2013 NFL Draft – Prospects Analysis – Defensive Ends

Player College Exp Height Weight General Forecast Analysis My Broncos Forecast My Broncos Analysis 5 best player for Broncos Scheme
Datone Jones UCLA rSr 6’4” 280 1st – 2nd Powerful, athletic with a big frame. More suited for a 3-4 defense than for a 4-3. Has elite athletic abilities and has non stop motor. Can move the pile in the run and can create pressure to the QB from the inside alone. 1st I have already watched his video after the senior bowl and I was hoping that he could get to the end of the 1st round, truth is that now I don0t see him getting to the 20th overall pick. He’s that good, especially in this draft. If he would be there at 28th, I hope that the Broncos would pick him, even tought he’s not a speed rusher (that could be the closest thing to a need for the Broncos roster right now). But he could play end and UT in nickel situations. He will be a really good fotball player for years.  *****
Margus Hunt Southern Methodist rSr 6’8” 277 2nd Great athleticism, great acceleration, quickness. Has the put up some muscle,  especially in his upper body. Incredible size and frame. Has some power and plays quite good the run. Has to still learn technique to disengage from the blocker, but already shows that could push the pile and held himself against the run. Is he 1st round pick, in a normal draft? No. he’s a developmental player that would deserve 2nd round consideration because of his potential, size and quickness. 1st – 2nd The Broncos could end up selecting him at the end of the first round. I not all in with the move but this year draft is full of athletic players that are quite a project at the NFL level. I would prefer the Broncos to select him 60th overall, that would be a good pick (given that the 1st pick is valuable for the team) because I don’t see him being a regular starter in 2013. He needs time to develop his game.
William Gholston Michigan State Jr 6’6” 278 3rd – 4th Disruptive player that can play both 4-3 DE and 3-4 OLB. Really powerful and with non-stop motor always around the play. Looks like a stout player with great size and good frame. Has some more pass rushing skills that some other DE ranked higher before the draft. Just look like a real nasty and goo football player. 2nd I don’t care what people says, I just want to see if a defensive lineman is a playmaker. Gholston could have a bit less of athletic abilities that other Des ranked ahead of him, but to me he’s more NFL ready. And more NFL ready means that right now you’re a better player. Would love if Denver select him in the 2ns round. ***
Cornelius Washington Georgia rSr 6’4” 264 2nd – 3rd Fierce pass rusher that plays nasty and with a non stop motor. Maybe a little bit less athletic than more heralded DE in this class but he’s a playmaker and is always around the football. Does a great job setting the edge against the run and does not stop to fight until the whistle come. Has speed more than quickness but also a great frame and knows how to use hi body to overwhelm the opponent. Chaser. 2nd Love his videos. Really great mixture between power and speed. Playmaker. I would love if Denver would select him in the 2nd round. Even in the 1st I would not protest that much (soince he’s penciled as a 3rd rounder rising). ****
Damontre Moore Texas A&M Jr 6’4” 250 2nd Athletic prospect that has quickness and speed but need to get better in his pass rushing technique. Has great frame and size but and looks to be powerful too but somehow against the best competition in college does just a fine job. Could be more suited in a 3-4 OLB position at the next level. 2nd – 3rd Only if Denver coaches commit themselves on teaching him until paranoia some pass rushing movement other than bull rushing (which would be useless for him in the NFL because he lacks power too as a rookie)
Sam Montgomery LSU rJr 6’5” 260 2nd Tall athletic and powerful DE. Has a lot of quickness and a non stop motor. Often double teamed. Does a good job getting a lots of pressures to the quarterback. Has to learn more pass rushing technique but overall does a good job disrupting the play. Has a frame to put up some more muscles. Could be really good in his year two. 2nd – 3rd In this draft he’s one of the best of the big athletic pass rushers supposed to go in round 1 and 2. On top of him I’d put Jones and Hunt. If Denver likes him badly, I’d be ok going with him in the 1st round if were not for his immature behaviour and questions about his passion for the game.
Alex Okafor Texas Sr 6’5” 261 2nd Lack some quickness at the snap in comparison with the “top of the class”. But still he’s a polished DE that plays nasty and has a tons of athletic ability. Has to learn more pass rushing technique and has to do a better job against the run. 2nd – 3rd In a class of athletic DE, he’s one of them. But at least plays really nasty and is more of a playmaker than some more heralded DE ranked atop of him leading to the draft. I’m not really rooting for Denver to select him in the 2nd round but if he’ll be there in the 3rd he couldbe the best player available with a ton of upside.
Cornellius Carradine Florida State Sr 6’4” 265 1st – 2nd Big fast powerful prospect that had a lot of success at college level. He has the frame to put up some muscles more and could be dominant setting the edges as DE. Has quickness to develop in a solid pass rusher, but not elite, too many times the LT has the best part of the duel. He could be a late 1st rounder IMO, if not for his injury that sidelined him at the end of 2012 season. 3rd I know the Broncos were present to his personal workout but I can’t help myself. I hope they won’t select him in the 1st round and probably even in the 2nd round. There are so many udeful players there in those 2 high rounds that being him injured would make the pick so risky.
John Simon Ohio State Sr 6’2” 256 3rd – 4th He’s short for DE, but has quickness and a non stop motor. Could be undersized and need to gain more power. Needs to play better the run game. He’s a leader and played hurt the most of the 2012. Still has been named the Big 10 player of the year. Has instincts and he’s definitely a playmaker. 3rd In November I was rooting for him to be the Broncos 1st round pick. I have no shame saying that he0s a playmaker and would love the Broncos to select him. A 3rd rounder could be too late. ****
Quanterus Smith
Western Kentucky rSr 6’5” 248 7th – CFA This kid was having and unbelievable season until he torn an ACL on the 20 of November. His draft stock was in continuous rise. After ACL, it depends how fast it could heal, but sure his draft stock is in free falling. He’s not a run defender at this point of his career. Anyhow what I saw from him is great production in the pass rushing category: a great initial step and good power to push the OT. Still does not have elite quickness and movement to swim through O-linemen. Still the blend of size and ability should have granted him a early selection 8 even late 1st round IMO). 4th – 5th Now it will depend more on medical reports. I put a 4th – 5th round value for the Broncos because I don’t think I’ll be able to workout for any team. I anyhow think that he could be a great addition to the Broncos team and with time to develop his technique, he could end up being a steal. If he’ll be able to workout, a early 3rd round could be needed to get him. *****
Lavar Edwards LSU rSr 6’4” 258 4th Not flashy but productive player that does a good job setting the corner in the running defense. Has some good power to push his blocker back into the backfield. Could also be used as a tweener DE/DT because has the frame to bulk up a bit. Plays also special teams.  Has to do a better job maintaining his body balance and looks impatient at times. 5th He’s a tall D-lineman that could bring some quality depth to Denver roster at multiple positions and Special team.
Mike Catapano Princeton rSr 6’3” 270 6th – 7th He shows less athleticism than the top DE in this draft, but has a full repertoire of pass rushing movements. H e played against lesser competition at Princeton, but still he has great size and a good frame. Looks smaller while playing than his actual measurement. A some quickness and and his a pursuer. 5th Denver does not have a 6th round pick, at the moment. I knoe that he’s a project abd a 5th could be a little too high (since he could also end up being undrafted) but if denver does not select a pass rusher DE, he would be too good to pass up at the end of the 5th round. **
Tourek Williams Florida International Sr 6’3” 262 5th – 6th Has quickness and power, can push his blocker into the backfield and looks to have the acceleration to surprise around the corner. A little raw, need to learn more proper technique. 5th – 6th He’s a good player with potential. He’s a little bit raw and would need to add muscles to his lower body and gain more balance to play the run game at the NFL level. All in all an interesting day 3 prospect that could reward with being a solid pass rusher and could get better in the run defense. *
Devin Taylor South Carolina rSr 6’7” 275 6th – 7th Great size good frame, will need to add muscles for the NFL. Really athletic player that is able to set the corner from the LDE position. He does not have elite quickness to be a every down pass rusher but does a good job in getting pressures and being disruptive. Has really good awareness that helps him battling to the ground an interesting number of balls. 6th – 7th He won’t become a sack artist but he could be useful with his athletic ability. Worst case scenario he could be a back-up for some years. Anyhow i really do like his combo size-athletic abilities, late in the Draft he would be a really good addition because I think he could bulk up a bit and become a good LDE in the NFL.
David Bass Missouri Western State Sr 6’4” 263 6th Good prospect that played at an inferior level. Has good thick frame and some athletic ability. Not a speedster but looks to have a lots of power especially in the lower body. 6th – 7th He could be an interesting pick for the broncos because he has the frame to play the run and has some serious pass rushing instinct. *
Wes Horton Southern California rSr 6’5” 261 7th – CFA Big guy with a very good quickness after the snap. Raw in his footwork, this prevent him to be a more effective pass rusher. Needs to get more powerful in the lower body to be able to compete in the run defense in the NFL 6th – 7th I like what I saw. He’s a situational pass rusher with potential. A 7th round pick, if he’s still there could be used by the Broncos to have some quick pass rushing depth.
Joe Kruger Utah Jr 6’6” 280 7th – CFA Good explosion after the snap. He’s a tall player. What he does best is pass rushing, although he need to bulk up for the NFL and be more powerful in the lower body. In the running defense department he’d be a little bit of a project. 7th – CFA He’s, IMO a prospect to take an eye on. He could be there at the end of the draft and could be developed into a really good pass rusher.
Marquis Jackson Portland State Sr 6’3” 260 CFA Huge big man that lost the entire 2012 season at Florida State because he torn his ACL. Big frame and looks to have good power. He could be a very solid all around DE in the NFL 7th – CFA He could be a good gamble at the end of the draft for Denver. Chances are that he could go undrafted, and then his value could be really high. The point on him is his medical check, would he be on Broncos board?
Stansly Maponga TCU rJr 6’2” 265 7th – CFA He does not have the size than the most of the DE in this draft class. Also does not have elite quickness or strength. Still does a good job using a really good awareness and positioning himself in the field quite well after the snap. He’s able to create some pressure to the Qb and to deliver big hits. CFA He would need to bulk up and gain strength, but could develop in a year in a serviceable O-lineman. I’m not sure if the Broncos have him on their board because of his size, but he looks like a overachiever and could have a future in the NFL.
Craig Roh Michigan Sr 6’4” 280 7th – CFA Lack quickness at the snap but has power and great lower body. Looks smaller than his measurement and sometimes he’s blanketed by the offensive tackle. Looks playing with intensity. CFA He could be an interesting player to watch better in training camp.
Armonty Bryant East Central (OK) rSr 6’4” 263  CFA Played a lower level and was dominant. He has some burst after the snap and looks to play with high motor. Would enter in the league as pass rusher and should have to learn to defend the run. CFA Another player to take a deep look at training camp. He could surprise a lot.
Bjoern Werner Florida State Jr 6’4” 256 1st For some reason his stock is plummeting and he’s still overhyped. Being European I really wanted him to be the next great thing and wished he could be overlooked. The point, watching again his videos is that I don’t see consistent quickness after the snap and I don’t see elite power and strength to bull rush consistently in the NFL. It’s true there is no such a true thing o in any NFL draft but to my amateur eyes, he looks more like a late 2nd to 3rd pick NO Being European I really wished his to be the next great thing and to be over looked so that Denver could have a shot on him. Now it looks like Denver could have a shot on him, but in my hones amateur opinion, he’s not worth a 1st round pick.
Barkevious Mingo LSU rJr 6’4” 240 1st Character issues, you’d nice know if he’s motivated to play or not. I don’t care about how good athlete he is. He is out of my board. NO I think Denver FO feels the same.
Dion Jordan Oregon rSr 6’6” 243 1st 3-4 OLB mostly. He’d be a project as 4-3 DE NO Scheme wise he does not fit what Denver is doing. Plus he would probably be gone after the 10th pick overall.
Ezekiel Ansah Brigham Young Sr 6’5” 270 1st Dynamic, really athletic defensive lineman,. Too much hyper. He could develop in a real great pass rusher and a sure thing in the running defense, He could. Has a fantastic size with fantastic frame. He’s quick after the snap and have some natural movement that you cannot teach. NO He will never make to the 20th overall pick. So the Broncos ashould not worry to pass him
Malliciah Goodman Clemson Sr 6’4” 272 5th Lacks power and burst to be an effective pass rusher in the NFL. He’s still quite athletic but looks to be late at the play. Great size big frame. NO As I said in the analysis, I don’t think he’d bring something special to the Broncos.
Corey Lemonier Auburn Jr 6’3” 242 3rd – 4th Has good size and frame, needs to bulk up for playing DE in the NFL. Does not have the speed to play OLB in the 3-4 alignment. NO I don’t see him bringing anything new to the Broncos
Michael Buchanan Illinois Sr 6’5” 252 4th – 5th I think he’s better suited to play 3-4 OLB. He’s a tall lean defensive player that has some speed and power but not really built to play knee down on the line. NO I don’t think he would fit Denver 4-3 scheme. Does not have elite power to play as a solid DE and neither has elite quickness to play the joker position. Could be a project and develop in a nice player, but I think Denver could find more fitting player around the board.

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