2013 NFL Draft – Prospects Analysis – Wide Receivers



Player College Exp Height Weight General Forecast Analysis My Broncos Forecast My Broncos Analysis 5 best player for Broncos Scheme
Robert Woods Southern California Jr 6’1” 190 1st – 2nd Quick well built all around receiver. He has the quickness to be a great NFL receiver, he’s just a little bit shorter from having the nowadays standard Nº1 WR size (6’3”). Still run really good routs and is not afraid to catch in traffic. Knows how to use his body to protect the ball. To me he’s a sure 1st rounder. 1st I understand that from a 1st rounder everybody expects immediate production and Woods in Denver would warm the bench for the most of the offensive play. He has return skills but also there Denver is covered for the 2013 season. Anyhow his abilities are so clear that I won’t mind if Denver would select him in the 1st round. It would allow the team to have a great depth at WR and SP and Decker re-signing at the end of 2013 won’t be mandatory and bloody. ***
Cordarrelle Patterson Tennessee Jr 6’3” 205 1st Big flashy and athletic receiver. He just can catch a meaningful pass on the outside when a CB is around him. Too many big drops. Still he is an awesome player and his returning skills are astonishing. Works really good from the slot position but his mental mistakes are costing what I wrote on top: big drops. IMO this has to be taken in count in his draft status. 2nd 2nd If he lasts until the end of the 2nd round (which he won’t) he’ll be too good to pass up, really, even if Denver does not have a need at receiver. The value it would be too high to let him slip away from organge and blue.
Justin Hunter Tennessee Jr 6’4” 200 2nd He’s a good receiver. He’s not afraid to go trough the middle, even thought for doing that in the NFL he has to bulk up. He has the speed to catch long balls on the side. He could be a great pick in the 2nd round for Denver. 2nd As I mentioned in the evaluation his size and ball skills will make him a great 2nd round pick by Denver. I just think he’ll be a 1st rounder because he’s getting momentum at 3 weeks from the Draft. I would not be thrilled if Denver select him in the 1st round but neither it will be the worst pick possible.
Markus Wheaton Oregon State Sr 5’11” 183 2nd He has speed and knows how to make plays around the field. Even if a little bit small he has no fear playing the slot position. 2nd He could be dangerous from day one in the NFL. Has great field vision and plays like a veteran. He could be a good slot receiver but also runs solid routs with great speed to become a dangerous outside threat.
Ryan Swope Texas A&M rSr 6-0 204 3rd – 4th He can block and can make plays downfield too. He’s a tough player that plays football. He can do a little bit of everything but he’s not elite in anything. 2nd – 3rd I know that my grade is higher than everybody else, but I do really like this kind of players. He’s a smaller Decker with almost the same speed. He could be a great slot receiver for Denver for years. Since the Broncos are always selecting towards the end of every round, barring trades, I guess that Denver should select him a little bit higher than the round he is supposed to be selected. ****
Terrance Williams Baylor rSr 6’2” 201 2nd He’s super quick and has great acceleration. If asked to stretch the field he’ll for sure will have good number in the NFL. Other than that he is a work in process. NFL routes, NFL physicality are big question to him. Kendall Wright was a much better and complete prospect in the 2012 NFL draft. 3rd Being a work in process with blocking his biggest question I would not like Denver to think about him before round 3. If he’ll be still there when Denver ail select at the end of Day 2, he could be one of the best prospect available.
Da’Rick Rogers Tennessee Tech Jr 6’3” 206 2nd Looks like a slot WR in the making. He’s tall for the position but knows how to take shots and has no fear to catch in traffic. Looks to know how to run routs both in the center od the field than on the outside, Has some speed but I didn’t see any indication that he knows how to block. 3rd I gave him a 3rd round grade for a Broncos point of view because blocking is integral assignment for any Denver WR. If there would be any prove that he could block some, I won0t have any problem giving him a 2nd round grade. Slot receiver in the 1st round is a non-sense.
Cobi Hamilton Arkansas Sr 6’2” 199 2nd – 3rd Good size, not great, good quickness and body use to defend the ball. Not afraid to go in the middle. 3rd I didn’t see any blocking play. What I see is a good Nº1 receiver in the making. He’s not super tall but he has quickness and speed. Elusive in open field he’s also able to take hits and defend the ball with his body after the reception. He could be a good replacement for Decker, in case Decker will leave via free agency
Kenny Stills Oklahoma Jr 6-0 190 4th Interesting prospect with speed, some strength for blocking and some speed. In 2012 he was mostly playing as nº2 receiver filling in a vacating role, meanwhile he was supposed to be the slot receiver. He could be really interesting for Denver if he fells to the 4th or the 5th round, because he could play both roles quite well. 3rd Slot receiver with speed to play outside. Could be used for depth for a couple of year and then take over. Really underrated. **
Quinton Patton Louisiana Tech rSr 6-0 202 2nd He has some experience in blocking on running game and on passing game. Physical player not afraid of contact. He has some speed and knows how to work in double coverage. The only think I couldn’t see on him is that quickness that he’ll need to succeed in the NFL against faster DBs. 3rd I like his total package (receiving, blocking and nastiness. Still he is a little small for modern NFL and need to develop a little bit of quickness and change direction with whom he could develop in a good all around receiver. ***
Aaron Dobson Marshall Sr 6’3” 203 2nd – 3rd Not so many full videos on him, strangely. He could certainly do a lot of athletic catches but also lack of concentration in other moment. I have no idea of his blocking skills but he looks like a nº1 WR on the making. He needs to work and to be patient and would need to end up on a team where he could have a couple of year to get ready slowly. 3rd – 4th I think that he could be gone in the 2nd round because of his talent and his athletic skills; a lots of team are in dire need of receivers. Reminds me of a young versiona of the best Brendon Floyd on Denver uniform. If He’ll be there in the 3rd round he could be selected by the Broncos to blossom in a starter in a year or two.
Corey Fuller Virginia Tech rSr 6’2” 197 6th Very underrated receiver. There is one video of him where he looks to be always open, on short, medium and deep routs. There is little evidence of any blocking skills but his game speed is very good, he’s an athletic receiver and looks to be well built. I guess he could become a middle round gem for the team that would draft him, barring any character concern. 4th Denver has no need a receiver in 2013, the starters are pretty much set. Anyhow Decker will be a FA in 2013 and Thomas in 2014 together with Welker. Fuller looks like a Decker in the making, he’s reliable and run good enough routs to at least give the impression that he could get better. He could run out routs and inside routs. Underrated. ***
Aaron Mellette Elon rSr 6’3” 216 5th A poor man Demaruious Thomas, he does a great job creating separation and making acrobatic catches. Has to learn how to block in the running game to become a reliable weapon in the NFL but he’s already a viable option in the passing game with his size, power and speed. Quite underrated. 4th – 5th I like what I saw in the few videos on him. Still has to get better in his whole game and could be a little bit of a developmental player but his upside is quite big and his speed and athletic abilities would already allow him to make impact in the receiving game in the NFL. If Denver go after him in the 4th round I would be quite happy, since he could study for a year and then eventually take over Decker in 2014. *
Chad Bumphis Mississippi State Sr 5’10” 202 7th Quick after the catch, elusive, can change direction easily while running with the ball while not losing protection on the ball. He has sure hands looks to be strong and always looking for extra yards after the catch. I love it. 4th – 5th Underrated, very underrated. He won’t run past you, but he is a prototypical slot receiver. I think that he’ll be drafted far ahead of what he’s predicted now, because he’s a football player and there are good Fos out there that have noticed it. Let’s say that, IMO, if Denver would draft him in the 4th or the 5th round and let him learn for a couple of years it will be a very good scenario. Plus, IMO, he0s almost ready to play right away. *****
Uzoma Nwachukwu Texas A&M Sr 6-0 195 7th impressive relatively small receiver that plays really bigger that his size. His athletic abilities and his elusiveness are astonishing. I don’t know why he flied so much under radars up to now but with some coaching he could become a lethal weapon in the NFL in the right scheme. 5th From my Denver point of view he’s really interesting because could become a reliable nº2 receiver with some polishing and can do the slot position too. Plus has the frame and the power to be a really good blocker if teach. ***
Conner Vernon Duke Sr 6-0 193 6th He has the size and the body to become actually a very good slot receiver. He’s strong and fast. He’s on some blocking. What he misses is some elusiveness in the bubble screen. 5th – 6th I do think Denver should look to slot receivers in this draft there are some good ones. He could be the one Denver could go after in the middle rounds if the Broncos FO thinks that using a late 2nd rounder on Swope or Patton, a 3rd rounder for Stills is too much. *
Marquise Goodwin Texas Sr 5’7” 179 2nd – 3rd 100 m Olympian, so ok he’s fast, really fast. His acceleration is fantastic. Still receiving skills are not at the same level that his speed and his athletic skills. He surprisingly for his size has some good blocking skills. He sometimes shows some good route running and then after the catch just let explode his running skills.  He’s more polished receiver than what I tough before watching his videos. 6th I don’t think that he’d be on Broncos radar mostly because he will be gone before the end of the 2nd day of the Draft. Denver has a similar player, for speed skills, in  Trindon Holliday and didn’t develop any scheme to use him as deep threat in 2012. So I don’t see why Denver should be interested to implement this scheme much more in 2013 a nd therefor look at Goodwin as new piece of the offence. Sure if Goodwin would be available on the 6th round, he’d be too good to pass him up and I would understand a Denver trade up to grab him. Not before.
Zach Rogers Tennessee Sr 6-0 179 7th – CFA another intriguing prospect that could pay huge dividends in the right scheme. He could be a fantastic 3rd receiver, not really a slot WR but more a vertical one that could also take some crossing route. 6th  If paired with two heralded WR as he did in 2012 at Tennessee, he will make the same amount of damage to a defense again. **
Rodney Smith Florida State Sr 6’5” 219 6th – 7th He has to polish his game under every aspect. But 6’5” 220 Lbs. and his athletic ability is well worth a look. He does have quite reliable hands, needs to gain quickness after the snap and the catch. 7th Denver does not have at the moment a 6th round pick. I would not wait until CFA to get a shot at him. **
Jasper Collins Mount Union Sr 5’10” 183 6th – 7th He has some kind of speed but overall showcases really good quickness after the catch and good movement in rout running. Shows also some predisposition to block in running plays. 7th – CFA I think that he could become a slot receiver in the NFL or a Nº2. He lack size to become a reliable nº1 in the pros. But being a 2 year project, I guess that for Denver it would be really good to find him as CFA, tough I think some other team will draft him.
Alec Lemon Syracuse Sr 6’1” 202 7th – CFA Not a speedster but looks to run good routs and to be well built. Not the tallest of the receivers but has some very good athletic abilities and some explosion and quickness. For sure worth a good look at training camp. 7th – CFA He could need some time to develop, but my opinion is that he could become a reliable option in the middle of the field. In don’t know if he’ll have enough quickness to be a great slot receiver but he can become a solid option down the road.
Ace Sanders South Carolina Jr 5’8” 176 5th Elusive well built small receiver. Did his best in return plays, where he’s a daemon, but also is a reliable in bubble screen and could use his speed to be a downhill receiver. CFA From my Broncos point of view he could be a fantastic addition as CFA.
Josh Boyce TCU rJr 5’11” 203 6th – 7th Has no explosion after the catch. Does not showcase pro speed. Anyhow show good feel for run block and pass block. CFA He could be interesting for Denver since his blocking abilities. He could be brought to camp for a good look at his receiving skills and eventually a candidate for the practice squad.
Marcus Davis Virginia Tech rSr 6’3” 230 7th no many videos on him. He’s a big receiver with a big body that looks to protect well the ball after the catch. Has good but not great speed and is able to make big plays downfield. He has effort and consistency issues. CFA From a my Broncos perspective he’s worth a shot in training camp.
Keenan Allen California Jr 6’3” 210 1st – 2nd He has a lot of talent. He’s big and fast. Can catch the ball consistently and looks to be a great athlete. I just saw some prima donna behavior in his videos, complaining for being overthrown and thinks like that….more than one time. Anyhow, he’ll be off the board when Denver will select and another team will be willing to get his services. This kid can play. He’s not scared to take hits. I didn’t see any broken tackles by him and looks like at the first hit he’s on the ground. I don’t know how much Manning could like it….but I guess that is not his favorite behavior. NO UPDATE: Allen is not anymore a sure fire top 25 pick, he still can play but I still would not like Denver drafting him.
DeAndre Hopkins Clemson Jr 6’1” 200 1st – 2nd Lack bulk and strength to have the same success in the NFL.
Still has quickness and acceleration. Really elusive player.
His size and strength at this point make him suspicious in blocking. I cannot see enough to understand his level of rout running. Still he is one of the most trilling WR in the draft.
NO I don’t see the Broncos drafting him due to the suspicious blocking abilities.
Tavon Austin West Virginia Sr 5’7” 175 1st He is incredibly quick and fast. His direction changes are amazing. Still I didn’t see any catch in traffic to say that he’ll be an outstanding slot receiver. He’s more a light, change of pace running back and a punt returner. Plus he’s really light, will need to put on a good quantity of muscles if he’s going to have a NFL career long enough to not be remembered as a bust. I understand that in a number of teams he’ll be looked as an outstanding added weapon, but since I never saw him blocking, I don’t see him being a good fit in Denver offense. NO Too light to be a running back and to small to be a WR. Denver already has an outstanding return man.
Stedman Bailey West Virginia rJr 5’10” 195 3rd Some run blocking abilities. Has some speed. He’s undersized and is more a speedster on the outs than a ball possessor. Not elusive enough on the line of scrimmage. NO He’s a really dangerous speedster outside. Denver had Caldwell in 2012 and he didn’t play almost at all. I don’t think this talented WR has the characteristics that Denver is looking for.
Denard Robinson Michigan Sr 5’11” 196 4th A college Qb converted in WR with no experience. I don’t think Denver is really up with this project. NO N/A
Chris Harper Kansas State rSr 6’1” 228 4th – 5th not too many videos on him but there are completely different reports. Some are saying that he could be a top 75 pick, others rank him as a 4th round pick at best. He’s a well built receiver that knows how to protect the ball with his body and have some quickness. From a Broncos perspective I don’t see anough evidence to pursue him, because mainly other teams will be more pressed to find a receiver and will select him earlier than my own grade. NO From a Broncos perspective I don’t see enough evidence to pursue him, because mainly other teams will be more pressed to find a receiver and will select him earlier than my own grade (which would be a 6th round at best for the Broncos).
Tavarres King Georgia rSr 6-0 192 5th Tall and skinny receiver that has a nice explosion more than pure speed or quickness. Lack elusiveness and has to bulk up quite a lot. Don’t know if his skinny frame will allow him but has potential. Need to make an effort and learn to stay focused or he’ll have more drops than completion in the NFL. NO From my Broncos point of view he’s quite similar to Gerell Robinson: a player that would need a couple of years to develop.
Brandon Kaufman Eastern Washington rJr 6’4” 214 7th – CFA Not that many videos on him and nothing special to be seen in them. The good: he’s a big receiver who could bulk up and get some extra power. He could develop in a possession WR. NO N/A
Marquess Wilson Washington State Jr 6’3” 188 7th He quit Washington state program in the middle of the season. That is to much of a red flag. And it’s a shame because his videos are amazing. I guess he could really have been a 1st rounder, especially in this draft. NO  He has it all and probably one team will take a shot on him as CFA. I don’t think the Broncos will.

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