expecting a reliable OT that could back up bot at LT and RT.

A corner was a real possibility too but I knew that Denver was probably interested in Webster and I tough he could be available later in the draft (5th round). Plus I was really high on Jordan Poyer from Oregon State. This was probably the pick where I was completely misleaded in how much the Broncos wanted a new corner before the 3rd day of the Draft and how much they were looking for upgrading speed and physicality at the position.

Then New England went nuts and drafted a S that nobody believed being a draftable prospect.

Now with the Draft in the books and after listening a couple of times to Denver FO interviews prior and after this pick I can say I have a better vision on why Webster was drafted so high and why he was probably really high on Denver board.

The first hint was there since the beginning of the draft process. Elway and the FO never made a mystery on looking for a CB in the draft. This means that they were going to draft somebody in the first three rounds. Which kind of characteristic were the ones Denver was looking for was my problem. I tough all the way that Denver was looking for a guy to develop for then being a good nº2 corner, next year or in two years. I was wrong. They were looking also to this, but the player have to had a couple a defined skills: being strong and physical (which Denver really does not have on the roster, the closer thing being Champ Bailey that is the nº1 corner and Chris Harris that was the nº2 corner in 2012, both physical but not a la SS mode). Second (or most important): speed. Under these requirement Poyer was out of the board since the first moment, Jamar Taylor was an option but not as high as I supposed, I guess Denver had a late 2nd – early 3rd round on him (while they probably had a late 1st – early 2nd on Montee Ball so no way that Denver would have gone with Taylor had he be available with the 58th pick) because he don’t have top speed. Denver was indeed really high on Xavier Rhodes, because he’s really fast and really physical too, so they had to be thrilled to see him slide that much only to be taken few spots ahead of the 28th pick. I guess would  Rhodes and Willimas being available on 28th, probably the Broncos would have lean to Rhodes, giving the endemic importance the league gives to CBs and the endemic B-C plans at DTs that characterized Denver strategy at the position in what looked being forever.

Which other corner on the board after Hayden and Rhodes were having physicality and elite speed as traits? Webster. Is he still raw? Yes. Were there much more polished and all-around players on the board when Denver selected? Yes. Were they higher than Webster on Denver board? Probably few of them, three, four maximum, but Denver drafts the best player available in a “need role”. And the physical and fast corner was the weight that lifted Webster at being Denver pick in the 3rd round.

And I understand it, now.

I just hope out FO being right and I hope him developing in a monster of a corner, using his nastiness in run support and covering Slot receivers and his speed in being a nº2 cornerback in the future. No doubt in my mind that the Broncos see Omar Bolden as the possible replacement of Champ Bailey, but with no urgency at all to put Champ out of the position.

My Final Grade: C+

I think that Denver CB faded quite well in 2012 (with the exception of the playoff loss), so a different type of corner could be interesting but not this type of big need. But I’m sitting on my couch and Denver coaches are coaching professional football players.

Still I think that the 3rd round is where Denver is having a drafting strategy that still have to pay dividends.


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