2013 NFL Draft – Best availables prospects still on the Board – Day 3

Here is how my personal Broncos Board remains after the first 3 rounds:

Player College Exp Height Weight General Forecast Analysis My Broncos Forecast My Broncos Analysis 5 best player for Broncos Scheme
William Gholston Michigan State Jr 06-jun 278 3rd – 4th Disruptive player that can play both 4-3 DE and 3-4 OLB. Really powerful and with non-stop motor always around the play. Looks like a stout player with great size and good frame. Has some more pass rushing skills that some other DE ranked higher before the draft. Just look like a real nasty and goo football player. 2nd I don’t care what people says, I just want to see if a defensive lineman is a playmaker. Gholston could have a bit less of athletic abilities that other Des ranked ahead of him, but to me he’s more NFL ready. And more NFL ready means that right now you’re a better player. Would love if Denver select him in the 2ns round. ***
Cornelius Washington Georgia rSr 06-abr 264 2nd – 3rd Fierce pass rusher that plays nasty and with a non stop motor. Maybe a little bit less athletic than more heralded DE in this class but he’s a playmaker and is always around the football. Does a great job setting the edge against the run and does not stop to fight until the whistle come. Has speed more than quickness but also a great frame and knows how to use hi body to overwhelm the opponent. Chaser. 2nd Love his videos. Really great mixture between power and speed. Playmaker. I would love if Denver would select him in the 2nd round. Even in the 1st I would not protest that much (soince he’s penciled as a 3rd rounder rising). ****
Stepfan Taylor Stanford Sr 5’9” 216 3rd – 4th Again, this is a really underrated prospect at this point (late november). He can do it all: he can run in the middle, he can run tosses, he can catch the ball out of the backfield and can also block (altough I imagine the Broncos would love him to imprtoved in this area). Still he is not a bruiser, does not have top speed and top acceleration, but hit hit the holes brutally, is not afraid of the contact and usually he gains some extra yardage breaking tackles or carrying tackler with him for a couple of yards more. 2nd To me he’s really impressive and if I agree that probably in the 1st round you have to pick elite speed in a running back (which he does not show in the video) I also think that you can’t deny that players like him are well built and ready to step up on a NFL game with no big transition….that is exactly what is expected by a high round selection. Again, it looks that the Broncos would select late in the 1st round, I think they should pull the trigger there on him and not wait to see what happen at the beginning of the second round, he could be gone!
Extremely patient runner with a lot of power and strenght. I even like him more than Ball. UPDATE: middle of april: I?m still very impressed and I still think that Taylor and Ball are my top two RBs. Anyhow now it looks like that even if the Broncos would select him at the bottom of the 2nd round, still it will be considered by almost everyone as a big reach. So I have a 2ns round on him instead of a 1st, even with him being my favorite RB in the draft (Lattimore situation is different).
Jordan Poyer Oregon State Sr 6-0 182 3rd – 4th Man to man corner that makes a lot of plays. Does not seem to have elite speed or athleticism but made up wit a lot of effort and football acumen. He has trouble playing against more physical receivers and get confused in traffic. Turnover machine too much underrated 2nd I thin that he’s not the best corner in this draft class by any means, but could be one of the best pure fit for the Broncos scheme. The Broncos like to have two corners that plays man to man with receivers and basically these two corners will play out routs the most of the game. He could be that nº2 right now, while Bailey will still be the Nº1. Meanwhile he could learn from coaches and Bailey and become a reliable shut down corner under Broncos schemes. **
Alex Okafor Texas Sr 06-may 261 01-feb Lack some quickness at the snap in comparison with the “top of the class”. But still he’s a polished DE that plays nasty and has a tons of athletic ability. Has to learn more pass rushing technique and has to do a better job against the run. 2nd – 3rd In a class of athletic DE, he’s one of them. But at least plays really nasty and is more of a playmaker than some more heralded DE ranked atop of him leading to the draft. I’m not really rooting for Denver to select him in the 2nd round but if he’ll be there in the 3rd he couldbe the best player available with a ton of upside.
Barrett Jones Alabama rSr 6’4” 305 3rd – 4th Not very impressive when he reaches the sencond level in the running game. Does not seem really fuid in the running protection. Looks to to, even in the second level in the pass protection. Shows impressive strenghtn and good footwork in pass protection. 2nd – 3rd If Denver is looking for an oofensive lineman that could provide good depth he’s the guy. I don’t know how much upside he could have, having played in Alabama in a big time college “organization”, but for sure he could provide quality plays both at guard and center position in caso in 2013 any starter would go down with injury. *
Brian Schwenke California Sr 6’3” 307 2nd – 3rd Wow, he’s a nasty O-lineman that always looks to finish his block. Has some really good quickness after the snap and shows some good footwork. Get to the second level quickly when asked. Sometimes goes up with his body even too early leaving the opponent defender to take advantage of him being “impatient”. 2nd – 3rd I think he could be employed as a Guard too, due to his quickness and mobility. His versatility could make him the first center selected, ahead of Frederick and Jones and the Broncos could be in the mix if they are looking for some good depth in 2013 and possibly, since Walton is a FA at the end of 2013, teh new starter for the Broncos in 2014. *****
Ryan Swope Texas A&M rSr 6-0 204 3rd – 4th He can block and can make plays downfield too. He’s a tough player that plays football. He can do a little bit of everything but he’s not elite in anything. 2nd – 3rd I know that my grade is higher than everybody else, but I do really like this kind of players. He’s a smaller Decker with almost the same speed. He could be a great slot receiver for Denver for years. Since the Broncos are always selecting towards the end of every round, barring trades, I guess that Denver should select him a little bit higher than the round he is supposed to be selected. ****
DeVonte Holloman South Carolina Sr 6’2” 246 4th – 5th Really good size, plays nasty, has a really good football IQ and has good coverage skills. Really polished, even without having elite speed he’s able to get to the quarterback using the opponent weakness as his best weapon. He has not elite athleticism but knows how to use his body to make the tackles. 3rd I like him a lot. He’s an overachiever, IMO and gaining some more power he could be a really polished linebacker in the NFL. He looks “mature” playing not making to many mistakes and taking advantage of opponents weaknesses. I like him also because in his videos he shows that he could be use in a lot of different ways. ****
David Bakhtiari Colorado rJr 6’4” 295 02-mar A closer. He likes to finish his tackles even when far from the actions. He has really good footwork, just miss some quickness to stay with the top of the class. Still does a good enough job to be a reliable backup at LT right now in the NFL. If he moves to RT he could start for a number of teams. He pushes very well, rarely misses his assignment and get to the second level quite easily. 3rd If he’ll be there in the third round when the Broncos will select, and if the Broncos still have to select a Olineman, well he could really be the pick. He could give competition to Franklin and could start to get ready if Clady won’t sign, or won’t have to sign, any new contract with the Broncos. **
David Quessenberry San Jose State rSr 06-may 294 3rd – 4th Nice squared Tackle. He does everything well without being elite in any part of his game. Still has the size and frame that indicates me that he has potential. He would actually be a great selection in the 3rd round, because as a rookie he would backing up both at RT and LT decently, having also the time to develop and learn to play at NFL speed. What I like most are his light feet that would allow him to become at least a solid NFL starter in the right scheme and organization 3rd As i mentioned he could back up both T positions as a rookie and could do a relatively good job in case of injuries. To me he’s there there with Bakhtiari. **
Da’Rick Rogers Tennessee Tech Jr 6’3” 206 2nd Looks like a slot WR in the making. He’s tall for the position but knows how to take shots and has no fear to catch in traffic. Looks to know how to run routs both in the center od the field than on the outside, Has some speed but I didn’t see any indication that he knows how to block. 3rd I gave him a 3rd round grade for a Broncos point of view because blocking is integral assignment for any Denver WR. If there would be any prove that he could block some, I won0t have any problem giving him a 2nd round grade. Slot receiver in the 1st round is a non-sense.
Cobi Hamilton Arkansas Sr 6’2” 199 2nd – 3rd Good size, not great, good quickness and body use to defend the ball. Not afraid to go in the middle. 3rd I didn’t see any blocking play. What I see is a good Nº1 receiver in the making. He’s not super tall but he has quickness and speed. Elusive in open field he’s also able to take hits and defend the ball with his body after the reception. He could be a good replacement for Decker, in case Decker will leave via free agency
Kenny Stills Oklahoma Jr 6-0 190 4th Interesting prospect with speed, some strength for blocking and some speed. In 2012 he was mostly playing as nº2 receiver filling in a vacating role, meanwhile he was supposed to be the slot receiver. He could be really interesting for Denver if he fells to the 4th or the 5th round, because he could play both roles quite well. 3rd Slot receiver with speed to play outside. Could be used for depth for a couple of year and then take over. Really underrated. **
Quinton Patton Louisiana Tech rSr 6-0 202 2nd He has some experience in blocking on running game and on passing game. Physical player not afraid of contact. He has some speed and knows how to work in double coverage. The only think I couldn’t see on him is that quickness that he’ll need to succeed in the NFL against faster DBs. 3rd I like his total package (receiving, blocking and nastiness. Still he is a little small for modern NFL and need to develop a little bit of quickness and change direction with whom he could develop in a good all around receiver. ***
Jesse Williams Alabama Sr 6’3” 320 1st – 2nd He’s a valuable player on Alabama defensive line. He’s good on holding his own against big O-linemen. Started playing football late and he could still have a big room for improvement. At this point he’s a good player that has a big body and power. He’s an important part of >Alabama running defense, where he basically close running path and, although he does not put up big numbers in terms of tackles, he’s doing the dirty job of not allowing the offense to come his way, enabling other teammate to make plays. Still, from the film I cannot see elite power or strength and even if he has good athleticism, he has a steep curve on learning how to shed blocks if he wants to be a more complete DT in the NFL. I think he could be a more valuable player in other team scheme more than in Denver, where he would basically be a 2 downs (or running defense) player. 3rd – 4th At this point (end of November) I won’t like Denver using a higher pick than a 4th rounder on him, because I think he won’t contribute immediately, but he should be allowed to develop for a year or two. As I said before, I guess 3-4 base defenses will find him much more interesting and he could contribute sooner in some of them and I can envision him being selected really earlier than the 4th round if he’ll have a good combine performance.  April Update: despite him playing much more consistently towards December, I’m still on my way to say that I would not touch him untill at least the 3rd round.
Alvin Bailey Arkansas rJr 6’5” 315 5th Does a great jon in pass protection, has quick feet and hold on well the defender. Looks to lack a bit of strenght to move the defender costantly in the running game. Has a good frame and could be a quality player in the NFL in a power blocking a scheme.   3rd – 4th A good option for the Broncos in the middle – rounds. I like him a lot actually and I think he’s underrated. He’s already a NFL ready pass protector and need some work in the run protection. But could be a quality backup in 2013 while becoming even a sterter in 2014 in the case Beadles is not re-signed. *****
Etienne Sabino Ohio State rSr 6’3” 238 5th – 6th Strong side linebacker, look well built, hard hitting player. He has some good closing speed for a man of his size and is able to recognize the play fast, denoting really good football IQ. Can be used in blitzes because has some playing speed. Looks to be a sure tackler. 3rd – 4th  He could be interesting for the broncos for his combination of size and speed. Will have to bulk up a bit but does overall o good job and there are not that many SOLB in this year. He could became at least a quality backup and a really good special teamer. *
Bruce Taylor Virginia Tech rSr 6’1” 234 6 Sure tackler, makes a lot of plays,looks really explosive in the field, has some good speed. Has great burst and recognize well the play. There si not that much coverage to see in his videos but boy, he can play. 3rd – 4th I love what I saw. I could need one year to understand NFL speed and to bulk up a little bit while playing special teams. But there is no doubt in my mind that he will be a really good MLB in the NFL. All around defender that always seems to be in the right position, tackles well and can even pass rush from the outside. Underrated. Hope Denver goes his way if depth al linebacker is a target. ***
Vince Williams Florida State rSr 6’1” 247 6th – 7th Good linebacker that has a funny way to run. Still has speed to be side to side MLB in the NFL. Has good frame and look like a good tackler. Has to do a better job at recognizing the play at times. Great closing speed. There’s little coverage to be seen in his videos. 3rd – 4th Again another really good MLB that is underrated IMO. Coverage could be an issue but he could sit one year playing special teams and learn as much as he can. Plus looks like a leader and is a playmaker. I really like him as a player. ***
John Simon Ohio State Sr 06-feb 256 2 He’s short for DE, but has quickness and a non stop motor. Could be undersized and need to gain more power. Needs to play better the run game. He’s a leader and played hurt the most of the 2012. Still has been named the Big 10 player of the year. Has instincts and he’s definitely a playmaker. 3rd – 4th In November I was rooting for him to be the Broncos 1st round pick. I have no shame saying that he0s a playmaker and would love the Broncos to select him. A 3rd rounder could be too late. ****
Oday Aboushi Virginia Sr 6’5” 310 4th – 5th This is a player that could have problem as a rookie with NFL pass rushers. But still has the athletic abilities to learn and adjust his movement to the NFL level with 1 year of learning. Plus his run protection is fairly good so I supposed he could provide quality depth also as RT and G. I would like to see more nastiness from him, but his versatility is really attractive, IMO 3rd – 4th If Denver is looking for a Olineman that could provide immediate depth and potentially take over a hole in the Oline in 2014, Aboushi should be quite high on the Broncos board. He could play LT, RT, LG and some RG too. *
Bacarri Rambo Georgia rSr 6’1” 215 3rd I like what I saw, He’s a tough player that IMO could play both SS and FS because his closing speed and acceleration. Need to add muscles, but is a good enough tackler and most of the team is able to read and react well to the play watching the QB. 3rd – 4th I think that he could be interesting for Denver if he slides a little bit. I still don’t think that he could provide serious competition in 2013 to Rahim Moore but could not a good fit in job if Moore would go down with an injury or another play like the one against Baltimore.
Cooper Taylor Richmond rSr 6’5” 229 7th – CFA Let me put it straight: a 6’5” safety with good closing speed, that uses good tackling angles and can play pass coverage….and still professional analyst are considering him as a borderline draftees? He also was one of the star of the E/W Shrine practices and game. What’s going on here? He need to develop but has a ton of potential. 3rd – 4th You are kidding me. A 6’5” safeties that could potentially move to OLB but still has the speed and field vision to play SS in the NFL. Just grab him Denver develop him for 1 year and then bye-bye Tes nightmares. *****
Khaled Holmes Southern California rSr 6’3” 305 4th – 5th Holmes to me is a less polished pass protector but does a better job in the running game than Jones and Frederick. He looks strong and is able to hold is point. His running into the second level is more fluid. Has some concentration issue. He looks mobile and is able to take good angles to move the defender in the running game. 3rd – 4th Holmes is an interesting player because he’s sliding a bit on draft projections but to me could have the tools to start his career as backup at center but could be employed also as guard because he looks mobile in the run protection. If the Broncos would look to veratility I think he should be on their board, just after Barret Jones, or even to Barret Jones. The plus on Holmes is that he could be available in the 4th round while I don’t think Jones would be there. ****
Jelani Jenkins Florida rJr 6’0” 237 3 Sure tackler. Has speed to run side to side. Takes good tackles angle. Sometimes is a bit late at the play, has to do a better job staying focused and recognizing the play. Quite good thumper. Lack some acceleration and has to bulk up a bit his upper body. 4th All in all a prospect that could be more interesting for 3-4 defense and/or zone coverah¡ge defense but that has speedenough to play WLB and MLB in the 4-3. Quite versityle and could be coached up. Backup and special teamer (where he could excels) in his rookie year. If Denver is looking for adding depth at LB he could be a target in the middle rounds.
Vinston Painter Virginia Tech rSr 06-jun 309 4th Athletic RT, one year starter that also has the strength and the power to push defenders in the running game. Quick after the snap. Surprising quick feet. Really does a great job holding his own in the running game. Has a ton of potential really only starting one year. His athleticism and light feet could make him a candidate, with some development, for playing LT. 4th Solid prospect at RT. Has really small experience as a starter but enjoyed his opportunity in 2012 and could be, in a couple of years the finding of the Draft. Could immediately be a solid RT backup and has real potential to become a good LT in the league. *
Josh Evans Florida Sr 6’1” 205 4th Good instinct and acceleration. Has good coverage skills. Even if he’s quite tall for being a S, he would need to bulk up and I don’t know if his frame would allow it. The most of the time takes good tackling angles. Use well his body to make tackles. 4th I like enough what I saw. He has the size that Denver FO looks for safeties. Plus he does a good job in run support and can cover a bit. He will have to learn how to play at the superior NFL speed but could be a reliable player in a year or two. ***
Zach Ertz Stanford rJr 6’6” 249 2nd Slow and mechanical while running routes. Good routs. Doing a good job at blocking in the run game and in the pass game and at least shows he’s willing. Able to adjust his body to make the catch and fearless in traffic. Is not overly athletic and looks lethargic at times but very effective at three college level. Needs to get stronger for the next level. He has good hands and a great deal of athletic ability for a man of his size, but still will need to bulk up in the NFL to make up for his not elite agility. 4th Denver does have enough Tes on the roster. But his combination of blocking abilities and reliable pass catching capabilities would make him too good to pass over in the 4th round. I do think that he will be chosen in the 2nd round or 3rd by some TE needy team.
Corey Fuller Virginia Tech rSr 6’2” 197 6th Very underrated receiver. There is one video of him where he looks to be always open, on short, medium and deep routs. There is little evidence of any blocking skills but his game speed is very good, he’s an athletic receiver and looks to be well built. I guess he could become a middle round gem for the team that would draft him, barring any character concern. 4th Denver has no need a receiver in 2013, the starters are pretty much set. Anyhow Decker will be a FA in 2013 and Thomas in 2014 together with Welker. Fuller looks like a Decker in the making, he’s reliable and run good enough routs to at least give the impression that he could get better. He could run out routs and inside routs. Underrated. ***
Sanders Commings Georgia rSr 6-0 223 4th Man to man corner that has the footwork to stay with the receiver. Good awareness and anticipation. Could have problem with quick receivers following their change of direction. Does not have elite top end speed. 4th – 5th he’d provide good depth at corner. *
Trevardo Williams Connecticut Sr 6’1” 235 4th Undersized pass rusher, he has quickness and some good closing speed. He has skills setting the edge against the run. Have to gain more power to compete in the NFL 4th – 5th He could be a solid addition at the DE spot for Denver to add depth to the pass rushing. I guess he could also play some special teams.
Brandon Sharpe Syracuse Sr 6’1” 253 05-jun Undersized DE, he has some power and quickness, is able to move his blocker back in the backfield. Looks to have longer arms than what he’s listed. Good outside pass rusher. Need to gain more power in the lower body and to stay more low when engaging the first contact after the snap. Anyhow he looks to be a good pass rusher. 4th – 5th I like him as a DE for Denver. He could bring something to the table in the pass rushing department. **
Ty Powell Harding rSr 6’2” 246 5th He played DE in college and with really great results. He also played several other position (¿safety?) and he’s supposed to translate in a 3-4 OLB in the NFL. He has quickness at the snap and plays really hard. Needs to get better in his pass rushing technique anyhow. Has to gain power. 4th – 5th He could be a really good developmental pick up for the Broncos and help in the pass rush. I don’t know if he ever will be a reliable run stopper, but he has potential as a player. I like him. **
A.J. Klein Iowa State Sr 6’1” 246 5 Athletic and quick MLB that has great first step. Can cover and can run from side to side. Has to get better angles when tackling and tends to overrun a bit the play. 4th – 5th As Kiko Alonso he could bring to the Broncos the coverage skills that looks to be lacking in the incumbernt MLB depth chart. Still has to be developed and what scares me a bit are his tackling angles. Not ready to start, need time to understand better the Pro Game.
Steve Beauharnais Rutgers Sr 6’1” 236 7th Really good all around MLB. Plays with passion and is a playmaker. Good against the run and have some coverage abilities. 4th – 5th He’s a good football player. He has more coverage skills that what it seems and has good timing for the play. Has good sense for the play and some really good athletic abilities. I would like to see him in a Broncos shirt flying around the field. I think he could surprise already in his rookie year. Underrated. ***
Quanterus Smith Western Kentucky rSr 06-may 248 7th – CFA This kid was having and unbelievable season until he torn an ACL on the 20 of November. His draft stock was in continuous rise. After ACL, it depends how fast it could heal, but sure his draft stock is in free falling. He’s not a run defender at this point of his career. Anyhow what I saw from him is great production in the pass rushing category: a great initial step and good power to push the OT. Still does not have elite quickness and movement to swim through O-linemen. Still the blend of size and ability should have granted him a early selection 8 even late 1st round IMO). 4th – 5th Now it will depend more on medical reports. I put a 4th – 5th round value for the Broncos because I don’t think I’ll be able to workout for any team. I anyhow think that he could be a great addition to the Broncos team and with time to develop his technique, he could end up being a steal. If he’ll be able to workout, a early 3rd round could be needed to get him. *****
Shamarko Thomas Syracuse Sr 5’9” 217 3rd – 4th High motor, High character player. Always looks to make the right thing on the field. Has a good frame that makes him look bigger that he his. Plays well the run support and could play both SS and some FS at the NFL because his awareness. 4th – 5th Even tough he’s a good prospect, his size is not ideal for covering Tes in the NFL. He has the strength and the intangibles for being a sure tackles in the NFL and this is a big plus for Denver, but still his size is a concern to me, since Denver has already some other developmental options on the roster **
Braxston Cave Notre Dame rSr 6’3” 304 5th – 6th Does a good job in the running game setting his point. He’s able to move the defensive tackle constantly in the running game. Even in the passing game he’s able to hold his point. He’s not dominant, but the true is that I didn’t see any dominant center yet in this 2013 draft class. 4th – 5th I think he could prvide good depth in case the Broncos are looking for. On videos he’s better than what I expected by reading professional analysis ***
Aaron Mellette Elon rSr 6’3” 216 5th A poor man Demaruious Thomas, he does a great job creating separation and making acrobatic catches. Has to learn how to block in the running game to become a reliable weapon in the NFL but he’s already a viable option in the passing game with his size, power and speed. Quite underrated. 4th – 5th I like what I saw in the few videos on him. Still has to get better in his whole game and could be a little bit of a developmental player but his upside is quite big and his speed and athletic abilities would already allow him to make impact in the receiving game in the NFL. If Denver go after him in the 4th round I would be quite happy, since he could study for a year and then eventually take over Decker in 2014. *
Chad Bumphis Mississippi State Sr 5’10” 202 7th Quick after the catch, elusive, can change direction easily while running with the ball while not losing protection on the ball. He has sure hands looks to be strong and always looking for extra yards after the catch. I love it. 4th – 5th Underrated, very underrated. He won’t run past you, but he is a prototypical slot receiver. I think that he’ll be drafted far ahead of what he’s predicted now, because he’s a football player and there are good Fos out there that have noticed it. Let’s say that, IMO, if Denver would draft him in the 4th or the 5th round and let him learn for a couple of years it will be a very good scenario. Plus, IMO, he0s almost ready to play right away. *****
Mike Gillislee Florida Sr 5’11” 207 4th – 5th Good runner with initial burnst after hitting the all. Not elite speed in space but can brake tackles and gaining extra yards. 4th – 5th I see him like a similar player to Knowshon Moreno, with the difference that Moreno were looking really better in his college career.
Kwame Geathers Georgia rJr 6’5” 355 7th Strong, big ran smoothly than what it looks like. I like his efforts in the running game, he easily takes his position and his quite difficult for Olinemen to move him. He’s quite athletic for his size and  his frame suggests that he could lose some weight and get more muscle. In this case I guess he could be developed in a 3 down DT. 5th I like a lot what I saw but even more the possibility to turn him in a steal with good coaching and work habit by Geathers. His family knows how to play football and I think that he could be a really second tier homerun at the DT position. He’s not great in anything but could be really functional in DEl Rio scheme, since there is not clear difference between NT and UT until a clear passing situation where Denver uses to put in 3 DEs. I would love if Denver would “reach to get him, maybe even in the 4th eound. ***
Josh Boyd Mississippi State Sr 6’3” 310 5th – 6th Quick feet, some strength and position. He plays really well. He does a great job against the run even anticipating where the carrier would go and staying on his feet. I didn’t see him much in the ground. He plays bigger than his size. Can push the Olinemen in the backfield at times too. Not a pass rusher but a solid football player. 5th I think I got the two DT I like in this draft (a part the superhyper ones). Boyd is one of them (being geathers up to now the other). I like the intensity of his play in the video I saw and I can see a starting DT in the NFL a couple of years from now. Maybe only a 2 down DT (while IMO Geathers could become a 3 down DT) but I would love if Denver could bring home both of them somehow. ***
Lavar Edwards LSU rSr 06-abr 258 4 Not flashy but productive player that does a good job setting the corner in the running defense. Has some good power to push his blocker back into the backfield. Could also be used as a tweener DE/DT because has the frame to bulk up a bit. Plays also special teams.  Has to do a better job maintaining his body balance and looks impatient at times. 5th He’s a tall D-lineman that could bring some quality depth to Denver roster at multiple positions and Special team.
Mike Catapano Princeton rSr 06-mar 270 6th – 7th He shows less athleticism than the top DE in this draft, but has a full repertoire of pass rushing movements. H e played against lesser competition at Princeton, but still he has great size and a good frame. Looks smaller while playing than his actual measurement. A some quickness and and his a pursuer. 5th Denver does not have a 6th round pick, at the moment. I knoe that he’s a project abd a 5th could be a little too high (since he could also end up being undrafted) but if denver does not select a pass rusher DE, he would be too good to pass up at the end of the 5th round. **
Rick Wagner Wisconsin rSr 6’6” 310 5th Looks little bit slow at times with his feet balance, but always find a position and he’s able to hold his block. Strong Tackle that could also find a spot as RT and G in the NFL. He lack some elite athletic abilities to be a sure fire LT, but has enough experience at high college level to be a reliable solution as back up LT. He does a really good job in the running game, playing with power and pushing well the opponent. In his rookie year he probably would be a backup ( but a reliable one) and could develop in a solid starter. 5th I like the fact that he could provide depth at LT and at RT. Potentially he could develop in a solid starter and have great body and super lower body strength. I believe the Broncos coaches would find a way to develop him in a good player.
Tony Jefferson Oklahoma Jr 5’11” 212 5th Physical player that looks to like contact. Could be more suited playing at SS in the NFL because of his size. Does not looks to be a speedster but looks to understand where to locate himself in the field and looks to be a reliable tackler. 5th If the Broncos are looking for depth on the 53 men roster, well he could be a good fit for the Broncos in the 5th or maybe 6th round. My only dount on the Broncos being interesting on him is that all the rest of the players the Broncos drafted or signed as CFA to play S, they’re at least 6’1”.
J.C. Tretter Cornell Sr 6’4” 302 6th Good prospect with smooth feet and good athletic abilities. Run smoothly and get to the 2nd level very well when asked. Played LT in 2012 and does a good job in the passing game staying with his assignment and finishing it. Does even a better jon in the running game. 5th Will probably need a year to develop, but surely could be good depth a Guard. I also think he could have some potential at backup LT and if add power and balance himself better, could even became a relianle LT in the future. ***
Uzoma Nwachukwu Texas A&M Sr 6-0 195 7th impressive relatively small receiver that plays really bigger that his size. His athletic abilities and his elusiveness are astonishing. I don’t know why he flied so much under radars up to now but with some coaching he could become a lethal weapon in the NFL in the right scheme. 5th From my Denver point of view he’s really interesting because could become a reliable nº2 receiver with some polishing and can do the slot position too. Plus has the frame and the power to be a really good blocker if teach. ***
Miguel Maysonet Stony Brook Sr 5’9” 205 7th – CFA Power running back with speed. He can change direction and he’s elusive, have good enough explosion and burnst. Look to be poised and patience finding the hole. Has the frame and streght to develop in a good blocker, not so sure as pass catcher but I’m surely impressed. 5th From my Broncos point of view I’d be really happy if they’d go after him in the 5th round. *
Marcus Lattimore South Carolina Jr 6-0 220 4th – 5th If not injuired, and gruesomsly, he’d be the best RB in the draft and with difference. 5th If the Broncos feels good with the RBs they have in the roster and whant to take a flier on a player that most probably will start and end the 2013 season on PUP list, then a 5th round should be high enough for gambling.
Theo Riddick Notre Dame Sr 5’11” 200 7th – CFA He has a good burnst in the backfield. Does not look athletic but gives a lot of extraeffort that allows him always to pick some more yards after the first contact. Has some elusiveness too. His pass catching capability is not really showcased and his blocking skill neither. 5th I guess that his elusiveness is the part of his game I like the most and that I cannot match with any of the RB in Denver roster. This said I’m guessing he could play some special team, becuase if not he won’t be on Denver draftboard. If he does, he could bring something to the team and a 5th round pick could be fair value for the Broncos. I think he’s better that what most professional analysts says.
Zac Stacy Vanderbilt Sr 5’8” 215 6th Power running back that is not afraid to take hits and is always willing to get some extra yards after the contact. Has the frame to break tackles even being a small runningback. Willing blocker, good pass catcher. 5th If Denver in the 5th round is looking for RB, he should be one of the best player still on their board. He does everything and did everything on a team that was far less than stellar (Vandy) in 2012. Underrated.
Tourek Williams Florida International Sr 6’3” 262 5th – 6th Has quickness and power, can push his blocker into the backfield and looks to have the acceleration to surprise around the corner. A little raw, need to learn more proper technique. 5th – 6th He’s a good player with potential. He’s a little bit raw and would need to add muscles to his lower body and gain more balance to play the run game at the NFL level. All in all an interesting day 3 prospect that could reward with being a solid pass rusher and could get better in the run defense. *
Rontez Miles California (PA) Sr 6’0” 197 6th – 7th Played a lesser level. He dominated it. Fierce hitter, has plenty of game speed and really god instinct. He’s a little bit shorter than what Denver likes but plays with big motor and looks like a real possibility at the NFL level. 5th – 6th Wow, in this week FS class, if the Broncos believe that his has a big upside and can learn to play with the big boys, well, not having a 6th round pick could hurt. A 5th (the late 5th now owned by the Broncos) could be the one employed to get him. ****
Duke Williams Nevada Sr 5’11” 201 5th Hard hitter, likes to play in the box, has nose for the play and plays hard. Is a sure tackler but could have to bulk up a little to be able to hit hard in the NFL too. Has capabilities to read passing plays although has to improve to reach a respectable NFL level. 5th – 6th All in all not a good prospect. Lack some measurement to be able to play against NFL Tes and would probably need a year to develop his play and his body to be able to adsorb hits at the NFL level. *
Jeff Baca UCLA rSr 6’3” 305 4th – 5th Looks smaller than his size,plays nasty. Does a good job in the passing game, staying low and holding his point against the defender. Is able to adjust his body for better block. Lack some quickness that could result in trouble against NFL speedy pass rusher.  Is strong enough to get to the sencond level and push the defender until finishing the tackle. 5th – 6th All in all a good prospect that looks little bit smaller than other in this draft. But a player that, with some time of development and adjustment to NFL speed, should be able to compete for a starting job. Looks better suited for xzone blocking scheme.
Dalton Freeman Clemson rSr 6’4” 286 7th – CFA Does overall a really good job both in pass protection and in the running game. He looks polished. He won’t overwhelm you with measurement or anything but just a solid offensive line player. 5th – 6th I’m costantly seeing different things that the professional analysts, there will be a reason. Anyhow I think Freeman is a coplete football player that will do his job on sundays. I think he could play at any O-line position with the exception of LT. The Broncos, in need of depthe should take a deep look at this prospect. **
Nick Kasa Colorado Sr 6’6” 271 4th – 5th Good blocker at the LOS, do a good job in the short field as a receiver, has still to develop receiving skills. Shows good athletic abilities and could have good potential. 5th – 6th He could actually be a good target for the Broncos, since the offensive scheme demand Tes that can block and produce as receiver, he could be drafted by Denver a grown into a sure pass and run protector with upside in the passing game.
Conner Vernon Duke Sr 6-0 193 6th He has the size and the body to become actually a very good slot receiver. He’s strong and fast. He’s on some blocking. What he misses is some elusiveness in the bubble screen. 5th – 6th I do think Denver should look to slot receivers in this draft there are some good ones. He could be the one Denver could go after in the middle rounds if the Broncos FO thinks that using a late 2nd rounder on Swope or Patton, a 3rd rounder for Stills is too much. *
T.J. Barnes Georgia Tech rSr 6’6” 378 6th – 7th I think he’s a little bit underrated. He has great power and could even get more losing some weight and gaining some muscles. He could have weight problem and so I understand why he’s rated as a late pick but he’s holding well his position and could develop his skills set if he takes care of his body. 5th – 6th He remind me a bit of Vickerson because he’s really tall and possesses great power. He could become more athletic and powerful if he wants and coaches will squeeze football out of him. **
Keith Pough Howard rSr 6’2” 241 5th – 6th All around linebacker that has a lot of speed. He has the look of a really good 3-4 outside linebacker, who will be mainly a pass rusher in the NFL. Needs to bulk up and the learn to take better angles at tackling. 5th – 6th He could be a good depth to Von Miller. Has great size and has speed to play the joker position. Also against the run is not horrible and can get better. SOLB *
Akeem Spence Illinois rJr 6’1” 305 4th Really solid run blocker. Does not bring too much to the table as a pass rusher. Still need to get more strength and get better technique with bigger Olinemen. 6th Could represent some depth at the NT position
Zach Rogers Tennessee Sr 6-0 179 7th – CFA another intriguing prospect that could pay huge dividends in the right scheme. He could be a fantastic 3rd receiver, not really a slot WR but more a vertical one that could also take some crossing route. 6th  If paired with two heralded WR as he did in 2012 at Tennessee, he will make the same amount of damage to a defense again. **
Everett Dawkins Florida State rSr 6’2” 288 5th – 6th Has some potential at NFL level. Has to get more powerful to be able to swim trough the Olinemen. Has quick first steps at times and quick reaction to the play. He shows some good footwork for a man of his size. Still he is a project. 6th – 7th The Broncos do not have the 6th round pick. He could be under the radar for the 7th round pick or CFA. He could be develop in a serviceable rotational DT.
Nickell Robey Southern California Jr 5’8” 168 5th – 6th Nickel corner that plays really physically. Has some closing speed and really good awareness. Plays hard every snap. 6th – 7th Could be a really solid addition as nickel corner. He’d bring depth and ball skills.
Adrian Bushell Louisville rSr 5’11” 187 7th Tough physical corner despise his size. Has speed and also a really good fluidity. Has good athletic skills and can make plays 6th – 7th A little bit undersized for the position standard but has a lot other natural skills to make up. Could provide some good depth.
Terry Hawthorne Illinois Sr 6-0 194 5th – 6th Good size. Plays nasty and willing to hit. He’s also able to cover bigger WR and make plays. Not elite speed but a lot of effort and concentration. 6th – 7th Could bring competition for the nickel spot and could develop better body balance and footwork to become a reliable nº2 corner.
Chase Thomas Stanford rSr 6’3” 241 3rd – 4th He has good burst and could bring pressure to the QB. Have quite a lot missed tackles in the running game, has to really get better with his awareness. More suited to play 3-4 OLB. 6th – 7th If he falls towards the end of the draft, he could be brought in to play LDE in clear pass situation. Still has way to go to get better for being a factor in the NFL.
Kevin Reddick North Carolina Sr 6’2” 246 4th – 5th Good size, great frame, can put up some muscle more. Has some concentration problem at times, has some plays overrun and had to take better tackle angles. He can cover and has the speed to run side to side. Looks like giving up some plays, at times. 6th – 7th These plays where he was slow I didn’t understand that much, even one against Virginia tech were he was coming from the outside with a clear shot at the Qb but he somehow slew down while runnig and came not even close to the Qb. Missed tackles here and there but solid coverage. Depth in 2013 he could develop if motivated to a solid starter at MLB.
Devin Taylor South Carolina rSr 06-jul 275 6th – 7th Great size good frame, will need to add muscles for the NFL. Really athletic player that is able to set the corner from the LDE position. He does not have elite quickness to be a every down pass rusher but does a good job in getting pressures and being disruptive. Has really good awareness that helps him battling to the ground an interesting number of balls. 6th – 7th He won’t become a sack artist but he could be useful with his athletic ability. Worst case scenario he could be a back-up for some years. Anyhow i really do like his combo size-athletic abilities, late in the Draft he would be a really good addition because I think he could bulk up a bit and become a good LDE in the NFL.
David Bass Missouri Western State Sr 06-abr 263 6th Good prospect that played at an inferior level. Has good thick frame and some athletic ability. Not a speedster but looks to have a lots of power especially in the lower body. 6th – 7th He could be an interesting pick for the broncos because he has the frame to play the run and has some serious pass rushing instinct. *
Wes Horton Southern California rSr 06-may 261 7-FA Big guy with a very good quickness after the snap. Raw in his footwork, this prevent him to be a more effective pass rusher. Needs to get more powerful in the lower body to be able to compete in the run defense in the NFL 6th – 7th I like what I saw. He’s a situational pass rusher with potential. A 7th round pick, if he’s still there could be used by the Broncos to have some quick pass rushing depth.
Zeke Motta Notre Dame Sr 6’2” 215 6th Good instincts. Most of the time tackles good tackling angles. More of a deep thumper than a ball hawk. Can deliver big time hits. Lack elite athleticism. Lack elite speed (reason why he cannot be counted on a lot of Interceptions 6th – 7th Could be a good backup for the broncos. Would not deliver the game changing Interceptions but also hardly would be accounted on the game changing mistake.
Bradley McDougald Kansas Sr 6’0” 208 7th – FA Really few videos on him. Still what I saw is encouraging. He has a good sense of where the ball will be throw. Has some game speed and looks to have ball hawk skills. Could help in run support and reminds a little of Rahim Moore 6th – 7th It would be for the recent Broncos aces found in a not very good Kansas team, but I have the impression that the Broncos does look really closely to Kansas university pool of player. If I’m right, and taking in mind that this FS class is really less than spectacular, at least for a draft point of view, I guess the Broncos will have to spend a draft pick if they think McDougals could follow Chris Harris footsteps. **
Rashard Hall Clemson rSr 6’1” 213 7th – CFA Sure tackler. Instinctive, read well the play and able to locate himself properly to make the play. Does not showcase great closing speed or elite acceleration. Really good in run support and have some coverage skills. Polished player with probably not a really huge upside but that can contribute some and has a nice size for a DB. 6th – 7th He has a good size, good instinct and is a sure tackler. In this S draft class is already quite a lot. *
John Boyett Oregon rSr 05-oct 205 CFA He’s quick to get into position to make a play.  Has a lot of athletic abilities, an impressive vertical jump and explosion also in his closing speed. Tackle well and was a defense playmaker until the knees surgery that ended his season. 6th – 7th The Broncos were attending to his personal Pro-Day and are rumored to be quite interested on him. Last year Denver FP pulled the trigger on Arizona State Omar Bolden that missed the entire 2011 season with a torn ACL. They selected him in the first half of the 4th round because they tough that if healthy, he’d be a 1st – 2nd round pick. This year could be Boyett turns. Still I guess that a 6th – 7th rounder should be used, but the Broncos does not actually have  a6th rounder.
Robbie Rouse Fresno State Sr 5’6” 186 7th – CFA Small backs that has not elite speed but has great vision and some good explosion while hitting the hole. Although his size, he’s willing to block when asked for and does and good job for his size. Not being elite in anything hurts his draft stock but he could be a reliable option in the lasts rounds of the draft for a team looking for depth. 6th – 7th The best for the Broncos would be if he’d fall out of the draft. He’s another player I like and would be really happy if Denver would bring to training camp.I would even understand if the Broncos’d select him with a 6th or 7th round pick because I think that he’s a though guy that likes challenges and he’ll find his role on 2013 Broncos team.
Dennis Johnson Arkansas rSr 5’8” 212 CFA Stout player, good frame, has good footwork and speed, could be a pass catcher outside the box. 6th – 7th N/A
Michael Ford LSU rJr 5’10” 216 5th – 6th Compact player that could do a lot of thing on the field and whom few videos I liked a lot. He could run and block. Look a solid option in the later rounds. 6th – 7th He could be a finding, he has the body for running inside and has the speed to run aoutside. At the end of the draft his combination of sizes and speed could be a great finding.
Travis Bond North Carolina Sr 6’6” 340 7th Positions himself well in the passing game, has good strenght, need to improve his footwork to maintain balance while in his block. Looks not the fastest man while running, but anyhow use his body to find and block the defender at the second level. 7th I like the combination of size and power of Bond. He’s not athletic as his teammate Cooper, but could develop in a really good NFL guard under the power blocking scheme. He could be a good backup in the denver Roster in 2013 and then it would depend on him and on coaches patience. **
Dion Sims Michigan State rJr 6’5” 285 4th Big mountain of a man. Curiously did a better job on the receiving side of hi game than in the blocking. It does not mean that he can’t block, he can, but I didn’t see him ending the block, allowing his counterpart to participate in prolonged plays. From a player of his size and with his power I’d like to see him bringing Lbs. on the ground like when he catch the football i traffic and bring a couple of defenders with him for three, four yards. 7th Again I think he should be long gone in the 7th round, especially in this TE class that does not impress me up to now. Anyhow would he fall this far, he could be a really nice addition, altough I think he would need development both in the blocking technique and in his catching the ball, to many times he seemed to me to rely only in his superios size and power after the catch, thing that won’t happen so often in the Pros. Still a rude football player that has some potential to top some good skills.
Zach Sudfeld Nevada rSr 6’6” 261 7th He has a long frame and use properly his body. Does a good job on blocking, especially in the run game and looks to be a reliable receiver at the intermediate level. Not flashy but with acceptable speed. will need to bulk up and gain more strength. He could be a total package project. 7th He could be picked up by Denver and develop for a year. A 7th round or CFA status could be not so much to give up to propare a future player.
Justice Cunningham South Carolina Sr 6’4” 264 7th – CFA Good body, does a good job in run protection, could be use as HB in running situation. Also reliable receiver in short yardage situation, always willing to give an extra effort to gain more yards. Does a good job also in pass blocking. Still has to get better on his technique, sometimes he’s getting to high with his body after the snap. All in all an underrated player, IMO that could be drafted higher that his draft status is 3 weeks prior the draft. 7th My draft status is only a 7th because I don’t see TE as a big roster need. Denver has 4 Tes, 2 veterans and two young player that has to use 2013 as their breakthrough year. Still I think Cunningham could be a nice addition because he could develop into a double threat, he has the tools to be a good blocker and the skills to become a reliable pass catching TE. At 6’4” he won’t be the biggest TE but looks to be fluid in is running and once he becomes a better rout runner he could really be a enigma for any defense. If Denver would have a more pressing need at the position I would even grade his as a 4th rounder, because I think that he could produce something right away. ***
Rodney Smith Florida State Sr 6’5” 219 6th – 7th He has to polish his game under every aspect. But 6’5” 220 Lbs. and his athletic ability is well worth a look. He does have quite reliable hands, needs to gain quickness after the snap and the catch. 7th Denver does not have at the moment a 6th round pick. I would not wait until CFA to get a shot at him. **
Tharold Simon LSU Jr 6’2” 193 4th – 5th Physical corner that lacks burst. Look powerful and has some good speed. Has to improve his balance and learn how to disengage downfield blocks. 7th – CFA He has a great frame for a CB and good potential. Could be developed in a good physical nickel that could eventually cover Tes
Jake Knott Iowa State Sr 6’2” 240 6th Linebacker with good size that plays hard and make some good tackle using well his body and angles. Plays special teams. Has a good dense for the ball. 7th – CFA Interesting fierce hitter that plays hard on every snap. He’s an energetic overachiever and has really good football instincts. It could turns some head in training camp.
Joe Kruger Utah Jr 06-jun 280 7-FA Good explosion after the snap. He’s a tall player. What he does best is pass rushing, although he need to bulk up for the NFL and be more powerful in the lower body. In the running defense department he’d be a little bit of a project. 7th – CFA He’s, IMO a prospect to take an eye on. He could be there at the end of the draft and could be developed into a really good pass rusher.
Marquis Jackson Portland State Sr 06-mar 260 –– Huge big man that lost the entire 2012 season at Florida State because he torn his ACL. Big frame and looks to have good power. He could be a very solid all around DE in the NFL 7th – CFA He could be a good gamble at the end of the draft for Denver. Chances are that he could go undrafted, and then his value could be really high. The point on him is his medical check, would he be on Broncos board?
Matt Summers-Gavin California rSr 06-abr 300 7th – CFA Interesting player that plays nasty and shows a lot of power. Always try to finish his block. Runs quite smoothly. 7th – CFA There are a lot of interesting T/G later in the draft this year and I really like Simmers – Gavin too. He’s a big Olineman that likes contact and is quite reliable in his blocks. Could give Denver some potential tom develop both at T and G. *
Ryan Jensen Colorado State – Pueblo Sr 06-abr 298 6th – 7th His stock really sky rocketed after a fantastic Pro Day at Colorado State. Not enough videos on him to watch. Looks like a mauler, a huge player that likes to use power and to finish his block. Dominated at the level he played. 7th – CFA If he’d be still there when Denver will draft in the 7th round, the Broncos would better select him instead of waiting him to be available in FA. He could develop in a really good guard. *
Carvin Powell Old Dominion 6’1” 205 CFA Good size, instinctive player on the field. Position himself well to make plays. Has some e good closing speed. Hard hitter and Ball hawk at his level. He has all the physical tool to make it at the next level. 7th – CFA Could be another small school gem that would need a little bit of time to adapt to the speed of the game. Reportedly the Broncos are interested.
Freddy Young New Mexico CFA Not too many videos on him. Looks to have good closing speed and been a sure tackler. Has some good instinct and I think he could ply a hybrid SS-FS in the NFL, after a period of development. 7th – CFA The Broncos are one of the team interested on him.
Don Jones Arkansas State rSr 6-0 208 7-FA Good run stopper, can situate the ball well. Has some good closing speed. Coverage suspicious. Has good size and a frame that could gain some muscle. 7th – CFA A prospect with potential that has enough speed to be a project a FS and could play some SS and Special Team.
Keelan Johnson Arizona State rSr 6’0” 209 7th – CFA Need to gain some muscles and gain strength. He’s instinctive both on defense and special team.  Has good closing speed. Still raw and would need time to learn how to play in a NFL defense. Anyhow prospect with potential. 7th – CFA I saw some good things in his videos and I guess Denver likes to take shots on prospect that grow up in the middle-west area, and Arizona State in particular. He could be on the Broncos radar screen for a late pick or CFA and could actually be a front runner for a practice squad place since he needs development but could play both SS and FS.
Matt Stankiewitch Penn State rSr 6’3” 303 6th – 7th Not enough videos on him. Was All big 10 first teamer and really did a great job on 2012 together with the other Penn State O-linemen. 7th – CFA If he goes undrafted, he could be another player that the Broncos could look at. As any Penn State player, had to go trough hard times in 2012 and came up huge. This should also be taken in count
P.J. Lonergan LSU rSr 6’3” 305 6th Good player that holds up well in the block and does not let the defender disangage it. Can get to the second level and has some power pushing. 7th – CFA Again an interesting prospect that could be a good backup in 2013.
Michael Williams Alabama rSr 6’6” 269 6th – 7th Really good run blocker. Offers some option in the short area in the passing game and could develop in being a great red zone threat. He’s really athletically gifted and will be a nightmare for safeties in the passing plays on 3rd and short. 7th – CFA I know that Denver is not exactly looking for Tes in this draft, but if Williams would be still there in the 7th his value could be too big to pass up for a team like Denver that has a pair of good veterans and basically two unproved young backup. I even think that Denver, if a 6th round pick will be acquired, could spend it on him because he could really develop in a great weapon for a team like Denver that uses TEs to set up the running game. He could allow the team to start using tricks play in shoert yardage situations. *****
Jake Stoneburner Ohio State rSr 6’5” 245 6th – 7th tall TE that looks less big than what he really is. IMO he is a project both in the run game (blocking) and in the passing game. Sure his blocking ability is less developed but at NCAA level he could still let his present be felt while dominating in the passing game. In the PROs defender (linebacker and Dbacks) will be bigger, stronger and faster so while he owns one of the best video resume between all TEs I found in the 2013 NFL Draft, these same videos show, IMO, that he will need time and dedication to get some important number in the Pros too. still I would be very happy in the Broncos would look at him with the  7th round or, best of best, could get his services if he’d go undrafted (which i think he won’t). 7th – CFA Project that need to be developed in order to be ready to play in the NFL. Anyhow he has talent and could be a gem in a year or two if he puts in dedication and patience.
Jasper Collins Mount Union Sr 5’10” 183 6th – 7th He has some kind of speed but overall showcases really good quickness after the catch and good movement in rout running. Shows also some predisposition to block in running plays. 7th – CFA I think that he could become a slot receiver in the NFL or a Nº2. He lack size to become a reliable nº1 in the pros. But being a 2 year project, I guess that for Denver it would be really good to find him as CFA, tough I think some other team will draft him.
Alec Lemon Syracuse Sr 6’1” 202 7th – CFA Not a speedster but looks to run good routs and to be well built. Not the tallest of the receivers but has some very good athletic abilities and some explosion and quickness. For sure worth a good look at training camp. 7th – CFA He could need some time to develop, but my opinion is that he could become a reliable option in the middle of the field. In don’t know if he’ll have enough quickness to be a great slot receiver but he can become a solid option down the road.
Kerwynn Williams Utah State Sr 5’8” 196 5th Small back that could have some potential running tosses nad outside runs. Does not have the body to run inside or will need big hole to run through. He’s anyway a good blocker for player of his size and is a good pass catcher. Once received the ball out of the box he’s really dangerous in open field because he’s really elusive stayingl low with his lower body and always ready for change directio. has really good speed. 7th – CFA He could have some success in the NFL and should be tested as retourner IMO, too. Anyhow I don’t think the Broncos are looking for the kind of player he is, at least until the end of the Draft.
Latavius Murray UCF rSr 6’3” 223 6th – 7th Big strong and with potential. A running back with potential is strange to de seen nowadays. He could learn to block and to catch a little bit, with patience. He has unusual speed for a man of his size. 7th – CFA I would like Denver to take a shot on him at the end of the Draft or in CFA. He couldbe candidate to spend the 1st year on the practice squad and then start contributing heavily in the offense.
Cory Grissom South Florida rSr 6’1” 313 6th Looks powerful and has a compact frame. He’s not the tallest DT in the draft class but looks to have longer arms that expected. Could do a good job using his strength but need to develop his technique to disengage blocks from Olinemen. CFA A good player that could be brought to training camp to compete for a 53 men roster spot or a practice squad one.
Mike Purcell Wyoming Sr 6’3” 303 7th Not enough videos on him. He had an incredible year gaining first team all Mountain west honor and posting almost 7 tackles per game. Add 8 tackles loss. He could play special team. CFA A home state player that probably the Broncos had scouted quite a lot. He could be a training camp experiment with a good option to end up in the practice squad.
Brandon McGee Miami (Fla.) Sr 5’11” 195 5th Good special team player, explosive in the run. Not really physical. Not ideal size. CFA If he comes undrafted he could be tried in training camp because his special team ability his speed and could be developed in a serviceable nickel corner.
Sean Porter Texas A&M Sr 6’1” 231 4th – 5th A high productive linebacker that has the idea size for a WLB in the 4-3 defense. He has a really good closing speed to chase the ball carrier. Has quickness and is a really good pass rusher. Got something like disinterested if he cannot make the play at time. Has not elite speed and is questionable on side to side range. Has not good enough coverage skills CFA If he falls undrafted, could be brought to training camp for a month of evaluation. I personally don’t think he’ll end up undrafted, and I like he’s pass rushing skills, but I think Denver has already better players on WLB position.
Brandon Magee Arizona State rSr 5’11” 234 6th Undersized linebacker. Has some lateral speed and looks to be a good tackler. Still more a thumper than a covering linebacker. CFA He could be an interesting addition to watch in training camp.
Stansly Maponga TCU rJr 06-feb 265 7th – CFA He does not have the size than the most of the DE in this draft class. Also does not have elite quickness or strength. Still does a good job using a really good awareness and positioning himself in the field quite well after the snap. He’s able to create some pressure to the Qb and to deliver big hits. CFA He would need to bulk up and gain strength, but could develop in a year in a serviceable O-lineman. I’m not sure if the Broncos have him on their board because of his size, but he looks like a overachiever and could have a future in the NFL.
Craig Roh Michigan Sr 06-abr 280 7th – CFA Lack quickness at the snap but has power and great lower body. Looks smaller than his measurement and sometimes he’s blanketed by the offensive tackle. Looks playing with intensity. CFA He could be an interesting player to watch better in training camp.
Armonty Bryant East Central (OK) rSr 6’4” 263 Played a lower level and was dominant. He has some burst after the snap and looks to play with high motor. Would enter in the league as pass rusher and should have to learn to defend the run. CFA Another player to take a deep look at training camp. He could surprise a lot.
Chris Faulk LSU rJr 6’5” 323 7th – CFA Injured. He played at really high level in 2011, playing fairly well also in the LSU National Championship debacle against Alabama. He could be more suited to play RT in the NFL, because his big frame and his lack of elite athleticism. Still after a bad injury he should be evaluated carefully in training camp. CFA He’s a big fella, and played at really the highest level of college football with good results. IMO could be developed into a good or at least quality backed at RT and G. Worth at training camp.
Jason Weaver Southern Mississippi rSr 06-may 305 6th – 7th Older prospect (6 year eligibility in college) with almost no video of him playing in internet. Still everywhere looks like a 6th – 7th rounder. He has good size and frame. Could need time to develop in the NFL but could be a good fit in some scheme. CFA To be fair I really couldn’t see him playing enough to have an idea. But if professional says that he could be a 6th round pick a team no needy as the Broncos, could wait and see if he goes undrafted. Then , if they like him, just try to bring him on camps and see what he could bring.
Brandan Bishop North Carolina State Sr 6’1” 206 7th – CFA Has ball hawk skills but his frame looks smaller than what it actually is. Will need to bulk up. Not a sprinter, lack some closing speed but does a good job positioning himself to make the play. Need to get better in taking tackling angles. CFA A project with some ball hawk skills in a class with a lack off. I won’t be surprised if some team select him in the 5th or the 6th round because of this skills. Owever he would need one or two yesr to be ready for NFL speed.
Ben Ericksen Illinois State Sr 6’1” 195 7th – CFA Interesting small school prospect that dominate at Illinois State. He would need to add weight and to bulk up but showcase ball hawk skills and good closing speed. Has instinct and take good tacking angles against the competition he faced.  I like a lot the potential of this prospect compared with the the most hyped players at this position. CFA If he’d go undrafted, and being this a ball hawk lacking S class, I hope the Bronco would pick him. He could surprise already in 2013 training camp. Will probably need a bit of time to adjust his game to the NFL speed but minimum I guess he’ll end up into the Practice squad. *****
Ray Polk Colorado rSr 06-ene 216 7th – CFA Not enough videos on him CFA Since he played for Colorado I guess the Broncos have plenty of information about him. He has the size that usually the Broncos look for safeties, has a injury ridden year in 2012 on a team that was one of the worse in the country. Still I think that if anything the Broncos will try to bring him at the training camp to see how much potential there is in him. His performance at Colorado Pro Day was exceptional, since he didn’t get invited to the combine, so I guess his work ethic would gain him a shot at least from the home state NFL team.
Robert Lester Alabama Sr 6’1” 212 6th – 7th Big frame safety, not flashy but with good acceleration. He’s not a speed guy and even tough his size would make think that he could cover big wide out and Tes I guess he’s more suited for a zone coverage, rather than man. On run support his a fierce and willing tackler but still his tackling angles are not really good at times. CFA I expressed my opinion about him being more of a zone coverage guy, so if Denver would be still interested on taking a look at him on training campo, I hope that would happens only if Lester get undrafted.
Earl Wolff North Carolina State rSr 5’11” 206 7th Don’t see him around the ball too much. Really. Anyhow he was the tackling leader at North Carolina State and First team all ACC for the coaches. It should mean something. Does not look like a sure tackles, but as i wrote, he was the tackling leaden in his team. Was not that much around the ball but was voted 1s Teamer in his conference. Was it that the opposite team was shying away from him? Still his run support looks suspicious from a NFL talent level and has to improve. In the pass coverage too has to get better. He’s physical player that wants to make big hits. Still IMO, should play with more patience. CFA Denver looks to like to take shots at physical safeties at CFA, Ihenacho and Gideon are both physical. Denver could look at Wolff and who knows that the video on him I found were not fair on him.
Jahleel Addae Central Michigan rSr 5’10” 200 7-FA Not enough videos on him. One of the better defender in MAC, moved from RB to DB as a sophomore. One of the leader in CMU defense. Participated to the E/W shrine practices and game. CFA A good player to bring to training camp. Has some potential and at the very least could be a useful Special Teamer.
Alonzo Tweedy Virginia Tech rSr 6’1” 195 7th – CFA Special team specialist with some upside because he could develop as DB against Tes CFA He’s size could be interesting to the Broncos and could be a training camp player to watch and practice squad candidate for a year of development. His special team experience could also be valuable.
Jawanza Starling Southern California Sr 6’1” 200 7th – CFA He has some athletic abilities and looks to have really good closing speed on the field. CFA Worth a deeper look during training camp.
Sam Brenner Utah rSr 6’2” 307 7th – CFA Not too many videos on him. Versatile player that played both Tackle and guard. Has quick feet. Need to bulk up and gain power to compete at the NFL level. CFA Big gau that could be brought to training camp for competition.
Chris McDonald Michigan State rSr 6’4” 298 7th – CFA Uses good angles to block his opponent. Has big size and good frame. Could add bulk. Has enough quick feet but has to make a better job maintaining his balance. Does not run really smoothly. CFA I quite like what I saw. A tall linear player that could gain power bulking in a bit that has predisposition to take good anles to block and that could develop at least in a quality backup. *
Edmond Kugbila Valdosta State Sr 6’4” 332 7th -CFA A huge Olineman that has been invited to the combine. Had played at a lesser level and has to adjust at the speed of the NFL. CFA His size alone makes him interesting for any team.
Eric Herman Ohio rSr 6’4” 319 6th – 7th Big guy that has good strengh. Need to work in his bloking technique and to his footwork, Could develop in a really good “mauler” guard. CFA I like what I saw from my Broncos point of view. Anyhow since I think thet Herman is a project at this point, I’d prefer Denver to get him if he goes undrafted. Could be a practice squad team for a year and then devlop fistrly in back-up and then in a good starter. He looks to be a good project for what Denver likes in interior Olinemen. *
Josh Kline Kent State rSR 6’3” 307 7th Not enough videos on him. CFA A late riser on many boards, has being part of the Kent State team that won the MAC championship in 2012 for the first time ever. Could be a player to develop, having the size and the frame to play olineman in the NFL
Graham Pocic Illinois rSr 6’5” 310 6th – 7th Injured his shoulders on december 2012, not invited to the combine. Brings versatiliy to the table, since playes center, gaurd and tackle duting his university career. CFA A 6’5” Olineman could be good to take a look at him in training camp
T.J. Johnson South Carolina rSr 6’5” 318 7th – CFA A project for the NFL level. Has to gain strenght and power. Need to get better balance against the defender in the passing game. CFA Has the frame to put up more muscle. Could need a couple of year but looks at least as a serviceable backup being the type of O-lineman the Broncos are looking to like.
Joe Madsen West Virginia rSr 6’4” 301 7th – CFA Solid experience. Does not have too many videos on hime, but shows good leverage in the running game, getting to the second level quickly and holding well against the opponent. Has to get better on pass protection. CFA He could be a project. But his skills in the running game could make him good also for the guard position. Another interesting player that could be brought in at training camp.
Eric Kush California (PA) rSr 6’4” 304 –– Really quick after the snap. Smooth movement and quick feet. Does really a good job in the running game CFA Interesting small school player that with time and patience could develop in a effective “mauler” at the NFL level. I would like the Broncos to sign him and bring him to training camp.
Chris Gragg Arkansas Sr 6’3” 236 5th – 6th No t very tall but runs smooth routs and looks to have the speed to make plays happen. He’s a little small comparing with normal standards but he’s well built and could be a good option for possession Tes in the short and middle field. He’s doing a fine job in run blocking. Could develop his body a bit more. He does not have an overwhelming body to make a live out of it in the NFL but looks good on film and does a lots of good things. He could be developed a little bit and be reliable 2 TE coming in as additional WR at the beginning. CFA Denver would probably not draft a receiving TE to develop, but if Gragg would slide to CFA he could be a really good pick up. Anyhow I think he’ll be drafted and even before what the general opinion is because receiving Tes are really in demand right now.
Mychal Rivera Tennessee rSr 6’3” 237 6th Good blocker, offers something to be developed in the short passing game but is not big enough to be a threat in short yardage situations in the NFL. Still has a nice blocking technique and could be a nice CFA addition a do some good plays in training camp. CFA because of his athletic abilities and some potential as possession TE. CFA The broncos could really like what he brings on in the run blocking game. He’s not the biggest TE, but is really stout blocking and does a good job as receiver even if he’ll have to polish his technique in both aspects of his game. I really do like his videos so, even tough I would give his a CFA grade, I won’t be unhappy if the Broncos actually use a draft pick on him. Being, IMO, a blocking TE mainly, a 6th or a 7th rounder would be the maximum I’d like Denver to use. ****
Philip Lutzenkirchen Auburn Sr 6’3” 255 CFA Good run blocker. Shows athletically prowess and strength. Looks like a FB at the next level that could provide some pass catching ability in short yardage. Comes off an injury so I guess that he could be a CFA candidate. CFA I like his videos. His blocking skill need improvement to better face Pros defenders but he has good tape and could be a really nice addition. A plus would be knowing that he can play special teams and be a core player of that unit. I would be glad to see him in the Broncos training camp.
Lucas Reed New Mexico rSr 6’6” 249 7th – CFA Not enough video on him, CFA Big tall, long armed TE that can both block and catch a little. I think he could be a good developmental player for the practice squad because of his measurements.
Ryan Griffin Connecticut rSr 6’6” 254 CFA Not enough video on him, CFA Quite good production in the system he played in. Not astonishing numbers but enough to deserve a look
Brandon Ford Clemson rSr 6’3” 238 CFA 1st team ACC (coaches) and the most TDs for a TE in the nation is IMO a good enough produtcion from a TE/HB hybrid. CFA Interesting production, suspicious strength.
Mike Shanahan Pittsburgh rSr 6’4” 228 CFA Big East second team: big physical WR in college will have to move to TE in the NFL. Had a really productive season in 2012. CFA He does not have the speed to stretch the field but he could be a work in process to learn how to play TE in the Pros. He could be a nice CFA pick up and a practice squad candidate (also because he could cover two positions at TE and WR).
Andrei Lintz Washington State rSr 6’5” 250 CFA Very athletic for a TE. CFA Another developing TE that could be a candidate for Practice squad.
Kyler Reed Nebraska Sr 6’3” 230 7th More suited as a FB. CFA A new fullback is an interesting option but, IMO, only if grabbed as CFA
Travis Tannahill Kansas State Sr 6’3” 253 CFA 1st team all Big 12 CFA Another player that could be tried in training camp.
T.J. Knowles Sacramento State rSr 6’8” 254 7th – CFA His size and speed should be enough for a CFA contract. CFA 6’8” developmental player.
Ace Sanders South Carolina Jr 5’8” 176 5th Elusive well built small receiver. Did his best in return plays, where he’s a daemon, but also is a reliable in bubble screen and could use his speed to be a downhill receiver. CFA From my Broncos point of view he could be a fantastic addition as CFA.
Josh Boyce TCU rJr 5’11” 203 6th – 7th Has no explosion after the catch. Does not showcase pro speed. Anyhow show good feel for run block and pass block. CFA He could be interesting for Denver since his blocking abilities. He could be brought to camp for a good look at his receiving skills and eventually a candidate for the practice squad.
Marcus Davis Virginia Tech rSr 6’3” 230 7th no many videos on him. He’s a big receiver with a big body that looks to protect well the ball after the catch. Has good but not great speed and is able to make big plays downfield. He has effort and consistency issues. CFA From a my Broncos perspective he’s worth a shot in training camp.
Jawan Jamison Rutgers rSo 5’8” 200 6th Cutback runner, he does not have the explosion to hit the hole and make defender miss tackles becuase of his speed. Does a quite good job blocking and is a nice option as receiver out of the backfield. Probably his game has been influenced also by some horrible OLine game that never really gave him any chance (Arkansas game for example) at times. CFA If he’d fall undrafted he could be really interesting for Denver. He does everything in a good way but does not excels in anything. Something like Ball does but there is some potential in Jamison.
Ray Graham Pittsburgh Sr 5’9” 192 7th – CFA Pass catching abilities. Has explosion after hitting the hole but looks to lack top end speed for stretching the field once free. Has to bulk up and going more power to absorb the hard hits of NFL defender. Looks to be too light at the moment. Has elusivness and came make guy miss but has problems running throught the tackles. He has power to break tackles on the outside but cannot do much in the inside runs when tackled.
Has knee injury history
CFA My low grade is due to the fact that I couldn’t watch any video where Graham was running consistently inside. Also my injury concerns help. I still guess that he has a lot of talent and picking him as CFA would be a good signing for the Broncos.
Rex Burkhead Nebraska Sr 5’11” 210 7th – CFA He does everything great for the college level, but IMO he should move to FB in the NFL. He looks like a less explosive Peyton Hillis in my opinion. He could be a relly great addition late in the draft becuase he can block, he can catch the pass and he can run some tought yards. Great efferot player that would be valuable. Just the position he could play in the NFL is valuable to only few teams. CFA I just think that Denver has not enough picks in the 2013 draft (at the moment and it’s middle of April) to use one on a HB. If he would fall to CFA, whatever team will sign him will add a fanatstic player to the team

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