Day 3 prospects: my take on what the Broncos will try to accomplish – Part 2

This is a series of posts regarding what I do wish the Broncos to accomplish in Day 3 of the 2013 Draft.

My take is more related with getting some depth at position that could become a need after the 2013 season, because of free agency.

In fact two offensive linemen will be free agents (C Walton and G Beadles) a really good WR (Decker), one of the most underrated linebacker in football (Woodyard) and the newly promoted starting DE (Ayers).

Granted that Denver already took care of the running back (Moreno and McGahee will be free agents, even though I don’t expect both on them to be on the final 53 men roster) and at CB (Rodgers-Cromartie essentially one year deal and Carter ERFA, plus Harris RFA), the following are the best player at position the Broncos will surely look at, like they did in Day 3 of past drafts.

PART 2 – Offensive tackles:

My take: I don’t like at all the depth (or better said the NO DEPTH) Denver has on the roster. I can see some depth at RT because Beadles could play some there if Big Orlando Franklin goes down, but what about LT. I’m really starting to get stress with this position and with the no interest the Broncos FO seems to have for bringing in quality depth. I don’t know if they’re targeting some veteran (or ultra veteran FA) to bring in in training camp or even later on in case of need, but the contract situation between Clady and the Broncos is not the optimal one. This is the position I’m more perplexed with Denver FO, to me it was probably the Nº1 need entering the draft and I was even considering the Broncos drafting a swing T in the 1st round (before Pugh went off the board with the NY Giants). Then again Winter in the 2nd round and now I’ll list some prospects that, less than the mentioned drafted players, but still could provide some depth at LT, while backing up also at other O-line positions:

David Bakhtiari, Colorado, 6’4’’, 295 lbs, rJr: home state prospect that was supposed, by media people, to get off board between the late 2nd and the 3rd round. He’s still there. He could do something at LT but I see him being more ready at G, giving that he could back up at RT too. But this is the point; there is no quality back-up LT anymore, no plug in in case of necessity. He’s one of my top two guys still on the board. If he gets to Denver in the 4th round, I mean….

David Quessenberry, San Jose State, 6’5’’, 294 lbs, rSr: he’s the other one. Let’s be honest, professional analysts see him as a G in the NFL. I like his athletic skills and I think he could develop in a solid starting LT. He could provide some back-up skills at LT now but mostly he would be a good back up at G and some at RT. I really don’t know why Denver is waiting so much to make a move like this…

Oday Aboushi, Virginia, 6’5’’, 310 lbs, Sr: he’s more in the OTs mold the Broncos seems to like. Denver FO actually had an interview with him during the draft process (I don’t remember if at the senior bowl or at the combine). Watching his videos, I see a career back up. A good one indeed and at a number of positions: LT, RT and RG. He’s projected to go off the board between the 4th and the 5th round.

My dark horses at T (depth LT and RT): Wisconsin product Rick Wagner, he’s 6’6’’ and 310 lbs. He has the perfect size for what the Broncos like, I don’t think he has a ton of upside but he would immediately upgrade Denver depth at LT and RT. Plus he could back up at LG too. I like him because nobody said anything on him. Professional analysts have a 5th round on him. Since IMO, he does not carry big potential, what you see is what you get, I suspect he could fall, maybe even into CFA. Off course I could be wrong and he can be the first pick in the 4th round, but still he really has the physical size that Denver likes ay O – Tackle.

Matt Summers-Gavin, 6’4’’, 300 lbs, rSr from California, here the LT ability is already marginal, like in the case of Chris Faulk, 6’5’’, 323 Lbs, rJr from LSU that was injured during the entire 2012 season but still opted to move to the NFL. He’s still injured (knee) and he could be a top priority free agent. But I see him more as competitor for RT and G positions in the NFL.

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