2013 NFL Draft – Prospects Analysis – Outside Linebackers



Player College Exp Height Weight General Forecast Analysis My Broncos Forecast My Broncos Analysis 5 best player for Broncos Scheme
Jarvis Jones Georgia rJr 6’2” 242 1st November analysis: He’ll go too high for the Broncos liking. Anyhow, he’s a something less than a Von Miller clone, at least on the videos I saw. He does not have superior acceleration after the snap and should bulk some more. Get blanked by O-lineman little bit too many times to be compared to Miller. He’s still obviously one of the best players on the board, but I won’t like the Broncos to trade up for getting him. Update April: looks like Jones for some reason is plummeting. He’s a speed rusher really physically better suited for playing OLB in the 3-4 system. He does a better job than advertised in the running game thanks to his speed. Does not have a ton of rushing moves relying little bit too much on the pure speed. As said before not really quick but effective occupying the blocker. He’s not close to Von Miller but he is a really good foot ball player that should be drafted well ahead of the 28th overall, specially in this draft. 1st Still there is a chance that between medical issues and not really good FOs he could be there at 28th. If Denver does not have him off the board for his slow 40 yard dash or mediacl issues and if they feel good enough with him playing far RDE, so then he’ll be the heck of the picks.
DeVonte Holloman South Carolina Sr 6’2” 246 4th – 5th Really good size, plays nasty, has a really good football IQ and has good coverage skills. Really polished, even without having elite speed he’s able to get to the quarterback using the opponent weakness as his best weapon. He has not elite athleticism but knows how to use his body to make the tackles. 3rd I like him a lot. He’s an overachiever, IMO and gaining some more power he could be a really polished linebacker in the NFL. He looks “mature” playing not making to many mistakes and taking advantage of opponents weaknesses. I like him also because in his videos he shows that he could be use in a lot of different ways. ****
Etienne Sabino Ohio State rSr 6’3” 238 5th – 6th Strong side linebacker, look well built, hard hitting player. He has some good closing speed for a man of his size and is able to recognize the play fast, denoting really good football IQ. Can be used in blitzes because has some playing speed. Looks to be a sure tackler. 3rd – 4th  He could be interesting for the broncos for his combination of size and speed. Will have to bulk up a bit but does overall o good job and there are not that many SOLB in this year. He could became at least a quality backup and a really good special teamer. *
Jamie Collins Southern Mississippi Sr 6’3” 245 2nd Strong player, can play both 3-4 OLB and 4-3 DE. In the second case has to gain more muscles in the lower body. Really sets the corner in the outside in running defense and has closing speed to chase ball carrier. He’s a dynamic player in spite of is frame. Interesting player that has value both on 3-4 scheme (more value) and in the 4-3 scheme. Has some covering skills too. 4th He’s not a complete fit for what the Broncos were doing in 2012 on defense. If they like him as a DE pass rusher a 4th round should be a fair value.
Sio Moore Connecticut rSr 6’1” 240 2nd – 3rd Quick and fast linebacker that can play both in the 3-4 and in the 4-3 defense. He has great pass rushing skills and play well also the run. Looks to be a sure tackler because always able to take good angles. Uses his body very well and is able to shed block. 4th I have a 4th round, from my Broncos point of view, because I don’t see OLB as a big need and he’s too light to play DE. But I really like this prospect. Better suited for the 3-4 scheme. ***
Trevardo Williams Connecticut Sr 6’1” 235 4th Undersized pass rusher, he has quickness and some good closing speed. He has skills setting the edge against the run. Have to gain more power to compete in the NFL 4th – 5th He could be a solid addition at the DE spot for Denver to add depth to the pass rushing. I guess he could also play some special teams.
Brandon Sharpe Syracuse Sr 6’1” 253 05-jun Undersized DE, he has some power and quickness, is able to move his blocker back in the backfield. Looks to have longer arms than what he’s listed. Good outside pass rusher. Need to gain more power in the lower body and to stay more low when engaging the first contact after the snap. Anyhow he looks to be a good pass rusher. 4th – 5th I like him as a DE for Denver. He could bring something to the table in the pass rushing department. **
Ty Powell Harding rSr 6’2” 246 5th He played DE in college and with really great results. He also played several other position (¿safety?) and he’s supposed to translate in a 3-4 OLB in the NFL. He has quickness at the snap and plays really hard. Needs to get better in his pass rushing technique anyhow. Has to gain power. 4th – 5th He could be a really good developmental pick up for the Broncos and help in the pass rush. I don’t know if he ever will be a reliable run stopper, but he has potential as a player. I like him. **
Keith Pough Howard rSr 6’2” 241 5th – 6th All around linebacker that has a lot of speed. He has the look of a really good 3-4 outside linebacker, who will be mainly a pass rusher in the NFL. Needs to bulk up and the learn to take better angles at tackling. 5th-6th He could be a good depth to Von Miller. Has great size and has speed to play the joker position. Also against the run is not horrible and can get better. SOLB *
Chase Thomas Stanford rSr 6’3” 241 3rd – 4th He has good burst and could bring pressure to the QB. Have quite a lot missed tackles in the running game, has to really get better with his awareness. More suited to play 3-4 OLB. 6th – 7th If he falls towards the end of the draft, he could be brought in to play LDE in clear pass situation. Still has way to go to get better for being a factor in the NFL.
Jake Knott Iowa State Sr 6’2” 240 6th Linebacker with good size that plays hard and make some good tackle using well his body and angles. Plays special teams. Has a good dense for the ball. 7th – CFA Interesting fierce hitter that plays hard on every snap. He’s an energetic overachiever and has really good football instincts. It could turns some head in training camp.
Sean Porter Texas A&M Sr 6’1” 231 4th – 5th A high productive linebacker that has the idea size for a WLB in the 4-3 defense. He has a really good closing speed to chase the ball carrier. Has quickness and is a really good pass rusher. Got something like disinterested if he cannot make the play at time. Has not elite speed and is questionable on side to side range. Has not good enough coverage skills CFA If he falls undrafted, could be brought to training camp for a month of evaluation. I personally don’t think he’ll end up undrafted, and I like he’s pass rushing skills, but I think Denver has already better players on WLB position.
Brandon Magee Arizona State rSr 5’11” 234 6th Undersized linebacker. Has some lateral speed and looks to be a good tackler. Still more a thumper than a covering linebacker. CFA He could be an interesting addition to watch in training camp.
*Alec Ogletree Georgia Jr 6’3” 234 1st He has speed and athleticism to be a very good all around lLB in the NFL. He just has to not make immature decisions. Tackles well and has a really good closing speed. Looks natural playing in the 3-4 the OLB position but could be employed also as 3-4 ILB. His frame does not look like a typical 4-3 MLB, he could be a SOLB in the 4-3 scheme. NO Character issues and scheme are both not really fitting with what the Broncos are trying to do.
Khaseem Greene Rutgers rSr 6’1” 236 3rd – 4th My guess that he would be a great commodity for Denver (since the Broncos have the luxury to have Woodyard and DJ Williams at WOLB, plus Trevathan that impressed mu more last year than Greene this year) but from the 5th round on, since he would probably ply special teams and would have to learn the 4-3 MLB position. A long shot. He could be a really good pickup for 3-4 teams as ILB thought. NO He could be a really good pickup for 3-4 teams as ILB.
Zaviar Gooden Missouri rSr 6’2” 233 4th Has good closing speed, lack a bit of speed and quickness. Has good instincts and he’s rarely out of the play. Does not have elite athleticism. NO I don’t think Denver really need depth at will linebacker. And I don’t see him being better than any linebacker on Denver roster.
Gerald Hodges Penn State Sr 6’1” 239 4th – 5th Looks well built, he won’t overwhelm with quickness and blazing speed. More of a solid old style linebacker that could play Will and Mike in the NFL. Gritty player. He is not a side to side linebacker. Has to learn to take better tackling angles NO I like him because I like gritty and strong old time linebackers. But it looks like that Del Rio prefers side to side speed linebacker. He does not look to be a Del Rio player.
Lerentee McCray Florida rSr 6’2” 249 5th undersized DE that has a really good size doe a OLB. More suited for playing OLB in the 3-4 defense. Has some good closing speed and some power. He will have to gain more power for playing effectively in the NFL. Uses well his hands to disengage blocks. NO IMO he’s a 3-4 OLB only. He’s not really quick and he’s not a thumper neither a side to side linebacker. I think the Broncos will look to a different skillset package.
Meshak Williams Kansas State Sr 6’2” 245 5 Undersized DE in the 4-3 defense he could be an intriguing prospect as 3-4 OLB. NO 3-4 prospect.
Michael Mauti Penn State rSr 6’2” 235 6th – 7th Does not have elite athleticism. Looks like a solid 4-3 MLB to me. He’s not fast but looks to be a good tackler. NO Another gritty old style linebacker that miss athleticism to be under the Broncos radar.

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