With the 173rd pick in the 2013 NFL Draft The Denver Broncos select:

Vinston Painter – OT – Virginia: rSr, 6’6’’, 309 lbs.

My Analysis:

He is an athletic RT, one year starter that also has the strength and the power to push defenders in the running game. Quick after the snap. Surprising quick feet. Really does a great job holding his own in the running game. Has a ton of potential really only starting one year. His athleticism and light feet could make him a candidate, with some development, for playing LT.

Solid prospect at RT. Has really small experience as a starter but enjoyed his opportunity in 2012 and could be, in a couple of years the finding of the Draft. Could immediately be a solid RT backup and has real potential to become a good LT in the league.


My Post selections take:

My knock is on Denver strategy more than on the pick or the player. I feel that Denver really needs a much better depth at the Tackle position than the one that is actually on the roster. And for depth I mean someone that could step up and start in case Clady or Franklin would go down with an injury during the 2013 season. So if Denver will keep Chris Kuper on the roster, Beadles could be moved at RT if a need comes and he is even the best option at backup LT. This is not what depth is meant to be. Remember that the Broncos are trying to win now, not in two years or three. Would be that the Broncos have a better depth, Painter would be a great selections because he played on two years on the offensive line (he previously played in the defensive line), he’s really athletic and fluid in his movement, so he has all the tools to become a really good LT in the NFL if coached properly. But not taking an already pro-ready T earlier (maybe somebody more ready to play and with less potential) could come up being a big mistake.

My Final Grade: B

He’s still a 6th round pick and a quite good bargain at the position.


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