Denver Broncos 2013 NFL Draft 1st round Board

All the following prospcts could be, IMO, on DEnver Board for the 28th overall selection:


Player College Exp Height Weight General Forecast Analysis My Broncos Forecast My Broncos Analysis 5 best player for Broncos Scheme
Sheldon Richardson Missouri rJr 6’3” 295 1st  He plays awesome football. Has the athletic abilities and the speed of a linebacker. It’s amazing. He always looks to break the Oline one oblige the QB to move around. Wow. 1st Wow. I mean wow. I would love Denver to trade up in the 1st round and getting this disrupting DT. Trade Up*****
Johnathan Hankins Ohio State Jr 6’3” 320 2nd Impressive mountain of a man nose tackle. He has incredible athletic abilities for a man of his size. He’s really strong and can hold the pocket even against two blocker. Has a lot of quickness for his size and is able to move back olinemen in the backfield. Looks like a potential 3 down lineman  that would provide few sacks but a lot of pocket collapsing. 1st He could be there at 28th when Denver will select (if Denver does not trade up). He’s not a pass rusher but a pocket destroyer. He could be really helpful and a long terms solution at NT and is an ace against the run. This does not mean that he would stop the run alone and that he’d make the Pro Bowl in 1 or 2 years. He’s just that kind of really good DT that Denver truly misses since long time and I’m not 100% sure that even with him being available at 28th, the Broncos would go his way. But he’s definetely a 1st round pick, especially in this draft. ****
Sylvester Williams North Carolina Sr 6’3” 313 1st Disruptive penetrator that plays hard both run and pass. Has a really great size for a DT. Has quickness at the snap and power to push his blocker into the backfield. Does a really good job in the running game moving his blocker and using the blocker body to close running lanes. 1st No doubt about that he’s probably the most complete DT in this draft after Lotulelei. He could be still there at 28, so it will be up to Denver FO to go his way or another position. He shows everything needed to succeed in the NFL. ****
Xavier Rhodes Florida State rJr 6’1” 217 1st Fast corner with cover corner potential. Loves to hit hard and play dirty. Has a really good strength for his frame and a ton of athletic ability. Really good tackler. 1st If he falls to the broncos spot, then he could be really in conversation to be the Broncos 1st round pick. He could fall
Desmond Trufant Washington Sr 5’11” 190 1st Fast athletic and smart player. He plays press coverage (as Bailey is asked to do most of the time in Denver) and does not let the receiver slip through him. He’s a cover corner. 1st I don’t think he’ll pass the 15th overall pick, Should he get to 22 – 24 Denver should try to get him tradeing up. He could really be the next Bailey Trade Up****
Jamar Taylor Boise State rSr 5’11” 192 1st – 2nd Nasty corner, always stick to his coverage. He’s and overachiever and a playmaker. High motor on every play. Takes good angles at tackling. Gas really good speed and great closing speed. He sometimes overrun the play in run support. He’s fast covering and looks fluid while running. Not elite athleticism but very good one. 1st I have to admit that he could be in my 5 favorite players in the Draft. Anyhow, he’s a great corner because plays with a great level of intensity, which I love, and have the potential to be a cover corner. Still he is not and would need one year of NFL development to understand the speed of the game. Could play anyhow but can and should get better. If then he could learn from Bailey I think it would be the best fro him and a great insurance for the Broncos for a really good future too. *****
D.J. Hayden Houston Sr 6-0 190 1st – 2nd Fluid footwork and really great body balance. Great awareness. Patient playmaker that does not overrun the play and not always looking to make a play. Really flashy and fluid cornerback. 1st The injury he has was unique, as unique was that firstly he survived and second that he took nothing to get back. If he could be back to be the player he was before the injury, he could be easily the best corner not only in this draft, but in many. The way he plays makes look it natural as everybody could do. He’s patient and always in the right spot. *****
Jarvis Jones Georgia rJr 6’2” 242 1st November analysis: He’ll go too high for the Broncos liking. Anyhow, he’s a something less than a Von Miller clone, at least on the videos I saw. He does not have superior acceleration after the snap and should bulk some more. Get blanked by O-lineman little bit too many times to be compared to Miller. He’s still obviously one of the best players on the board, but I won’t like the Broncos to trade up for getting him. Update April: looks like Jones for some reason is plummeting. He’s a speed rusher really physically better suited for playing OLB in the 3-4 system. He does a better job than advertised in the running game thanks to his speed. Does not have a ton of rushing moves relying little bit too much on the pure speed. As said before not really quick but effective occupying the blocker. He’s not close to Von Miller but he is a really good foot ball player that should be drafted well ahead of the 28th overall, specially in this draft. 1st Still there is a chance that between medical issues and not really good FOs he could be there at 28th. If Denver does not have him off the board for his slow 40 yard dash or mediacl issues and if they feel good enough with him playing far RDE, so then he’ll be the heck of the picks. He could fall
Kevin Minter LSU rJr 6’0” 245 1st – 2nd He has quickness and acceleration. Can play Mike and Will. He’s a good thumper and has the game speed to go sideline to sideline. He’s a good tackler and is quick recognizing theplay. 1st I know he’s quite smaller than the average MLB, he’s quite small to be a will too, but he plays hard, has great concentration and he’s fast. I just can’t imagine how many blitzes Del Rio could dream with a MLB like this. Could he cover, better than the MLB that Denver has on the roster. ****
Arthur Brown Kansas State rSr 6’1” 228 1st – 2nd Nasty gritty fast linebacker. Plays with authority and delivers big hit. Plays really well the run and is quick enough to get sacks in NFL blitzes. He can cover some and is really competitive. IMO he’s the clearly the best 4-3 MLB. The most of the professional analyst see him as a 3-4/4-3 OLB (will in the 4.3). He is a MLB and he’ll become a great one IMO. 1st He’s probably one of my favorite prospect. If I have to be honest I want him to be a Broncos. I have the feeling that he could be the aggressive, nasty talented Bronco MLB that Denver misses al lot. Could he cover? Yes, it’s not his master degree but he can do some and is not like Denver MLB in the roster shown a lot in this department the past two years. Could he stay covering TEs? He could. He’s nasty I see a leader in him and he won’t give up. I really like the real football way he plays the game and again, if he’s there at 28….it would be really hard to me watch denver not selecting him. *****
Datone Jones UCLA rSr 06-abr 280 01-feb Powerful, athletic with a big frame. More suited for a 3-4 defense than for a 4-3. Has elite athletic abilities and has non stop motor. Can move the pile in the run and can create pressure to the QB from the inside alone. 1st I have already watched his video after the senior bowl and I was hoping that he could get to the end of the 1st round, truth is that now I don0t see him getting to the 20th overall pick. He’s that good, especially in this draft. If he would be there at 28th, I hope that the Broncos would pick him, even tought he’s not a speed rusher (that could be the closest thing to a need for the Broncos roster right now). But he could play end and UT in nickel situations. He will be a really good fotball player for years.
Lane Johnson Oklahoma Sr 6’6” 302 1st Huge athletic LT that does a supreme job in pass protection. Has room to grow in the run protection. Prototypical LT. Has light feet, locates very well his body, few times is surprised by the DE but has the quickness to get back to his assignment. Is a patient blocker. I really like this player. Safer pick that Fisher, even thought Fisher has more potential and is also a mauler in the running game, Johson is not that kind of player. 1st If for any case, almost impossible in my opinion, Lane Johnson is available at 28th overall, the Broncos should not think twice and select him. Clady still has to sign his tender and is willing to be paid, is unclear if Denver agree with that. Could look as a waste of 1st round pick in 2013 when the team is looking to win the Superbowl but it would be a great selection for two reason: would provide a reliable backup plan in case Clady get hurt, would give Denver a lot of leverage in the negociations with Clady. If clady will go in 2014, Johnson will step in with a year of experience. Trade Up*****
Chance Warmack Alabama Sr 6’2” 322 1st He’s a really good football player that could start his NFL career being already a solid starter. 1st I don’t think he’ll be  still on the board when the Broncos will select. Also I don’t think the Broncos would be interested to trade up for a guard in the 1st round, having sjust igned Louis Vasquez to a big free agent contract. Trade Up
Jonathan Cooper North Carolina rSr 6’3” 310 1st He’s battling with Warmack the spot of best gaurd in the draft. He, also, would be a plug in player, even with more potential than  Warmack. 1st He most probably will be already gobe for when Denver will have to select in the 1st round. As for Warmack, I don’t see Denver trading up for him because of the Louis Vasquez signing. Trade Up
Robert Woods Southern California Jr 6’1” 190 1st – 2nd Quick well built all around receiver. He has the quickness to be a great NFL receiver, he’s just a little bit shorter from having the nowadays standard Nº1 WR size (6’3”). Still run really good routs and is not afraid to catch in traffic. Knows how to use his body to protect the ball. To me he’s a sure 1st rounder. 1st I understand that from a 1st rounder everybody expects immediate production and Woods in Denver would warm the bench for the most of the offensive play. He has return skills but also there Denver is covered for the 2013 season. Anyhow his abilities are so clear that I won’t mind if Denver would select him in the 1st round. It would allow the team to have a great depth at WR and SP and Decker re-signing at the end of 2013 won’t be mandatory and bloody. ***
Eddie Lacy Alabama rJr 5’10” 220 1st – 2nd Incredible physical specimen. For a man of his size, has unbelievable athletic abilities. Has great explosion while hitting the hole, uses well his size for maintain the play alive and for breaking tackles. Has good basic speed and looks natural carrying the ball. No fumbles issues. 1st Although the fantastic analysis he’s not a sure fire 1st rounder?. IMO not for the Broncos. He has the size and played the way Denver would like to have a new player: an inside tackles power runner. Anyhow he looked to me a little bit too impatient with the ball when he has to wait for a hole to be open. Sometimes he just run where the hole is supposed to be and hit the wall, then he has the ability to stay on his foot and try to find another hole. But this “2nd chance” won’t be there that much in the NFL, Dlinemen are bigger and stronger than in the collegiate level, even at the top level Lacy faced, so hitting the wall will most of the times mean no yardage. Moreno had the same problem in the past and his game improved a lot in 2012 because he was more patient and in my opinion he learned that because coaches very really focused on that weakness of his. Lacy, IMO, has the same issue. Also, playing football at Alabama means that he’s a finished product, he already reached his potential, and in fact he has been a stellar player while not injured. So what I see in the videos is his best. Third (I know it’s not so fair but…) Alabama O-line was probably better than some NFL O-Line and played together for mostly 2 years. This is not an overstatement and should be taken in count in Lacy evaluation. He is an unbelievable player, but still has some issue and I would prefer Denver to look at him only in the 2nd round, if he’s still there when Denver select. I think there are other players that could be reliable and have better potential (Ball and Taylor). Deeper analysis: if he gets to the Broncos at 28th, Denver FO would be short on arguments to justify why not to select him. Really, in the first part of the season he didn’t shy that much, sharing carries with Yeldon and just doing his part. Towards the end of the season he just exploded, imploding Georgia defense and Notre Dame defense on the National Championship. He’s an impatient runner but he can run between the tackles and outside with impressive acceleration. I won’t count on him to the 70 yards TD, but anyhow he is the most impressive offensive player counted on being a 1st round pick. I also think that he won’t be on the board after the 25th pick. *****
Montee Ball Wisconsin Sr 5’11” 215 2nd I just don’t understand why he’s so underrated at this point pior to the draft. He runs hard, hit the hole and get extrayardage breaking tackles. He’s not a burner. Still he bulk up a bit, propbably, and he won’t reduce his elusiveness. He can block some and can run through the tackles and on the outside. I didn’t see any evidence of pass catching, but aldo McGahee wasn’t a threat in the passing game and is getting better at 31 y/o. I like what I saw in his video much more than what I saw in Giovani Bernard. If the Broncos go RB in the 1st round, he’s the only one I would pick, and would be a really good addition. 1st IMO he’s one of the two true 1st round pick runnig backs. And he fits what the Broncos wants. ***
David Amerson North Carolina State Jr 6’2” 194 2nd – 3rd Plays bigger than his size. He’s a great athlete and could overwhelm the WR with his athletic abilities. He’s a ball hawk because of that. He has good speed not elite and a really good frame. Still need to add bulk to that frame and need to be more patient and don’t try to make a big play on every play because he tends to overrun the play. He need to develop and could become a really good nº 2 cornerback or could move to safety where his athletic ability would be a major point for his career. 1st – 2nd Depends what the Broncos are looking for and how many teams are interested on moving him to safety, could be that the Broncos would pick him even in the 1st round. I think that there are chances that he could be still there at the end of the 2nd round where picking him would have really great value for the Broncos. ***
Margus Hunt Southern Methodist rSr 06-ago 277 2nd Great athleticism, great acceleration, quickness. Has the put up some muscle,  especially in his upper body. Incredible size and frame. Has some power and plays quite good the run. Has to still learn technique to disengage from the blocker, but already shows that could push the pile and held himself against the run. Is he 1st round pick, in a normal draft? No. he’s a developmental player that would deserve 2nd round consideration because of his potential, size and quickness. 1st – 2nd The Broncos could end up selecting him at the end of the first round. I not all in with the move but this year draft is full of athletic players that are quite a project at the NFL level. I would prefer the Broncos to select him 60th overall, that would be a good pick (given that the 1st pick is valuable for the team) because I don’t see him being a regular starter in 2013. He needs time to develop his game.
Justin Pugh Syracuse rJr 6’5” 301 2nd – 3rd Really good player that has also some potential. He can play LT in the NFL and could become on of the finest pass blocker in the league. His footwork is really good. Has to gain some strength and power because he could get trouble with NFL power rusher but I guess he’ll do and fast. To me he could be a day 1 starter, off course he won’t be a Pro Bowler but he’s that good already. Plus looks quite nasty in the running protection. Has some quickness and rarely miss his assignment. Is able to move the opponent. 1st – 2nd I don’t think he’d be there when Denver will chose in the second round with the pick that owns right now (60th pick overall). If Denver really wants, he could be a slight reach at teh end of the 1st round, but not even a big reach. He could provide immediate back up quality at LT and push Franklin for the RT spot. In emergency he could play G too. He won’t be a wated pick at all IMO. ****

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