2013 NFL Draft – Prospects Analysis – Cornerbacks



Player College Exp Height Weight General Forecast Analysis My Broncos Forecast My Broncos Analysis 5 best player for Broncos Scheme
Xavier Rhodes Florida State rJr 6’1” 217 1st Fast corner with cover corner potential. Loves to hit hard and play dirty. Has a really good strength for his frame and a ton of athletic ability. Really good tackler. 1st If he falls to the broncos spot, then he could be really in conversation to be the Broncos 1st round pick.
Desmond Trufant Washington Sr 5’11” 190 1st Fast athletic and smart player. He plays press coverage (as Bailey is asked to do most of the time in Denver) and does not let the receiver slip through him. He’s a cover corner. 1st I don’t think he’ll pass the 15th overall pick, Should he get to 22 – 24 Denver should try to get him tradeing up. He could really be the next Bailey ****
Jamar Taylor Boise State rSr 5’11” 192 1st – 2nd Nasty corner, always stick to his coverage. He’s and overachiever and a playmaker. High motor on every play. Takes good angles at tackling. Gas really good speed and great closing speed. He sometimes overrun the play in run support. He’s fast covering and looks fluid while running. Not elite athleticism but very good one. 1st I have to admit that he could be in my 5 favorite players in the Draft. Anyhow, he’s a great corner because plays with a great level of intensity, which I love, and have the potential to be a cover corner. Still he is not and would need one year of NFL development to understand the speed of the game. Could play anyhow but can and should get better. If then he could learn from Bailey I think it would be the best fro him and a great insurance for the Broncos for a really good future too. *****
D.J. Hayden Houston Sr 6-0 190 1st – 2nd Fluid footwork and really great body balance. Great awareness. Patient playmaker that does not overrun the play and not always looking to make a play. Really flashy and fluid cornerback. 1st The injury he has was unique, as unique was that firstly he survived and second that he took nothing to get back. If he could be back to be the player he was before the injury, he could be easily the best corner not only in this draft, but in many. The way he plays makes look it natural as everybody could do. He’s patient and always in the right spot. *****
David Amerson North Carolina State Jr 6’2” 194 2nd – 3rd Plays bigger than his size. He’s a great athlete and could overwhelm the WR with his athletic abilities. He’s a ball hawk because of that. He has good speed not elite and a really good frame. Still need to add bulk to that frame and need to be more patient and don’t try to make a big play on every play because he tends to overrun the play. He need to develop and could become a really good nº 2 cornerback or could move to safety where his athletic ability would be a major point for his career. 1st – 2nd Depends what the Broncos are looking for and how many teams are interested on moving him to safety, could be that the Broncos would pick him even in the 1st round. I think that there are chances that he could be still there at the end of the 2nd round where picking him would have really great value for the Broncos. ***
Johnthan Banks Mississippi State Sr 6’1” 185 2nd He has good speed and can stay covering the receiver. Does not appear anyhow to be fluid. Has really great closing speed. Little bit light and not always takes good angles in run support. 2nd He reminds me of Darien Gordon for the great line speed and explosion and for the light frame. I think he could develop in a great Nº2 corner. So if the Broncos wants him they should not wait more than their pick in the 2nd round.
Blidi Wreh-Wilson Connecticut rSr 6’1” 192 3rd Fast cornerback that has really good potential at the next level. Looks to have really long arms. Has great closing speed and looks to be good enough in run support. Not really a ball hawk but really good on using his body to make plays. 2nd If Denver FO likes him, I guess that they should anticipate teams waiting for him at the top-middle 3rd round. He has to learn stilpl but has a ton of naturals skills, will need to ass bulk and not lose his fantastic quickness. *
Jordan Poyer Oregon State Sr 6-0 182 3rd – 4th Man to man corner that makes a lot of plays. Does not seem to have elite speed or athleticism but made up wit a lot of effort and football acumen. He has trouble playing against more physical receivers and get confused in traffic. Turnover machine too much underrated 2nd I thin that he’s not the best corner in this draft class by any means, but could be one of the best pure fit for the Broncos scheme. The Broncos like to have two corners that plays man to man with receivers and basically these two corners will play out routs the most of the game. He could be that nº2 right now, while Bailey will still be the Nº1. Meanwhile he could learn from coaches and Bailey and become a reliable shut down corner under Broncos schemes. ***
Logan Ryan Rutgers rJr 6-0 190 3rd Really good tackler, in run support and in coverage. Physical corner with a lot of power. Looks really smooth running. Have a really good body balance which means a really good footwork. He’s a sticky man covering wide receivers. Does not have elite speed, could have trouble with speedy receivers if he can’t find a way to anticipate their catch or hit them just after the catch. 2nd – 3rd He does not have closing speed so he has to make up to that playing man to man close to the line of scrimmage. Like Poyer he could be a great fit for the Broncos and could be really successful in that scheme. Additionally could be a great special teamer and being developed in a really good starting corner, even tough I guess he’d be a nº2 corner, not a nº1 (or shut down corner). ***
Darius Slay Mississippi State Sr 6’1” 190 3rd Good tackler in run support. Has good speed and good fluidity. Not elite tough. Has to do a better job using his hand to get free from downhill blocks. 3rd Good prospect that does everything well but does not seem to have elite athleticism. He could be a solid backup and possibly develop in a really good corner.
Dwayne Gratz Connecticut rSr 5’11” 200 2nd Really good frame, looks really powerful and is really good in run support. Sometimes play too much with confidence and leave too much of a cushion between him and the receiver at the line of scrimmage, paying then the quickness of the WR and missing the tackle. Looks to be really good on everything but not elite in anything. 3rd – 4th He could be develop in a really good nº2 corner. Does not have the elite athleticism and fluidity to become a shut down corner.
Robert Alford Southeastern Louisiana rSr 5’10” 186 3rd Physical corner. Has great line speed and played special teams as returner. IMO he’s still a bit raw but could really develop in a really good corner and potentially in a real shut down corner if he could gain more body balance and get better with is footwork. he ahs quick read and reaction to the play and like to deliver hits 4th I think that he could be a good depth addition with a couple of years of development ahead of him.
Sanders Commings Georgia rSr 6-0 223 4th Man to man corner that has the footwork to stay with the receiver. Good awareness and anticipation. Could have problem with quick receivers following their change of direction. Does not have elite top end speed. 4th – 5th he’d provide good depth at corner. *
Kayvon Webster South Florida Sr 5’10” 194 6th – 7th Quick read and react, good burst, does have great top end speed. Powerful and well built. Uses really well his body to make a tackle. Does not look really fluid in his movements. 5th A really solid prospect that could bring some depth but most important looks to have a lot of potential. Is not fluid enough to become a shut down corner but could become a really good nº2 and nickel corner. *
Nickell Robey Southern California Jr 5’8” 168 5th – 6th Nickel corner that plays really physically. Has some closing speed and really good awareness. Plays hard every snap. 6th – 7th Could be a really solid addition as nickel corner. He’d bring depth and ball skills.
Adrian Bushell Louisville rSr 5’11” 187 7th Tough physical corner despise his size. Has speed and also a really good fluidity. Has good athletic skills and can make plays 6th – 7th A little bit undersized for the position standard but has a lot other natural skills to make up. Could provide some good depth.
Terry Hawthorne Illinois Sr 6-0 194 5th – 6th Good size. Plays nasty and willing to hit. He’s also able to cover bigger WR and make plays. Not elite speed but a lot of effort and concentration. 6th – 7th Could bring competition for the nickel spot and could develop better body balance and footwork to become a reliable nº2 corner.
Tharold Simon LSU Jr 6’2” 193 4th – 5th Physical corner that lacks burst. Look powerful and has some good speed. Has to improve his balance and learn how to disengage downfield blocks. 7th – CFA He has a great frame for a CB and good potential. Could be developed in a good physical nickel that could eventually cover Tes
Brandon McGee Miami (Fla.) Sr 5’11” 195 5th Good special team player, explosive in the run. Not really physical. Not ideal size. CFA If he comes undrafted he could be tried in training camp because his special team ability his speed and could be developed in a serviceable nickel corner.
Dee Milliner Alabama Jr 6’1” 198 1 Cover corner who likes to hit hard the ball carrier. Shows really good balance and strength overall. Supreme game speed, will make life thought to any receiver. NO He will never get past the top 15 and Denver should give up too much to trade up and get him.
Will Davis Utah State Sr 5’11” 182 5th Played in zone defense. Looks lacking top speed. Has a good frame and plays hard. Looks fluid running but still could get better in his footwork NO Does not have top end speed and looks more suited to play in zone scheme.
Leon McFadden San Diego State Sr 5’10” 193 3rd – 4th Has great awareness and read and reacts quickly to the play. Few times is out of place. Does not look to have great speed. Has good closing speed that sum to his great awareness makes him a playmaker. Not the ideal size for a CB, but he looks powerful and could help in the running game. NO I think that his natural position in the NFL could be Nickel CB and Denver is quite good there. He could also be seen as a safety but IMO lack speed and change of direction to be an easy tweener.
B.W. Webb William & Mary rSr 5’10” 183 4th He has trouble in man press coverage. Has not top end speed to stay with NFL speedy receiver. His size is  not ideal but does a great footwork job and looks to be always in balance. NO I think he could be an interesting player but he’d be chosen way ahead my Broncos draft grade that would be around the 6th round.
Tyrann Mathieu LSU Jr 5’9” 178 2nd – 3rd Electrifying playmaker in college. Has not ideal size and neither blazing speed. IMO he’s a project with red flags all around. NO Too much of a risk for a big project

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