With the 161st pick in the 2013 NFL Draft The Denver Broncos select:

Tavarres King – WR – Georgia: rSr, 6’0’’, 192 lbs.

My Analysis:

Not too many videos on him but there are completely different reports. Some are saying that he could be a top 75 pick, others rank him as a 4th round pick at best. He’s a well-built receiver that knows how to protect the ball with his body and have some quickness. From a Broncos perspective I don’t see enough evidence to pursue him, because mainly other teams will be more pressed to find a receiver and will select him earlier than my own grade.

From my Broncos point of view he’s quite similar to Gerell Robinson: a player that would need a couple of years to develop.


My Post selections take:

I was completely wrong in my Broncos point of view. He has been seen by Denver FO as a deep threat with a lot of speed. The general question on him is his concentration capability and therefor his hands: can he make catches downfield after getting separation form the DB?

I have more questions about him being a factor in Denver offensive plays. He looks only to be a cheaper replacement to Bubba Caldwell, which had 1 reception in 2012 playing for the Broncos and was deactivated for the entire first half of the season.

I don’t understand this selection and I hope to be completely wrong.

My Final Grade: D


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