2013 NFL Draft – Prospects Analysis – Strong Safties

Player College Exp Height Weight General Forecast Analysis My Broncos Forecast My Broncos Analysis 5 best player for Broncos Scheme
Matt Elam Florida Jr 5’10” 202 2 Overly aggressive and athletic player who has been used a lot covering Tes in college. Has a really good game against the run, can adjust his body in motion and makes quick change of direction. Not see enough coverage tape to warrant any word about deep but does not have the body frame to compete in intermediate rout with NFL TEs. Has great acceleration that helps him get back to WRs when beaten by a catch. Special Team Ace. 2nd I won’t take him in the 1st round, because I’m not sure about his cover abilities. But if he slip into the second part of the 2nd round, he could be a really good insurance belt in case Quinton Carter will face law problems. But make no mistakes, Elam is a SS, not a FS.
Jonathan Cyprien Florida International Sr 6’0” 209 1st – 2nd Herd hitter, good tackler, always seems to take good angles and don’t miss many. Has the frame and the athletic skill to drop in coverage ageist Tes. Does a fine job following the play and plays with non stop motor. Really good prospect that could play SS and some FS too if in need. Has speed and the field vision to develop in a really good safety in the modern NFL. 2nd I would not use a 1st round pick for s SS this year. But if the Broncos could trade down from the late 1st round pick to a high 2nd round pick, he could be in the mix if Denver is looking for a S. ****
Cooper Taylor Richmond rSr 6’5” 229 7th – CFA Let me put it straight: a 6’5” safety with good closing speed, that uses good tackling angles and can play pass coverage….and still professional analyst are considering him as a borderline draftees? He also was one of the star of the E/W Shrine practices and game. What’s going on here? He need to develop but has a ton of potential. 3rd – 4th You are kidding me. A 6’5” safeties that could potentially move to OLB but still has the speed and field vision to play SS in the NFL. Just grab him Denver develop him for 1 year and then bye-bye Tes nightmares. *****
Shawn Williams Georgia Sr 6’0” 211 3rd – 4th Strong hard hitting safety. Has good sense for the ball and is a tackling machine. Does not look to be a speedy DB, but has really better than average athleticism and could make big plays. 4th If he’d fall into the 4th round, his mixed abilities between SS and FS could make him really interesting for the Broncos, in case Denver would look for a safety. I like a lot the few video I saw on him. ***
Shamarko Thomas Syracuse Sr 5’9” 217 3rd – 4th High motor, High character player. Always looks to make the right thing on the field. Has a good frame that makes him look bigger that he his. Plays well the run support and could play both SS and some FS at the NFL because his awareness. 4th – 5th Even tough he’s a good prospect, his size is not ideal for covering Tes in the NFL. He has the strength and the intangibles for being a sure tackles in the NFL and this is a big plus for Denver, but still his size is a concern to me, since Denver has already some other developmental options on the roster **
Duke Williams Nevada Sr 5’11” 201 5th Hard hitter, likes to play in the box, has nose for the play and plays hard. Is a sure tackler but could have to bulk up a little to be able to hit hard in the NFL too. Has capabilities to read passing plays although has to improve to reach a respectable NFL level. 5th – 6th All in all not a good prospect. Lack some measurement to be able to play against NFL Tes and would probably need a year to develop his play and his body to be able to adsorb hits at the NFL level. *
JJ Wilcox Georgia Southern Sr 6’0” 214 3rd He looks to have a good frame and size, could build up a bit more. Looks fast and does his best in run support. IMO would need a year or two of developing to learn how to play man coverage properly. At Georgia Southern the defense played man coverage but he looked lost at times. 7th – CFA If he goes free falls, he could be a serious candidate to be de developmental player of the year in Denver, if the broncos pursue him. He has a ton of potential, I just think the Broncos have Ihenacho and Gideon on the roster that already had 1 year of learning NFL time of plays.
Don Jones Arkansas State rSr 6-0 208 7-FA Good run stopper, can situate the ball well. Has some good closing speed. Coverage suspicious. Has good size and a frame that could gain some muscle. 7th – CFA A prospect with potential that has enough speed to be a project a FS and could play some SS and Special Team.
Keelan Johnson Arizona State rSr 6’0” 209 7th – CFA Need to gain some muscles and gain strength. He’s instinctive both on defense and special team.  Has good closing speed. Still raw and would need time to learn how to play in a NFL defense. Anyhow prospect with potential. 7th – CFA I saw some good things in his videos and I guess Denver likes to take shots on prospect that grow up in the middle-west area, and Arizona State in particular. He could be on the Broncos radar screen for a late pick or CFA and could actually be a front runner for a practice squad place since he needs development but could play both SS and FS.
Robert Lester Alabama Sr 6’1” 212 6th – 7th Big frame safety, not flashy but with good acceleration. He’s not a speed guy and even tough his size would make think that he could cover big wide out and Tes I guess he’s more suited for a zone coverage, rather than man. On run support his a fierce and willing tackler but still his tackling angles are not really good at times. CFA I expressed my opinion about him being more of a zone coverage guy, so if Denver would be still interested on taking a look at him on training campo, I hope that would happens only if Lester get undrafted.
Earl Wolff North Carolina State rSr 5’11” 206 7th Don’t see him around the ball too much. Really. Anyhow he was the tackling leader at North Carolina State and First team all ACC for the coaches. It should mean something. Does not look like a sure tackles, but as i wrote, he was the tackling leaden in his team. Was not that much around the ball but was voted 1s Teamer in his conference. Was it that the opposite team was shying away from him? Still his run support looks suspicious from a NFL talent level and has to improve. In the pass coverage too has to get better. He’s physical player that wants to make big hits. Still IMO, should play with more patience. CFA Denver looks to like to take shots at physical safeties at CFA, Ihenacho and Gideon are both physical. Denver could look at Wolff and who knows that the video on him I found were not fair on him.
Jahleel Addae Central Michigan rSr 5’10” 200 7-FA Not enough videos on him. One of the better defender in MAC, moved from RB to DB as a sophomore. One of the leader in CMU defense. Participated to the E/W shrine practices and game. CFA A good player to bring to training camp. Has some potential and at the very least could be a useful Special Teamer.
Alonzo Tweedy Virginia Tech rSr 6’1” 195 7th – CFA Special team specialist with some upside because he could develop as DB against Tes CFA He’s size could be interesting to the Broncos and could be a training camp player to watch and practice squad candidate for a year of development. His special team experience could also be valuable.
Jawanza Starling Southern California Sr 6’1” 200 7th – CFA He has some athletic abilities and looks to have really good closing speed on the field. CFA Worth a deeper look during training camp.
Cody Davis Texas Tech rSr 6’2” 204 5th Played in a zone defense. Has good recognition of the plays. Need to get better on coverage anyhow. Has a good size lack little bit od speed. NO Broncos defense plays man to man and that would not suits him well. He’ll be a project for a while. He could be a better prospect for a team using  a different scheme on defense.
Ray Ray Armstrong Miami rSr 6’3” 216 7th – CFA Anything so impressive to give the impression that the trouble he would bring a team is worth the talent he has. He in the middle of this S class, on top you have to add the potential problems he could bring. NO N/A

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