2013 NFL Draft – 1st Round Live – Grades

Here’s my amateur personal NFL draft Live Grades.

Selection Team Player Position Trade Grade Notes
1  KC  Fisher  T  NO  D  Stupid Pick. Joeckel is way better.
2 JAC  Joeckel  T  NO  A  They just pick the best player in their board. It was soo easy
3 MIA  Jordan  OLB  OAK  D  getting PUP player trading up to the 3rd overall? STUPID pick
4  PHI  Johnson  T  NO  A  I think he’s really good and he’s worth to be a top 5. The Eagles needed badly a LT. Now they have it.
5  DET  Ansah  DE  NO  D  I’m just not high on him. Too inconsistent.
6  CLE  Mingo  OLB  NO  D  Good luck Browns
7  ARI  Cooper  OG  NO  B  Best Olineman on their board. To me Warmack is a better overall player but I understand that Cooper has more potential.
8  STL  Austin  WR BUF  C  Just because you need a slot receiver? You’re kidding me. To me he’s not even a real receiver. He’s all around player, but a slot? No I don’t think. Overhyped.
9  NYJ  Milliner  CB  NO  A  Best player on their board. Good pick
10  TEN  Warmack  OG  NO  A  Really great pick.
11  SD  Fluker  OL  NO  B-  He’s a right tackle, are they going to play him at LT or at G?
12  OAK  Hayden  CB  Previous  A++  unfortunately a fantastic pick by the Raiders
13  NYJ  Richardson  DL  NO  C-  He’s a fantastic player, but he’s a 4-3 Under tackle. In the 3-4? You’re kidding me. Like last yesr they took a 4-3 pure DE for playing him what? Anybody noticed Coples in 2012? Not fitting the system makes great prospects being out of the league in 4 years.
14  CAR  Lotulelei  DT  NO A  Best player available for the biggest need. What a luck for the Panthers. Watch out for his Pro bowls…he’ll get a lot.
15  NO  Vaccaro  S  NO  B  Probably the best available player on their board, but I don’t like him as much as them. I’m happy he is off the board.
16  BUF  EJ Manuels  QB  Previous  Z  What a mess….a Florida QB in the storm of NY state? Bills, please. try again.
17 PIT  Jones  OLB NO  A  Best Player available.
18 SF  Reed  S  PIT  STUPID  Plain Stupid. Great coaching staff, borderline FO. I feel sorry for My father that is a 49ers fan.
19  NYG  Pugh  T  NO  B- A need pick. That’s bad for the giants, but even worse for the Boncos. Mo Oline in the 1st round now and my dark horse for the Broncos is gone. He could have been the perfect B-plan for Clady. I guess Elway is thinking how many dollars he has to save for paying Clady. I guess now Denver is selling the 28th overall pick quite cheap to get back to the second round and save some money to pay Clady.
20  CHI  Long  OL  NO  A-  Not sexy pick but he’s a really great Olinemen. Good pick as unexpected. He’s not a LT anyhow, but I guess he can play RT or G
21  CIN  Eifert  TE  NO  A  One of the best players on the board. I’m even happier because the Bengals quit this player form Denver board.
22  ATL  Trufant  CB  STL  B  Feets a need, I just don’t know how much they traded for gettting him.
23  MIN  Floyd  DT  NO  A  Great pickup
24  IND  Werner  DE  NO  C  I’m not high on him and I’m really happy he’s off the board.
25  MIN  Rhodes  CB  NO  A  Good pick up.
26  GB  Datone Jones  DE  NO  A++  SHIT!!!!!!
27  HOU  Hopkins WR  NO  C  WOW, I mean WOW. Pattersone, Hunter Woods still there.
28  DEN  Williams  DT NO  A- He was the best player available on my personal board but I personally liked more CB Taylor, LB Brown, Minter etc… Incredibel for a time the Broncos goes DT in the 1st round, I’m really not excited about. I hope I’m wrong and he won’t bust.
29  MIN  Patterson  WR  NE A Their  best player on the board, amazing move.
30  STL  Ogletree  LB  Previous  C  Fortunately somebofy took him off the board. Joking, still I don’t understand the pick, aside that he should have been the best player available and that STL does not have plan.
31  DAL  Frederick  C  Previous  B  No fantasy by the Cowboys, they went with the pick they tough was the safest.
32  BAL  Elam  S  NO  A  Big need at safeties and he was one best player on their board and the best Safety on the board. Great pick again by the Ravens. Respect.

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