Day 3 prospects: my take on what the Broncos will try to accomplish – Part 3

This is a series of posts regarding what I do wish the Broncos to accomplish in Day 3 of the 2013 Draft.

My take is more related with getting some depth at position that could become a need after the 2013 season, because of free agency.

In fact two offensive linemen will be free agents (C Walton and G Beadles) a really good WR (Decker), one of the most underrated linebacker in football (Woodyard) and the newly promoted starting DE (Ayers).

Granted that Denver already took care of the running back (Moreno and McGahee will be free agents, even though I don’t expect both on them to be on the final 53 men roster) and at CB (Rodgers-Cromartie essentially one year deal and Carter ERFA, plus Harris RFA), the following are the best player at position the Broncos will surely look at, like they did in Day 3 of past drafts.

PART 3 – Wide Receivers:

My take: it’s a good year for drafting future star slot receivers. There are less options at potential nº1 receivers, some decent option at nº2 (or deep threat) receivers and some really good all-around receivers that don’t fit in any of the standard NFL category. Decker will be a FA in 2013 and I would like Denver to re-sign him. Off course it’s easy to play with the money of somebody else. So in case Denver won’t have the money or won’t pay Decker the amount he desires, this is the moment to do something about it and even get leverage in contract talks with Decker.

Ryan Swope, Texas A&M, 6’0’’, 204 lbs, rSr: he’s the shorter brother od Decker. They looks to be the same (not in height I know and I wrote it). Faster than recognized, sure catcher in college, really good routs running and so great slot potential and more and more and more. I don’t know if he’ll make until Denver pick in the 4th, I’m actually surprised he’s still on the board.

Quinton Patton, LouisianaTech, 6’0’’, 202 lbs, rSr: if he’s not carrying red flags, he could really be the 1st pick in the 4th round. No idea why he’s still on the board. He is the first of these all-around receivers that would make a lot of Dump teams (hello Buffalo) immediately better. He’d be a great addition to the Broncos too.

Kenny Stills, Oklahoma, 6’0’’, 190 lbs, Jr: one of the most underrated slot receivers in the draft. I like him more than professional analyst and probably is one of the reason these guys are making big bucks on television and I’m sitting in my sofa.

Corey Fuller, Virginia Tech, 6’2’’, 197 lbs, rSr: underrated player that could be Decker clone on the field (self-tripping apart). Media guys have a 6th round grade on him. Would Denver use a 5th on him?

Now my only one but really big dark Horse: Chad Bumphis, Mississippi State, 5’10’’, 192 lbs, Sr. Television pundits have a 7th round grades on him, at best. On my own Broncos board I have a 5th. I guess these television guys are not really watching tapes, because I saw videos on him, and yes he has some drops (and Decker has too) but he’s open and/or made tremendous catches. This guy has it. He could be a great slot WR or a deep threat too. I like him really a lot.



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