2013 NFL Draft – Prospects Analysis – Tight Ends



Player College Exp Height Weight General Forecast Analysis My Broncos Forecast My Broncos Analysis 5 best player for Broncos Scheme
Zach Ertz Stanford rJr 6’6” 249 2nd Slow and mechanical while running routes. Good routs. Doing a good job at blocking in the run game and in the pass game and at least shows he’s willing. Able to adjust his body to make the catch and fearless in traffic. Is not overly athletic and looks lethargic at times but very effective at three college level. Needs to get stronger for the next level. He has good hands and a great deal of athletic ability for a man of his size, but still will need to bulk up in the NFL to make up for his not elite agility. 4th Denver does have enough Tes on the roster. But his combination of blocking abilities and reliable pass catching capabilities would make him too good to pass over in the 4th round. I do think that he will be chosen in the 2nd round or 3rd by some TE needy team.
Nick Kasa Colorado Sr 6’6” 271 4th – 5th Good blocker at the LOS, do a good job in the short field as a receiver, has still to develop receiving skills. Shows good athletic abilities and could have good potential. 5th – 6th He could actually be a good target for the Broncos, since the offensive scheme demand Tes that can block and produce as receiver, he could be drafted by Denver a grown into a sure pass and run protector with upside in the passing game.
Travis Kelce Cincinnati rSr 6’5” 260 3rd Huge and powerful TE. Shows really good athleticism for a player of his size. Powerful in blocking and able to run good routes. He could be a good pick-up if it wasn’t that the Broncos look loaded at the position. Still if he’ll ever drop in the 6th round, he would be too much of a bargain that I’d like Denver to think about him, just as it happened with Virgil Green in 2011. 6th I guess he’ll be long one, I down grade his round projection only because Denver depth at the TE position. He is an interesting prospect.
Dion Sims Michigan State rJr 6’5” 285 4th Big mountain of a man. Curiously did a better job on the receiving side of hi game than in the blocking. It does not mean that he can’t block, he can, but I didn’t see him ending the block, allowing his counterpart to participate in prolonged plays. From a player of his size and with his power I’d like to see him bringing Lbs. on the ground like when he catch the football i traffic and bring a couple of defenders with him for three, four yards. 7th Again I think he should be long gone in the 7th round, especially in this TE class that does not impress me up to now. Anyhow would he fall this far, he could be a really nice addition, altough I think he would need development both in the blocking technique and in his catching the ball, to many times he seemed to me to rely only in his superios size and power after the catch, thing that won’t happen so often in the Pros. Still a rude football player that has some potential to top some good skills.
Zach Sudfeld Nevada rSr 6’6” 261 7th He has a long frame and use properly his body. Does a good job on blocking, especially in the run game and looks to be a reliable receiver at the intermediate level. Not flashy but with acceptable speed. will need to bulk up and gain more strength. He could be a total package project. 7th He could be picked up by Denver and develop for a year. A 7th round or CFA status could be not so much to give up to propare a future player.
Justice Cunningham South Carolina Sr 6’4” 264 7th – CFA Good body, does a good job in run protection, could be use as HB in running situation. Also reliable receiver in short yardage situation, always willing to give an extra effort to gain more yards. Does a good job also in pass blocking. Still has to get better on his technique, sometimes he’s getting to high with his body after the snap. All in all an underrated player, IMO that could be drafted higher that his draft status is 3 weeks prior the draft. 7th My draft status is only a 7th because I don’t see TE as a big roster need. Denver has 4 Tes, 2 veterans and two young player that has to use 2013 as their breakthrough year. Still I think Cunningham could be a nice addition because he could develop into a double threat, he has the tools to be a good blocker and the skills to become a reliable pass catching TE. At 6’4” he won’t be the biggest TE but looks to be fluid in is running and once he becomes a better rout runner he could really be a enigma for any defense. If Denver would have a more pressing need at the position I would even grade his as a 4th rounder, because I think that he could produce something right away. ***
Michael Williams Alabama rSr 6’6” 269 6th – 7th Really good run blocker. Offers some option in the short area in the passing game and could develop in being a great red zone threat. He’s really athletically gifted and will be a nightmare for safeties in the passing plays on 3rd and short. 7th – CFA I know that Denver is not exactly looking for Tes in this draft, but if Williams would be still there in the 7th his value could be too big to pass up for a team like Denver that has a pair of good veterans and basically two unproved young backup. I even think that Denver, if a 6th round pick will be acquired, could spend it on him because he could really develop in a great weapon for a team like Denver that uses TEs to set up the running game. He could allow the team to start using tricks play in shoert yardage situations. *****
Jake Stoneburner Ohio State rSr 6’5” 245 6th – 7th tall TE that looks less big than what he really is. IMO he is a project both in the run game (blocking) and in the passing game. Sure his blocking ability is less developed but at NCAA level he could still let his present be felt while dominating in the passing game. In the PROs defender (linebacker and Dbacks) will be bigger, stronger and faster so while he owns one of the best video resume between all TEs I found in the 2013 NFL Draft, these same videos show, IMO, that he will need time and dedication to get some important number in the Pros too. still I would be very happy in the Broncos would look at him with the  7th round or, best of best, could get his services if he’d go undrafted (which i think he won’t). 7th – CFA Project that need to be developed in order to be ready to play in the NFL. Anyhow he has talent and could be a gem in a year or two if he puts in dedication and patience.
Chris Gragg Arkansas Sr 6’3” 236 5th – 6th No t very tall but runs smooth routs and looks to have the speed to make plays happen. He’s a little small comparing with normal standards but he’s well built and could be a good option for possession Tes in the short and middle field. He’s doing a fine job in run blocking. Could develop his body a bit more. He does not have an overwhelming body to make a live out of it in the NFL but looks good on film and does a lots of good things. He could be developed a little bit and be reliable 2 TE coming in as additional WR at the beginning. CFA Denver would probably not draft a receiving TE to develop, but if Gragg would slide to CFA he could be a really good pick up. Anyhow I think he’ll be drafted and even before what the general opinion is because receiving Tes are really in demand right now.
Mychal Rivera Tennessee rSr 6’3” 237 6th Good blocker, offers something to be developed in the short passing game but is not big enough to be a threat in short yardage situations in the NFL. Still has a nice blocking technique and could be a nice CFA addition a do some good plays in training camp. CFA because of his athletic abilities and some potential as possession TE. CFA The broncos could really like what he brings on in the run blocking game. He’s not the biggest TE, but is really stout blocking and does a good job as receiver even if he’ll have to polish his technique in both aspects of his game. I really do like his videos so, even tough I would give his a CFA grade, I won’t be unhappy if the Broncos actually use a draft pick on him. Being, IMO, a blocking TE mainly, a 6th or a 7th rounder would be the maximum I’d like Denver to use. ****
Philip Lutzenkirchen Auburn Sr 6’3” 255 CFA Good run blocker. Shows athletically prowess and strength. Looks like a FB at the next level that could provide some pass catching ability in short yardage. Comes off an injury so I guess that he could be a CFA candidate. CFA I like his videos. His blocking skill need improvement to better face Pros defenders but he has good tape and could be a really nice addition. A plus would be knowing that he can play special teams and be a core player of that unit. I would be glad to see him in the Broncos training camp.
Lucas Reed New Mexico rSr 6’6” 249 7th – CFA Not enough video on him, CFA Big tall, long armed TE that can both block and catch a little. I think he could be a good developmental player for the practice squad because of his measurements.
Ryan Griffin Connecticut rSr 6’6” 254 CFA Not enough video on him, CFA Quite good production in the system he played in. Not astonishing numbers but enough to deserve a look
Brandon Ford Clemson rSr 6’3” 238 CFA 1st team ACC (coaches) and the most TDs for a TE in the nation is IMO a good enough produtcion from a TE/HB hybrid. CFA Interesting production, suspicious strength.
Mike Shanahan Pittsburgh rSr 6’4” 228 CFA Big East second team: big physical WR in college will have to move to TE in the NFL. Had a really productive season in 2012. CFA He does not have the speed to stretch the field but he could be a work in process to learn how to play TE in the Pros. He could be a nice CFA pick up and a practice squad candidate (also because he could cover two positions at TE and WR).
Andrei Lintz Washington State rSr 6’5” 250 CFA Very athletic for a TE. CFA Another developing TE that could be a candidate for Practice squad.
Kyler Reed Nebraska Sr 6’3” 230 7th More suited as a FB. CFA A new fullback is an interesting option but, IMO, only if grabbed as CFA
Travis Tannahill Kansas State Sr 6’3” 253 CFA 1st team all Big 12 CFA Another player that could be tried in training camp.
T.J. Knowles Sacramento State rSr 6’8” 254 7th – CFA His size and speed should be enough for a CFA contract. CFA 6’8” developmental player.
Tyler Eifert Notre Dame rJr 6’5” 250 1st Good all around TE, really good in run `protection and really solid receiver that runs good routs. He’ll be a 1st round pick. Could the Broncos use a 1st on him? With Dreessen and Tamme, I don’t think it would be a valuable addition to the Broncos roster. No He could be already gone when Denver will select, If he’ll be there Denver could even be called for a trade. He’ll be a valuable player in the NFL, strong and big, but I don’t see enough value for the Broncos to pull the trigger on him in the 1st round.
Jordan Reed Florida rJr 6’3” 243 3rd – 4th He could develop in a all around TE in the NFL but probably will need to work on his blocking. Needs also to become bigger in order to block LBs. He will be used as short yardage receiver as a rookie and I don’t know if the Broncos want to invest a pick on another TE than needs development. No Julius Thomas and Virgil Green represent an investment done two years ago and I don’t see Reed being more ready than them in order to be selected by the Broncos in the middle rounds.
Vance McDonald Rice rSr 6’4” 262 2nd Nice nasty football player. Plays with power. Able to block in both pass and run plays. Has good acceleration after the catch. Needs to do a better job on positioning his body after the catch in order to protect the ball. I guess he is in the mold of TE that the Broncos are looking at. No I like the player but I would not like the Broncos to select him in the first 4 rounds. This said I don’t think there is a chance that he’ll slide all the way down to the 5th round and again the Broncos selected two Tes in the 2011 draft that will be asked to show improvements during the 2013 season. I guess the Broncos would bring in some competition in training camp but probably won’t spend a draft pick on a TE. One or two CFA would be my favoutite way to bring competition.
Ryan Otten San Jose State rSr 6’5” 235 6th Big strong TE that is more a blocking TE that a pass catching TE. Little bit slow and questionable knowledge of running routs. No He’s too one dimension in my opinion to be part of Broncos offensive schemes.
Gavin Escobar San Diego State rJr 6’5” 255 2nd – 3rd Overrated, IMO. Not enough fluid on the field. Not a strong blocker. Dis a good job in as receiving TE but NFL defender will be bigger and faster. No He could develop in a solid contributor in the NFL, surely. But he’s carrying an overrated grade approaching the Draft, IMO. Denver could take a look at him as CFA, but carrying a 2nd-3rd round grade?
Jack Doyle Western Kentucky Sr 6’5” 254 7th Not enough video on him No N/A
*Levine Toilolo Stanford rJr 6’7” 265 7th – CFA I’m a huge fan of 6’8” TEs. Just my opinion but Levine is coming up short in any category for a NFL point of view and to me he does not seem having big potential still. I guess that a 6’8” TE is always good to field in training camp, but this one only if it comes as a CFA. No N/A
Joseph Fauria UCLA rSr 6’7” 257 7th – CFA another 6’8” TE that was good at the collegiate level but whose skillset is not good enough to be more than a practice squad project in the NFL. He is not athletic enough to be already a reliable NFL receiving TE and he isn’t strong enough to be a reliable blocker (run or pass). No N/A
Luke Willson Rice rSr 6’5” 252 CFA 4.51 in his pro-day 40 yards dash and good amount of reps on the bench press. Not enough video on him. No N/A

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