2013 NFL Draft – Prospects Analysis – Middle Linebackers



Player College Exp Height Weight General Forecast Analysis My Broncos Forecast My Broncos Analysis 5 best player for Broncos Scheme
Kevin Minter LSU rJr 6’0” 245 1st – 2nd He has quickness and acceleration. Can play Mike and Will. He’s a good thumper and has the game speed to go sideline to sideline. He’s a good tackler and is quick recognizing theplay. 1st I know he’s quite smaller than the average MLB, he’s quite small to be a will too, but he plays hard, has great concentration and he’s fast. I just can’t imagine how many blitzes Del Rio could dream with a MLB like this. Could he cover, better than the MLB that Denver has on the roster. ****
Arthur Brown Kansas State rSr 6’1” 228 1st – 2nd Nasty gritty fast linebacker. Plays with authority and delivers big hit. Plays really well the run and is quick enough to get sacks in NFL blitzes. He can cover some and is really competitive. IMO he’s the clearly the best 4-3 MLB. The most of the professional analyst see him as a 3-4/4-3 OLB (will in the 4.3). He is a MLB and he’ll become a great one IMO. 1st He’s probably one of my favorite prospect. If I have to be honest I want him to be a Broncos. I have the feeling that he could be the aggressive, nasty talented Bronco MLB that Denver misses al lot. Could he cover? Yes, it’s not his master degree but he can do some and is not like Denver MLB in the roster shown a lot in this department the past two years. Could he stay covering TEs? He could. He’s nasty I see a leader in him and he won’t give up. I really like the real football way he plays the game and again, if he’s there at 28….it would be really hard to me watch denver not selecting him. *****
Manti Te’o Notre Dame Sr 6’2” 255 1st Sure tackler, recognize fast the play and react fast too. Not quick or fast. Has some acceleration and can cover some. Not explosive but very polished. Not a thumper but a really good run defender. All in all he’s a really good player. 2nd He’s not explosive enough IMO, to be a 1st round pick for the Broncos. All in all I’m not even sure that he could be a good fit in Del Rio defense that is made by fast and interchangable LBs right now. Could he cover? Yes he got a lot better in 2012. Could he stay covering TEs? I don’t think so. So all in all, if he really sly into the end of the 2nd round, he would be in the discussion. If not, I don’t see him fitting perfectly in the DEnver scheme.
Bruce Taylor Virginia Tech rSr 6’1” 234 6 Sure tackler, makes a lot of plays,looks really explosive in the field, has some good speed. Has great burst and recognize well the play. There si not that much coverage to see in his videos but boy, he can play. 3rd – 4th I love what I saw. I could need one year to understand NFL speed and to bulk up a little bit while playing special teams. But there is no doubt in my mind that he will be a really good MLB in the NFL. All around defender that always seems to be in the right position, tackles well and can even pass rush from the outside. Underrated. Hope Denver goes his way if depth al linebacker is a target. ***
Vince Williams Florida State rSr 6’1” 247 6th – 7th Good linebacker that has a funny way to run. Still has speed to be side to side MLB in the NFL. Has good frame and look like a good tackler. Has to do a better job at recognizing the play at times. Great closing speed. There’s little coverage to be seen in his videos. 3rd – 4th Again another really good MLB that is underrated IMO. Coverage could be an issue but he could sit one year playing special teams and learn as much as he can. Plus looks like a leader and is a playmaker. I really like him as a player. ***
Kiko Alonso Oregon rSr 6’3” 242 3rd Good coverage linebacker that has speed and quickness buttends to overrun the play. Has to improve his tackling but uses well his body. Has to learn to shed blocks better. At times too impatient in the running game. Has a good frame, plays low with his body and has good sense for the ball together with great athletic skills. 4th He needs to be developed to be a starter in the NFL. He’s just to unreliable right now because he tends to overrun the play. Still great coverage guy that could bring to the Broncos some skills that are lacking in the roster right now.
Jelani Jenkins Florida rJr 6’0” 237 3 Sure tackler. Has speed to run side to side. Takes good tackles angle. Sometimes is a bit late at the play, has to do a better job staying focused and recognizing the play. Quite good thumper. Lack some acceleration and has to bulk up a bit his upper body. 4th All in all a prospect that could be more interesting for 3-4 defense and/or zone coverah¡ge defense but that has speedenough to play WLB and MLB in the 4-3. Quite versityle and could be coached up. Backup and special teamer (where he could excels) in his rookie year. If Denver is looking for adding depth at LB he could be a target in the middle rounds.
A.J. Klein Iowa State Sr 6’1” 246 5 Athletic and quick MLB that has great first step. Can cover and can run from side to side. Has to get better angles when tackling and tends to overrun a bit the play. 4th – 5th As Kiko Alonso he could bring to the Broncos the coverage skills that looks to be lacking in the incumbernt MLB depth chart. Still has to be developed and what scares me a bit are his tackling angles. Not ready to start, need time to understand better the Pro Game.
Steve Beauharnais Rutgers Sr 6’1” 236 7th Really good all around MLB. Plays with passion and is a playmaker. Good against the run and have some coverage abilities. 4th – 5th He’s a good football player. He has more coverage skills that what it seems and has good timing for the play. Has good sense for the play and some really good athletic abilities. I would like to see him in a Broncos shirt flying around the field. I think he could surprise already in his rookie year. Underrated. ***
Kevin Reddick North Carolina Sr 6’2” 246 4th – 5th Good size, great frame, can put up some muscle more. Has some concentration problem at times, has some plays overrun and had to take better tackle angles. He can cover and has the speed to run side to side. Looks like giving up some plays, at times. 6th – 7th These plays where he was slow I didn’t understand that much, even one against Virginia tech were he was coming from the outside with a clear shot at the Qb but he somehow slew down while runnig and came not even close to the Qb. Missed tackles here and there but solid coverage. Depth in 2013 he could develop if motivated to a solid starter at MLB.
Jon Bostic Florida Sr 6’1” 246 03-abr Solid player that uses well his body to make tackles. Powerful and athletic, has great frame. Looks to have a NFL ready body but really does not have the side to side speed. Could translate in a 3-4 ILB or a 4-3 MLB as thumper. NO Looks more as a good prospect for 3-4 defense
Nico Johnson Alabama Sr 6’2” 249 4th – 5th Does not have the side to side speed. Good thumper and great prospect for the 3-4 defense. Has good size and good frame, Played at Alabama so he’s quite ready to go, he’s a sure tackler but lacks some speed. Great thumper and lateral coverage ability but not really a coverage guy. NO Better suited for 3-4 defenses.

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