2013 NFL Draft – Prospects Analysis – Defensive Tackles



Player College Exp Height Weight General Forecast Analysis My Broncos Forecast My Broncos Analysis 5 best player for Broncos Scheme
Star Lotulelei Utah Sr 6’3” 320 1st Complete DT. Really athletic and powerful. Has incredible quickness at the snap and plays hungry. Anchor really well and is very difficult to move. He has everything to be a top DT in the NFL. 1st If by any chance (medical reason) he’d fall to 28th, the Broncos will be fool no to select him.
Sheldon Richardson Missouri rJr 6’3” 295 1st  He plays awesome football. Has the athletic abilities and the speed of a linebacker. It’s amazing. He always looks to break the Oline one oblige the QB to move around. Wow. 1st Wow. I mean wow. I would love Denver to trade up in the 1st round and getting this disrupting DT. *****
Johnathan Hankins Ohio State Jr 6’3” 320 2nd Impressive mountain of a man nose tackle. He has incredible athletic abilities for a man of his size. He’s really strong and can hold the pocket even against two blocker. Has a lot of quickness for his size and is able to move back olinemen in the backfield. Looks like a potential 3 down lineman  that would provide few sacks but a lot of pocket collapsing. 1st He could be there at 28th when Denver will select (if Denver does not trade up). He’s not a pass rusher but a pocket destroyer. He could be really helpful and a long terms solution at NT and is an ace against the run. This does not mean that he would stop the run alone and that he’d make the Pro Bowl in 1 or 2 years. He’s just that kind of really good DT that Denver truly misses since long time and I’m not 100% sure that even with him being available at 28th, the Broncos would go his way. But he’s definetely a 1st round pick, especially in this draft. ****
Sylvester Williams North Carolina Sr 6’3” 313 1st Disruptive penetrator that plays hard both run and pass. Has a really great size for a DT. Has quickness at the snap and power to push his blocker into the backfield. Does a really good job in the running game moving his blocker and using the blocker body to close running lanes. 1st No doubt about that he’s probably the most complete DT in this draft after Lotulelei. He could be still there at 28, so it will be up to Denver FO to go his way or another position. He shows everything needed to succeed in the NFL. ****
John Jenkins Georgia Sr 6’4” 359 2nd – 3rd Incredibly huge and incredibly athletic for a man of his size. Always double-teamed. Can create some pressure. Really hard to move once gets his position up. In the NFL he’s a 2 down NT only in the 4-3 alignment. Could be more suited as 3-4 nose guard, as he played in a lot of snaps at Georgia. 3rd I think that Denver could be interested in two down lineman but not in the top two rounds.
Jesse Williams Alabama Sr 6’3” 320 1st – 2nd He’s a valuable player on Alabama defensive line. He’s good on holding his own against big O-linemen. Started playing football late and he could still have a big room for improvement. At this point he’s a good player that has a big body and power. He’s an important part of >Alabama running defense, where he basically close running path and, although he does not put up big numbers in terms of tackles, he’s doing the dirty job of not allowing the offense to come his way, enabling other teammate to make plays. Still, from the film I cannot see elite power or strength and even if he has good athleticism, he has a steep curve on learning how to shed blocks if he wants to be a more complete DT in the NFL. I think he could be a more valuable player in other team scheme more than in Denver, where he would basically be a 2 downs (or running defense) player. 3rd – 4th At this point (end of November) I won’t like Denver using a higher pick than a 4th rounder on him, because I think he won’t contribute immediately, but he should be allowed to develop for a year or two. As I said before, I guess 3-4 base defenses will find him much more interesting and he could contribute sooner in some of them and I can envision him being selected really earlier than the 4th round if he’ll have a good combine performance.  April Update: despite him playing much more consistently towards December, I’m still on my way to say that I would not touch him untill at least the 3rd round.
Kawann Short Purdue rSr 6’3” 308 2nd He is projected to be one of the best, if not the best penetrator DT in the 2013 draft. He’s big and powerful. Truth is that to meet looks that or he quit on several plays or his quickness on the snap could cause him trouble in the NFL. He doesn’t look as much aggressive as Derek Wolfe was looking last year and he succeed piling pressure on the QB or when there is a one on one situation on him or when there is a broken play that last some time. I graded Wolfe as a 3rd – 4th rounder last year and Short as penetrator DT it looks, to me, not in his league at the moment. As nose tackle he holds quite well the point of attack and commanded a lot of double teams in College. I can envision him well in the NFL as 4-3 nose tackle, less in the 3-4 alignment. 3rd – 4th If he’ll be there in the middle rounds for Denver could be  a good addition.
Bennie Logan LSU rJr 6’3” 295 3rd Does a good job against the run when on single block, able to move the blocker and to quickly make a play. Does not have enough quickness at the snap of technique movement for being an effective pass rusher. Could be a solid rotational 2 down DT in the NFL. 5th If he slides to the 5th round and Denver is looking for depth at run stopper DT, he could be a proper candidate.
Kwame Geathers Georgia rJr 6’5” 355 7th Strong, big ran smoothly than what it looks like. I like his efforts in the running game, he easily takes his position and his quite difficult for Olinemen to move him. He’s quite athletic for his size and  his frame suggests that he could lose some weight and get more muscle. In this case I guess he could be developed in a 3 down DT. 5th I like a lot what I saw but even more the possibility to turn him in a steal with good coaching and work habit by Geathers. His family knows how to play football and I think that he could be a really second tier homerun at the DT position. He’s not great in anything but could be really functional in DEl Rio scheme, since there is not clear difference between NT and UT until a clear passing situation where Denver uses to put in 3 DEs. I would love if Denver would “reach to get him, maybe even in the 4th eound. ***
Josh Boyd Mississippi State Sr 6’3” 310 5th – 6th Quick feet, some strength and position. He plays really well. He does a great job against the run even anticipating where the carrier would go and staying on his feet. I didn’t see him much in the ground. He plays bigger than his size. Can push the Olinemen in the backfield at times too. Not a pass rusher but a solid football player. 5th I think I got the two DT I like in this draft (a part the superhyper ones). Boyd is one of them (being geathers up to now the other). I like the intensity of his play in the video I saw and I can see a starting DT in the NFL a couple of years from now. Maybe only a 2 down DT (while IMO Geathers could become a 3 down DT) but I would love if Denver could bring home both of them somehow. ***
Jordan Hill Penn State Sr 6’2” 294 4th – 5th Stout run defender, has some power and look to play always with high motor. Does not crush the backfield. Looks shorter that what he is and could have problem with NFL big linemen. 5th – 6th Another candidate for depth at the NT position.
T.J. Barnes Georgia Tech rSr 6’6” 378 6th – 7th I think he’s a little bit underrated. He has great power and could even get more losing some weight and gaining some muscles. He could have weight problem and so I understand why he’s rated as a late pick but he’s holding well his position and could develop his skills set if he takes care of his body. 5th -6th He remind me a bit of Vickerson because he’s really tall and possesses great power. He could become more athletic and powerful if he wants and coaches will squeeze football out of him. **
Akeem Spence Illinois rJr 6’1” 305 4th Really solid run blocker. Does not bring too much to the table as a pass rusher. Still need to get more strength and get better technique with bigger Olinemen. 6th Could represent some depth at the NT position
Everett Dawkins Florida State rSr 6’2” 288 5th – 6th Has some potential at NFL level. Has to get more powerful to be able to swim trough the Olinemen. Has quick first steps at times and quick reaction to the play. He shows some good footwork for a man of his size. Still he is a project. 6th – 7th The Broncos do not have the 6th round pick. He could be under the radar for the 7th round pick or CFA. He could be develop in a serviceable rotational DT.
Cory Grissom South Florida rSr 6’1” 313 6th Looks powerful and has a compact frame. He’s not the tallest DT in the draft class but looks to have longer arms that expected. Could do a good job using his strength but need to develop his technique to disengage blocks from Olinemen. CFA A good player that could be brought to training camp to compete for a 53 men roster spot or a practice squad one.
Mike Purcell Wyoming Sr 6’3” 303 7th Not enough videos on him. He had an incredible year gaining first team all Mountain west honor and posting almost 7 tackles per game. Add 8 tackles loss. He could play special team. CFA A home state player that probably the Broncos had scouted quite a lot. He could be a training camp experiment with a good option to end up in the practice squad.
Sharrif Floyd Florida Jr 6’3” 303 1st Huge defensive lineman that has good athletic ability for his size. IMO lack a little bit of strength for his size at times. He’s able to move his blocker on one play, the next one is completely stonewalled by the same guy. Anyhow double-teamed a lot his a legit 1st round pick but I don’t see him going this high as he will. I don’t see enough consistency and nastiness to earrant nothening more than a late 1st rounde value. NO he won’t make it past the 20th overall pick. And I don’t want the Broncos to trade up for him. Somehow a lots of times he looks like on the verge to make a huge play but then the most of times he didn’t. I don’t like it.
Brandon Williams Missouri Southern State rSr 6’2” 341 3rd He’s a big DT that played against lower competition. Has the tools to develop in a NFL NT. Looks smaller than his actual size and looks powerful in the lower body. Will probably have to lose some weight and gain some more muscle to be more effective against the run. Has also to learn how to maintain his balance while moving engaged in a tackle. NO I guess he won’t be that much of a fit in Del Rio defensive line.
Montori Hughes Tennessee-Martin Sr 6’4” 327 3rd – 4th I think he’s that kind of player that makes much more sense for 3-4 defense alignment teams. He could be the “guard” in that scheme. Anyhow he is a powerful dlineman still raw that would need to be developed a bit. Looks to put great effort and does a quite good job against the run. I don’t think he’d be able to be a force against the pass, although in the 3-4 alignment could make some noise, when stronger could disrupt some oline in the NFL. Looks to have quick feet at times. NO Not fitting well for 4-3 defense. Could become a factor in the 3-4
Nicholas Williams Samford rSr 6’3” 310 5th Not very much videos on him around but he’s rising a lot since the start of the evaluation process. Now he’s listed as a 5th rounder and I see him more suited for 3-4 defenses that for 4-3. He would play “guard” there and his frame is quite perfect for that position. To play nose tackle he would need to lose weight and get more powerful because his frame is lean and he won’t be able to occupy spece with his body. NO 3-4 defense prospect. He would be too much of a project in a 4-3 NFL defense.

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