2013 NFL Draft – Prospects Analysis – Free Safeties



Player College Exp Height Weight General Forecast Analysis My Broncos Forecast My Broncos Analysis 5 best player for Broncos Scheme
Bacarri Rambo Georgia rSr 6’1” 215 3rd I like what I saw, He’s a tough player that IMO could play both SS and FS because his closing speed and acceleration. Need to add muscles, but is a good enough tackler and most of the team is able to read and react well to the play watching the QB. 3rd – 4th I think that he could be interesting for Denver if he slides a little bit. I still don’t think that he could provide serious competition in 2013 to Rahim Moore but could not a good fit in job if Moore would go down with an injury or another play like the one against Baltimore.  
Josh Evans Florida Sr 6’1” 205 4th Good instinct and acceleration. Has good coverage skills. Even if he’s quite tall for being a S, he would need to bulk up and I don’t know if his frame would allow it. The most of the time takes good tackling angles. Use well his body to make tackles.  4th I like enough what I saw. He has the size that Denver FO looks for safeties. Plus he does a good job in run support and can cover a bit. He will have to learn how to play at the superior NFL speed but could be a reliable player in a year or two. ***
Eric Reid LSU Jr 6’2” 212 1st – 2nd I guess that he does not too many errors, plays acceptable coverage and is an reliable tackler. Just not enough speed or acceleration. 5th I’m in doubt about this one. I’m not impressed, especially because having played at L.S.U. it means, as any other huge college program, that there won’t be any more upside. Still, if the Broncos would be desperate to find a backup at FS he does a reliable enough job to be a target, but IMO, only if he slides to the 5th round.  
Tony Jefferson Oklahoma Jr 5’11” 212 5th Physical player that looks to like contact. Could be more suited playing at SS in the NFL because of his size. Does not looks to be a speedster but looks to understand where to locate himself in the field and looks to be a reliable tackler. 5th If the Broncos are looking for depth on the 53 men roster, well he could be a good fit for the Broncos in the 5th or maybe 6th round. My only dount on the Broncos being interesting on him is that all the rest of the players the Broncos drafted or signed as CFA to play S, they’re at least 6’1”.  
Rontez Miles California (PA) Sr 6’0” 197 6th – 7th Played a lesser level. He dominated it. Fierce hitter, has plenty of game speed and really god instinct. He’s a little bit shorter than what Denver likes but plays with big motor and looks like a real possibility at the NFL level. 5th – 6th Wow, in this week FS class, if the Broncos believe that his has a big upside and can learn to play with the big boys, well, not having a 6th round pick could hurt. A 5th (the late 5th now owned by the Broncos) could be the one employed to get him.  ****
Zeke Motta Notre Dame Sr 6’2” 215 6th Good instincts. Most of the time tackles good tackling angles. More of a deep thumper than a ball hawk. Can deliver big time hits. Lack elite athleticism. Lack elite speed (reason why he cannot be counted on a lot of Interceptions 6th – 7th Could be a good backup for the broncos. Would not deliver the game changing Interceptions but also hardly would be accounted on the game changing mistake.  
Bradley McDougald Kansas Sr 6’0” 208 7th – FA Really few videos on him. Still what I saw is encouraging. He has a good sense of where the ball will be throw. Has some game speed and looks to have ball hawk skills. Could help in run support and reminds a little of Rahim Moore 6th – 7th It would be for the recent Broncos aces found in a not very good Kansas team, but I have the impression that the Broncos does look really closely to Kansas university pool of player. If I’m right, and taking in mind that this FS class is really less than spectacular, at least for a draft point of view, I guess the Broncos will have to spend a draft pick if they think McDougals could follow Chris Harris footsteps. **
Rashard Hall Clemson rSr 6’1” 213 7th – CFA Sure tackler. Instinctive, read well the play and able to locate himself properly to make the play. Does not showcase great closing speed or elite acceleration. Really good in run support and have some coverage skills. Polished player with probably not a really huge upside but that can contribute some and has a nice size for a DB. 6th – 7th He has a good size, good instinct and is a sure tackler. In this S draft class is already quite a lot.  *
John Boyett Oregon rSr 05-oct 205 CFA He’s quick to get into position to make a play.  Has a lot of athletic abilities, an impressive vertical jump and explosion also in his closing speed. Tackle well and was a defense playmaker until the knees surgery that ended his season. 6th – 7th The Broncos were attending to his personal Pro-Day and are rumored to be quite interested on him. Last year Denver FP pulled the trigger on Arizona State Omar Bolden that missed the entire 2011 season with a torn ACL. They selected him in the first half of the 4th round because they tough that if healthy, he’d be a 1st – 2nd round pick. This year could be Boyett turns. Still I guess that a 6th – 7th rounder should be used, but the Broncos does not actually have  a6th rounder.  
Carvin Powell Old Dominion   6’1” 205 CFA Good size, instinctive player on the field. Position himself well to make plays. Has some e good closing speed. Hard hitter and Ball hawk at his level. He has all the physical tool to make it at the next level. 7th – CFA Could be another small school gem that would need a little bit of time to adapt to the speed of the game. Reportedly the Broncos are interested.  
Freddy Young New Mexico       CFA Not too many videos on him. Looks to have good closing speed and been a sure tackler. Has some good instinct and I think he could ply a hybrid SS-FS in the NFL, after a period of development. 7th – CFA The Broncos are one of the team interested on him.  
Brandan Bishop North Carolina State Sr 6’1” 206 7th – CFA Has ball hawk skills but his frame looks smaller than what it actually is. Will need to bulk up. Not a sprinter, lack some closing speed but does a good job positioning himself to make the play. Need to get better in taking tackling angles. CFA A project with some ball hawk skills in a class with a lack off. I won’t be surprised if some team select him in the 5th or the 6th round because of this skills. Owever he would need one or two yesr to be ready for NFL speed.  
Ben Ericksen Illinois State Sr 6’1” 195 7th – CFA Interesting small school prospect that dominate at Illinois State. He would need to add weight and to bulk up but showcase ball hawk skills and good closing speed. Has instinct and take good tacking angles against the competition he faced.  I like a lot the potential of this prospect compared with the the most hyped players at this position. CFA If he’d go undrafted, and being this a ball hawk lacking S class, I hope the Bronco would pick him. He could surprise already in 2013 training camp. Will probably need a bit of time to adjust his game to the NFL speed but minimum I guess he’ll end up into the Practice squad. *****
Ray Polk Colorado rSr 06-ene 216 7th – CFA Not enough videos on him CFA Since he played for Colorado I guess the Broncos have plenty of information about him. He has the size that usually the Broncos look for safeties, has a injury ridden year in 2012 on a team that was one of the worse in the country. Still I think that if anything the Broncos will try to bring him at the training camp to see how much potential there is in him. His performance at Colorado Pro Day was exceptional, since he didn’t get invited to the combine, so I guess his work ethic would gain him a shot at least from the home state NFL team.  
Kenny Vaccaro Texas Sr 6’1” 218 1st I just don’t see enough plays from him to justify the hype. No Really, hope the Broncos won’t be in the hunt and if they’d do, I really hope to be wrong.  
Phillip Thomas Fresno State rSr 6’1” 210 2nd Speed and tackling issues No I don’t see him being better than any of the player in the roster.  
T.J. McDonald Southern California Sr 6’2” 211 3rd – 4th Misses tackles at times, looks not having a great closing speed in his cords. Can position himself quite properly on the field and be close to the action almost always. Looks to be a development at man to man coverage. NO I know Denver had a private meeting with him, but I really don’t think he’s better than any player on the team, at least not as much as to justify a 3rd or 4th round pick. I understand that his size could let to think that he could match up a little bit against TEs, but I don’t think he will be able to do that immediately in the NFL. He needs to learn better how to cover NFL TEs and still I don’t think he has the acceleration to follow TEs routs in the field.  
D.J. Swearinger South Carolina Sr 5’11” 210 2nd – 3rd I really don’t understand it. Clemson game in 2012: sometimes he looks afraid to tackle…was he injured? Was lack of something? Effort? From his other videos he’s a willing tackles that can recognize the play fast and react. Has some good, not great, closing speed and is an athletic player. NO Denver looks to like bigger safeties. I can be wrong with the effort stuff, but still I think that are other prospect that could suit more Denver scheme and personnel wishes.  
Daimion Stafford Nebraska Sr 06-ene 205 7th Not much videos on him. He was a All Big Ten first teamer in 2012 but had a really bad game against Wisconsin. Still he had a productive year. His biggest issue is poor tackling angles. NO Poor tackling angles is not what Jack Del Rio likes.  

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