2013 NFL Draft – 2nd and 3rd Rounds Live – Grades

Here there are my 2nd and 3rd rounds grades, live.

Selection Team Player Position Trade Grade Notes
33  JAC  Cyprien  S  NO  A  Great pick
34  TEN  Hunter  WR  SF  A  Great pick
35  PHI  Ertz  TE  NO  B  Solid pick, nothing else.
36  DET  Slay  CB  NO  C+  Good for the Broncos, there are other CBs that I have higher than him for the Broncos, that are still there on the board.
37  CIN  Bernard  RB  NO  B+  Wow, he’s the first RB taken. Lacy is still there on the board, this is a really good pick but IMO. He could be really a good tandem with Green-Ellis.
38  SD  Teo  ILB  ARI  B  Ok, so the Broncos will see if this guy is this good as analysts say. I’m not this high on him.
39  NYJ  Geno Smith  QB  NO  Z  What a mess off an organization, I guess that Rex Ryan is having a nervous breakdown. Why not a WR? Tio who the Jets QB is gonna throw the ball? What a mess.
40  SF  Corradine  DE/OLB  Previous  C  I guess he’ll play OLB, but still another gamble for the 49ers. Will he be ready for the season? Will he be an impact player? I really have a lots of question about which kind of production SF could sneak out of him.
41  BUF  Woods  WR  NO  A++  This is actually a great pick by Buffalo, still I think that there he’s be really less productive than in a more functional organization: I mean….he played in California and now will have to adapt to play with a rookie QB in the storm of Buffalo. Great player.
42  OAK  Watson  OT Previous  B  Interesting pick for the Raiders, I think he can be a really effective RT and have potential, but is a bit of a project now.
43  TB  Banks  CB  NO  B  Good for the Broncos, I have higher rated CBs still on the board for the Broncos. Strange selection for the Buccaneers since they just acquired Revis.
44  CAR  Short  DT  NO  B-  I’m not high on him, This is a need pick.
45  ARI  Minter  LB  Previous  A++  Oh man, one of my guys is gone. Really good pick by the Cardinals that actually is in a need position. He was one of the highest prospect on my board, so great great pick.
46  BUF  Alonso  LB  Previous  D  I’m not high at all on him. This is another questionable pick from the Bills.
47  DAL  Escobar  TE  NO  C  Not this high, Dallas need an ILB and Brown is  still there. WOW, he could become a really good player, but still to me this is too high.
48  PIT  Le’Van Bell  RB  NO  A++  Great selection by the Steelers, a prototypical Steelers poerful back. Unfortunately.
49  NYG  Hankins  DT  NO  A++  Again the Giants go DT in the 2nd round, is like they have 10 good to great DTs on their roster now. Here they have the Nose tackle.
50  CHI  Bostic  ILB  NO  B-  Need pick. I’m not this high on him at all.Good for the Broncos.
51  WAS  Amerson  CB  NO  A++  This hurts. Great selection by the Redskins. He’ll be a really good CB in the NFL.
52  NE  Collins  OLB  Previous  A  He fits their scheme and a need. I’m not as high on him because he would have been a project in a 4-3 scheme. He makes perfect sense, by the way, for a 3-4 scheme team and especially for the Patriots. Unfortunatly.
53  CIN  Hunt  DE  NO  A  Still a project but really a good one. Great selection by the Bengals here. They have enough depth to have the luxury to develop him for a year. Then I think he could become a nightmare.
54  MIA  Jamar Taylor  CB  Previous  A++  It hurts a lot, really a lot. This close again. Really good selections by the Dolphins, now the question is, could their organization prove to be solid enough to let him develop in a great NFL CB?
55  SF  McDonald  TE  GB  D  Really? It’s probable that I’m completely wrong as evaluator, but yeah….great Draft 49ers.
56  BAL  Brown  LB  SEA  A+++  I knew it, S!!T, again…so so so close . This guy is perfect for them as would have been perfect for Denver too. He’s a nasty leader. You kidding me Denver….2 picks again…like in the 1st round….2 picks and again a great team pick him, not even a sucking organization.
57  HOU  Swearinger  S  NO  C  Need pick. Plain and simple.
58  DEN  Ball  RB  NO  A  I like him more than the most, I wanted a Olineman, but yeah, Ball could be a good consolation price at 58th. I have him rated as borderline 1st rounder for Denver, my question is, what is happening to Eddie Lacy? Lacy is the only other player I have rated higher than Ball on my personal Broncos board. It’s a pick that makes sense, I repeat myself, I would have love Winter because IMO he could have backed up at LT meanwhile competeing for G positions. I hope the Broncos would not regret swithching choice and going T here and Ball or another RC (Taylor was my favorite) in the 3rd round.
59  NE  Dobson  WR  NO  C  Not impressed, NE seems that can never develop WRs. He needs to develop….so better for the Broncos.
60  ATL  Alford  CB  NO  C  Still have to develop, he’s really fast but you know, in the 2nd round it’s a little high, IMO.
61  GB  Lacy  RB  Previous  A++  It makes so sense. Great organizations do great job. GB is one of the greatest. Period. Nobody would have said anything if the Packers would have picked him at 25th overall.
62  SEA  Michael  RB  Previous  A  Great pick, just he have to show that he does not get in trouble or injured. But he’s talented. Great pick. This kind of picks would have been good at the back-end of the 1st round…here are great.
63  KC  Kelce  TE  NO  C  They could have done really better than this in the top of the 3rd round.
64  JAC  Gratz  CB  NO  B  Good pick
65  DET  Worford  OG  NO  A++  Great pick, really good football player.
66  OAK  Sio Moore  LB  NO  B+  He’s a good player and will make life harder to Denver offense.
67  PHI  Logan  DT  NO  B  Need pick that is not that bad. I like Logan he’s quite disruptive both against the run and the pass.
68  CLE  Mcfadden  CB  NO  D  Wow, with all the corner still on the board….a small corner, would he play special team returner? But still in the top of the 3rd? Quite a reach.
69  ARI  Mathieu  CB  NO  Z STUPID.
70  TEN  Wreh-Wilson  CB  NO A  Really good selection at this point. He could easily have been a 2nd rounder.
71  STL  McDonald  S  Previous  Z  In the 3rd round? Wow.
72  NYJ  Winter  T  A  It hurts, really. Clady should be laughin’ a lot now…counting the money he will demand and having the Broncos no other option than paying him. But what if he gets injured? I hope Denver will get a plan B in later rounds…but the list is slimmering out.
73  TB  Glennon  QB  C A backup in the 3rd round? mmmm
74  DAL  Williams  WR  SF via Previous  B+  Is where he could be selected and Dallas need one more weapon, especially a deep threat.
75  NO  Armstead  OL  NO  B+  Great pick, really athletic player goes to a team that is badly in need of O-line depth.
76  SD  Allen  WR  NO  A++  In the middle of the 3rd round. WOW. He was off of my board for character and injury issues, but he has 1st round talent. SD just made a great move if they had Allen on their board. Great pick.
77  MIA  Thomas  T  NO  D  Drafted as a tackle? he can play G, but tackle?
78  BUF  Goodwin  WR  Previous  Z  Yes, because his speed will be really much appreciated in the icy field in Buffalo….Bills, try again, please.
79  PIT  Wheaton  WR  NO  A+  I had an high 2nd round on him. Terrific football player and the Steelers just shown the difference between a great organization and a … in Buffalo.
80  DAL  JJ Wilcox  S  NO  C+  Not so high on him, but Dallas have a need and they drafting this way this year.
81  NYG  Moore  DE  NO  A-  I had him as a 2nd – 3rd pick on him. Here he is a steal, but will he be motivated?
82  NO  Jenkins  DT  MIA via Previous  A  Great pick up. I had a 3rd round on him, the most had a 2nd – 3rd.
83  NE  Ryan  CB  Previous  A++ I had him as a late 2nd round (NE was there actually). Respect to the Patriots.
84  CIN  Williams  S  WAS  A  He was one of the top free safeties on my board and I had a 3rd round (Broncos point of view). So I completely agree with the selection and I support it, since the professional analyst had him going much later.
85  WAS  Reed  TE  CHI  B-  Need pick. They could have done better.
86  IND  Thornton  OL  B  Good for the Broncos, there were better choices out there.
87  SEA  Hill  T  D  Depth in the 3rd Woahh
88  SF  Lemonier  DE  GB  B  I don’t have him in my Broncos board because he actually perfect for the 3-4 scheme as DE (guard) but really less productive in the NFL 4-3 defense.
89  HOU  Williams  T  NO  B+  He’s a really good option for zone scheme team.
90  DEN  Webster  CB  NO  D Why Denver is always screwing up in the 3rd round? I can’t understand it. He could have been there in the 4th or even in the 5th. Is Denver board this short? I really don’t like the pick because Webster will be a useful player, but in the 3rd there were still great player to be picked. Sticky man is on his way out of town. I had Webster in the 5th round. I added a star because I tought he would be a good fit for the Broncos, but still
91  NE  Harmon  S  NO  Z  Who? I immediately feel better  with Denver pick.
92  STL  Bailey  WR  NO  D  In the 3rd? Swope is still on the board and Patton too. ¿?
93  MIA  Davis  CB  GB via SF  Z  STUPID. Really Miami, you trade up to get a borderline draftee? On top of Baltimore then…yeah because Ozzie Newsome was gonna make Davis the steal of the draft, right? Or Houston or ¿KC? or the Texans?…Come on…
94  BAL  Williams  DL  NO  A  The Ravens are master. Lot of respect, they’re having an incredible draft, I still hate them for the Arthur Brown pick. They will be dominant soon again, even probably in the 2013. The Draft is still full of WR that suits them. They’re incredible.
95  HOU  Montgomery  DE  NO  A+  Great value here. I had him as late second grade on him. He slyded because character issues. Here IMO he’s worth the gamble. He’d be a good DE depth in the 3-4
96  KC  Davis  RB  STUPID  Oh boy…in the 3rd round? wow. REACH, STUPID REACH. Franklin is still on the board. WOW KC.
97  TEN  Gooden  LB  C  Well, I didn’t want Denver to draft him. I’m neutral here. He fits a need in Tennesse, he’ll provide depth at Will LB. He has potential and can play special teams now.
_  CLE  Forfeited because of supplementary draft selection (2nd round)
_  NO  Forfeited (bounty scandal 2nd round).

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