With the 58th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft The Denver Broncos select

Montee Ball – RB – Wisconsin: Sr, 5’11’’, 214 lbs.

My Analysis:

I just don’t understand why he’s so underrated at this point prior to the draft. He runs hard, hit the hole and get extra-yardage breaking tackles. He’s not a burner. Still he bulk up a bit, probably, and he won’t reduce his elusiveness. He can block some and can run through the tackles and on the outside. I didn’t see any evidence of pass catching, but also McGahee wasn’t a threat in the passing game and is getting better at 31 y/o. I like what I saw in his video much more than what I saw in Giovani Bernard. If the Broncos go RB in the 1st round, he’s the only one I would pick, and would be a really good addition.


My Post selections take:

I don’t understand why so many Broncos fans do not like this selection. The dude is also a Broncos fan for life.

Denver was much in need of a new RB for several reasons. One of them is surely that McGahee has just come back from a knee injury and did not have time to play a real game since his injury. Nobody can be sure that he’s back at his 100%, even though that his work ethic is not in question. His age either is not questionable and he’ll be a FA in 2014.

Moreno went down to injury also and again in the playoff loss to Baltimore. Plus I don’t know if Broncos FO sees him as a fit in the 53 man roster that will come in early September. Plus he’ll be FA in 2014, since there is no way the Broncos will pick up the 1 more year option (around 5 M for one year).

Hillman is a change of pace back, and probably won’t be anything else in the future.

Lance Ball has been a good special team player that didn’t receive any snap consideration when Moreno went down in the playoff and is not a good sign for him.

Jeremiah Johnson is not really high on Denver FOs, if not he would have made the team in 2012 or at least would have been activated when McGahee got injured, instead Denver signed street FA Jacob Hester.

Mario Fannin (I checked is still listed in the roster) will most ptobably get injured in training camp again (he fell out of the draft in 2011 because of injury concerns….).

Montee Ball was the most productive back in the NCAA ranks and proved to be really durable. He has not elite speed but runs hard and is really powerful. Plus, even without elite speed and elite elusiveness he is fast and can make defender miss running on the outside. He has explosion at the line of scrimmage and is a patient runner. To me getting him at the end of the 2nd round was a huge bargain and fit perfectly Denver running game and one of the most glaring Broncos needs. IMO he is better than any of the other backs on Denver roster.

My Final Grade: A


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