With the 146th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft The Denver Broncos select:

Quanterus Smith – DE – Western Kentucky: rSr, 6’5’’, 248 lbs.

My Analysis:

This kid was having and unbelievable season until he torn an ACL on the 20 of November. His draft stock was in continuous rise. After ACL, it depends how fast it could heal, but sure his draft stock is in free falling. He’s not a run defender at this point of his career. Anyhow what I saw from him is great production in the pass rushing category: a great initial step and good power to push the OT. Still does not have elite quickness and movement to swim through O-linemen. Still the blend of size and ability should have granted him an early selection 8 even late 1st round IMO).

Now it will depend more on medical reports. I put a 4th – 5th round value for the Broncos because I don’t think I’ll be able to work out for any team. I anyhow think that he could be a great addition to the Broncos team and with time to develop his technique, he could end up being a steal.


My Post selections take:

I’m thrilled. He has to prove that he can get back at his level (at the will be in July by the latest reports the Broncos have. Still, I don’t think that this draft was full of proven pass rusher for the 4-3 scheme; there were some good pass rusher for the 3-4 defenses, but they would have been a project in the defense scheme Denver is using. Smith, in my mind, was the most productive and clear pass rusher for the 4-3 scheme and was a really good fit for Denver especially after Dumervil signed with Baltimore. He’s a situational pass rusher, I don’t think he’s a good run stopper, as Dumervil was in Denver, and he could be used on third downs replacing Ayers that is clearly a better run stopper than Dumervil but has always struggled to prove himself as reliable pass rusher. Here come Smith and suddenly Denver has again a pass rushing battery to scare any defense. Great pick.

My Final Grade: A-

Is not A because he still has to prove to be healthy and to be able to get back at full speed.


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