2013 NFL Draft – Prospects Analysis – Offensive Linemen – Tackles



Player College Exp Height Weight General Forecast Analysis My Broncos Forecast My Broncos Analysis 5 best player for Broncos Scheme
Luke Joeckel Texas A&M Jr 6’6” 310 1st He has been a wall. Seriously. He has been one of the cornerstone of Manzel Heisman year. At NFL level he could have some trouble with quick rusher a la Dumervil. But he has all the mental and physical abilities to develop in a dominant LT. He’s still not there thought. 1st Most easily he’ll play against the Broncos twice a year at least. He should become the nº 1 pick overall of the 2013 NFL draft.
Eric Fisher Central Michigan Sr 6’5” 305 1st He’s not as fluid as Joeckel. To me there’s not battle for the best LT. Is not Fisher. This said, he does a pretty good job in the passing game and is a nasty tackler in the running game. He’s already a good player, but would need to go a team with an already good offensive line, there is some bust potential here because he’s sometime impatient with his assignment and also for the same reason is not always finishing his block. As a rookie could struggle a times with speed rushers and should hold his own with bull rushers. 1st He won’t be there when Denver will select. I can easily see that he’ll be gone before the 6th pick overall.
Lane Johnson Oklahoma Sr 6’6” 302 1st Huge athletic LT that does a supreme job in pass protection. Has room to grow in the run protection. Prototypical LT. Has light feet, locates very well his body, few times is surprised by the DE but has the quickness to get back to his assignment. Is a patient blocker. I really like this player. Safer pick that Fisher, even thought Fisher has more potential and is also a mauler in the running game, Johson is not that kind of player. 1st If for any case, almost impossible in my opinion, Lane Johnson is available at 28th overall, the Broncos should not think twice and select him. Clady still has to sign his tender and is willing to be paid, is unclear if Denver agree with that. Could look as a waste of 1st round pick in 2013 when the team is looking to win the Superbowl but it would be a great selection for two reason: would provide a reliable backup plan in case Clady get hurt, would give Denver a lot of leverage in the negociations with Clady. If clady will go in 2014, Johnson will step in with a year of experience. *****
Justin Pugh Syracuse rJr 6’5” 301 2nd – 3rd Really good player that has also some potential. He can play LT in the NFL and could become on of the finest pass blocker in the league. His footwork is really good. Has to gain some strength and power because he could get trouble with NFL power rusher but I guess he’ll do and fast. To me he could be a day 1 starter, off course he won’t be a Pro Bowler but he’s that good already. Plus looks quite nasty in the running protection. Has some quickness and rarely miss his assignment. Is able to move the opponent. 1st – 2nd I don’t think he’d be there when Denver will chose in the second round with the pick that owns right now (60th pick overall). If Denver really wants, he could be a slight reach at teh end of the 1st round, but not even a big reach. He could provide immediate back up quality at LT and push Franklin for the RT spot. In emergency he could play G too. He won’t be a wated pick at all IMO. ****
Brian Winters Kent State Sr 6’4” 310 2nd – 3rd Quite dominant player. Started as LT at Kent State and probably does not have the elite athleticism required to play that position in the NFL. Anyhow could be a good RT and G at least, being also a viable option at LT in case of necessity. Has a huge frame, run fairly well for a man of his size and is a real mauler in the running game. Impressive. 2nd Love what I saw from him. He plays nasty and is really powerful. Has great agility for a man of his size and would immediately represent a quality backup and even a competitor both at G and T. *****
Terron Armstead Arkansas-Pine Bluff Sr 6’5” 304 2nd Right now he could play RT for a number of team in the NFL. His athleticism is off the chart. As LT he would need time to learn how to play the position at the NFL level. He has shown great competitiveness at the E/W Shrine and at the Senior Bowl where he was able to stay and at times dominate with the best of college football. This is a good sigh because shows that he his able to learn quickly how to use his enormous skills in his favor. 2nd – 3rd If Denver stays home (60th pick overall) he could be there and could be a good selection. Could provide a week (but better that the current) B plan at LT and  great competition at RT. In 2014 could be able even to take over Ryan Clady. At LT he should be at full speed in 2015, when actually Clady will be FA anyhow. ***
David Bakhtiari Colorado rJr 6’4” 295 02-mar A closer. He likes to finish his tackles even when far from the actions. He has really good footwork, just miss some quickness to stay with the top of the class. Still does a good enough job to be a reliable backup at LT right now in the NFL. If he moves to RT he could start for a number of teams. He pushes very well, rarely misses his assignment and get to the second level quite easily. 3rd If he’ll be there in the third round when the Broncos will select, and if the Broncos still have to select a Olineman, well he could really be the pick. He could give competition to Franklin and could start to get ready if Clady won’t sign, or won’t have to sign, any new contract with the Broncos. **
David Quessenberry San Jose State rSr 6’5” 294 3rd – 4th Nice squared Tackle. He does everything well without being elite in any part of his game. Still has the size and frame that indicates me that he has potential. He would actually be a great selection in the 3rd round, because as a rookie he would backing up both at RT and LT decently, having also the time to develop and learn to play at NFL speed. What I like most are his light feet that would allow him to become at least a solid NFL starter in the right scheme and organization 3rd As i mentioned he could back up both T positions as a rookie and could do a relatively good job in case of injuries. To me he’s there there with Bakhtiari. **
Oday Aboushi Virginia Sr 6’5” 310 4th – 5th This is a player that could have problem as a rookie with NFL pass rushers. But still has the athletic abilities to learn and adjust his movement to the NFL level with 1 year of learning. Plus his run protection is fairly good so I supposed he could provide quality depth also as RT and G. I would like to see more nastiness from him, but his versatility is really attractive, IMO 3rd – 4th If Denver is looking for a Olineman that could provide immediate depth and potentially take over a hole in the Oline in 2014, Aboushi should be quite high on the Broncos board. He could play LT, RT, LG and some RG too. *
Menelik Watson Florida State Jr 6’5” 320 1st – 2nd He’s really athletic but also not really there with the rest of the tackles at the door of the 1st round. He could also be developed as LT,  but at the moment he’ll be a project. His footwork has to develop and has to gain power to better control his body and angage the block better. Does, instead a fine job blocki on the move. In the running game is doing a fine job finding his assignment but also here has room for develop. All in all he’s a great project but won’t be ready for a full season as a starter. 4th Only is he slide considerably. The 4th round is where I understand a player could be chosen and then developed for a couple of years.
Vinston Painter Virginia Tech rSr 6’6” 309 4th Athletic RT, one year starter that also has the strength and the power to push defenders in the running game. Quick after the snap. Surprising quick feet. Really does a great job holding his own in the running game. Has a ton of potential really only starting one year. His athleticism and light feet could make him a candidate, with some development, for playing LT. 4th Solid prospect at RT. Has really small experience as a starter but enjoyed his opportunity in 2012 and could be, in a couple of years the finding of the Draft. Could immediately be a solid RT backup and has real potential to become a good LT in the league. *
Dallas Thomas Tennessee rSr 6’5” 308 3rd Apart his current injury, he is a versatile Olineman. Played G and some T at Tennessee. Still he has to gain strength and power, plus is sometimes not quick enough to react to the defender move. His footwork needs to improve. In the running game he position himself well but is there were some additional power has to be squeezed out of his body. has the size and the frame to develop in a solid NFL player, but more at G and RT than at LT, IMO. 5th Depth through the line. Still there are better option IMO.
Rick Wagner Wisconsin rSr 6’6” 310 5th Looks little bit slow at times with his feet balance, but always find a position and he’s able to hold his block. Strong Tackle that could also find a spot as RT and G in the NFL. He lack some elite athletic abilities to be a sure fire LT, but has enough experience at high college level to be a reliable solution as back up LT. He does a really good job in the running game, playing with power and pushing well the opponent. In his rookie year he probably would be a backup ( but a reliable one) and could develop in a solid starter. 5th I like the fact that he could provide depth at LT and at RT. Potentially he could develop in a solid starter and have great body and super lower body strength. I believe the Broncos coaches would find a way to develop him in a good player.
Matt Summers-Gavin California rSr 6’4” 300 7th – CFA Interesting player that plays nasty and shows a lot of power. Always try to finish his block. Runs quite smoothly. 7th – CFA There are a lot of interesting T/G later in the draft this year and I really like Simmers – Gavin too. He’s a big Olineman that likes contact and is quite reliable in his blocks. Could give Denver some potential tom develop both at T and G. *
Ryan Jensen Colorado State – Pueblo Sr 6’4” 298 6th – 7th His stock really sky rocketed after a fantastic Pro Day at Colorado State. Not enough videos on him to watch. Looks like a mauler, a huge player that likes to use power and to finish his block. Dominated at the level he played. 7th – CFA If he’d be still there when Denver will draft in the 7th round, the Broncos would better select him instead of waiting him to be available in FA. He could develop in a really good guard. *
Chris Faulk LSU rJr 6’5” 323 7th – CFA Injured. He played at really high level in 2011, playing fairly well also in the LSU National Championship debacle against Alabama. He could be more suited to play RT in the NFL, because his big frame and his lack of elite athleticism. Still after a bad injury he should be evaluated carefully in training camp. CFA He’s a big fella, and played at really the highest level of college football with good results. IMO could be developed into a good or at least quality backed at RT and G. Worth at training camp.
Jason Weaver Southern Mississippi rSr 6’5” 305 6th – 7th Older prospect (6 year eligibility in college) with almost no video of him playing in internet. Still everywhere looks like a 6th – 7th rounder. He has good size and frame. Could need time to develop in the NFL but could be a good fit in some scheme. CFA To be fair I really couldn’t see him playing enough to have an idea. But if professional says that he could be a 6th round pick a team no needy as the Broncos, could wait and see if he goes undrafted. Then , if they like him, just try to bring him on camps and see what he could bring.
D.J. Fluker Alabama rJr 6’5” 355 1st A mauler of a RT. He has size and power. Still have to improve his footwork to not let NFL speed rusher past him with their burns. In the running game he is nasty and always on time with his assignment. Now a doubt could come from him having played in a stellar O-line at Alabama. He is this good by himself or the line was so stellar that he shined also because the line? NO I have mixed feelings. On one side it should happen that he’d be there at 28th overall (I don’t think it’ll happen). So if he’s there should Denver took him? It would be the best player available type of selection, and I’m all in usually for this kind of approach. But Denver needs depth at LT. Beadles played as a rookie as RT (and in college as LT) so Denver has already a plan B in case FRanklin would go down. So Fluker could play too both RT and G. Yes. But, IMO, he can’t play LT, if Clady goes down, Denver does not have a reliable LT (Beadles the best option). I would like Denver to pick an -lineman that could actually play LT, if tackle would be a selection.
Kyle Long Oregon Sr 6’6” 304 2nd – 3rd Does not have real quick feet, doesn’t show elite power and strength. Could be more suited for zone blocking scheme. Moves well laterally but tends to remain standing too much. NO I would like Denver to draft some “mauler” Lineman. He looks more as technician than mauler and IMO has some suspicious footwork.
Brennan Williams North Carolina Sr 6’7” 315 3rd – 4th Lack balance and footwork to be a LT in the NFL. Does really good job at RT. He’s stay with his assignment in pass protection and looks like a nasty mauler in the run game. Run Smoothly and get to the second level easily. NO I would like Denver to draft a Tackle that would provide some depth at LT too. Williams is a really good looking RT, but IMO he would be too much of a project as NFL LT.
Xavier Nixon Florida Sr 6’6” 311 5th Lack feet quickness to be a reliable solution at LT in the NFL. Has trouble with speed rushers. Looks to me as an NFL RT or G. He’s big and could gain some muscle too. NO Looks as a project at RT and does not look to have the required athleticism to become a reliable LT in the NFL. Denver needs more finished products that at least could be plugged in at one position and do a good job.
Reid Fragel Ohio State Sr 6’7” 298 4th – 5th Does a good job staying with his assignment. Good run blocker even without elite athleticism. Will need to bulk up a bit and be more powerful in the NFL. Little bit slow at time at the snap, could get in trouble with speed rusher. Shows anyhow good awareness, using well his body to move the defender. He could develop in a fine RT but need to bulk up. NO I’m staying with my point of view: Denver needs to get a tackle that could back up both sides, and in my opinion Fragel has not enough light feet to become a reliable LT. This said, he’s a good prospect that could become, with patience, a solid starter at RT or inside the Oline.
Garrett Gilkey Chadron State Sr 6’6” 314 6th Super suspicious footwork. Dominated at his level because of his size and strength. He has a lot of power but need still to add some lower body strength to be able to play RT ot G in the NFL. There could be a long way of development to become a good LT in the NFL. NO Too much of development although his strength is really impressive. He just pushes defender and they fall at the ground like dead leaves.
Jordan Mills Louisiana Tech Sr 6’5” 315 5th – 6th Not that many videos on him. He has a really good size and a big frame. Looks alike a one year project at RT or G. Has the power to move the pile in the running game and also runs smoothly to the next level. I don’t think he has the athleticism to play consistently at LT in the NFL NO I want a RT that could back up also at LT.
LaAdrian Waddle Texas Tech Sr 6’6” 330 7th Does not have quick feet. Does a good job in the running game. Looks to have power and could improve his lateral movement. Not that much videos on him, but anyhow a developmental player that could be more suited for playing RT or G in the NFL. NO Still my vision is the one that would bring to the Broncos a tweener LT/RT and I don’t see Waddle becoming soon enough a reliable LT in the PROs.
Stephane Milhim Massachusetts rSr 6’4” 315 7th – CFA Not enough videos on him. He has good, not great size and is quite fast for an Olineman. Coming out of a injury in January. NO I guess that Denver would like to get some really big guys to check in training camp. He’s not as big and has some athleticism that could make him really more interesting for a pure zone blocking scheme team.

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