2013 NFL Draft – Prospects Analysis – Running Backs

Player College Exp Height Weight General Forecast Analysis My Broncos forecast My Broncos analysis 5 best player for Broncos scheme
Eddie Lacy Alabama rJr 5’10” 220 1st – 2nd Incredible physical specimen. For a man of his size, has unbelievable athletic abilities. Has great explosion while hitting the hole, uses well his size for maintain the play alive and for breaking tackles. Has good basic speed and looks natural carrying the ball. No fumbles issues. 1st Although the fantastic analysis he’s not a sure fire 1st rounder?. IMO not for the Broncos. He has the size and played the way Denver would like to have a new player: an inside tackles power runner. Anyhow he looked to me a little bit too impatient with the ball when he has to wait for a hole to be open. Sometimes he just run where the hole is supposed to be and hit the wall, then he has the ability to stay on his foot and try to find another hole. But this “2nd chance” won’t be there that much in the NFL, Dlinemen are bigger and stronger than in the collegiate level, even at the top level Lacy faced, so hitting the wall will most of the times mean no yardage. Moreno had the same problem in the past and his game improved a lot in 2012 because he was more patient and in my opinion he learned that because coaches very really focused on that weakness of his. Lacy, IMO, has the same issue. Also, playing football at Alabama means that he’s a finished product, he already reached his potential, and in fact he has been a stellar player while not injured. So what I see in the videos is his best. Third (I know it’s not so fair but…) Alabama O-line was probably better than some NFL O-Line and played together for mostly 2 years. This is not an overstatement and should be taken in count in Lacy evaluation. He is an unbelievable player, but still has some issue and I would prefer Denver to look at him only in the 2nd round, if he’s still there when Denver select. I think there are other players that could be reliable and have better potential (Ball and Taylor). Deeper analysis: if he gets to the Broncos at 28th, Denver FO would be short on arguments to justify why not to select him. Really, in the first part of the season he didn’t shy that much, sharing carries with Yeldon and just doing his part. Towards the end of the season he just exploded, imploding Georgia defense and Notre Dame defense on the National Championship. He’s an impatient runner but he can run between the tackles and outside with impressive acceleration. I won’t count on him to the 70 yards TD, but anyhow he is the most impressive offensive player counted on being a 1st round pick. I also think that he won’t be on the board after the 25th pick. *****
Montee Ball Wisconsin Sr 5’11” 215 2nd I just don’t understand why he’s so underrated at this point prior to the draft. He runs hard, hit the hole and get extra yardage breaking tackles. He’s not a burner. Still he bulk up a bit, probably, and he won’t reduce his elusiveness. He can block some and can run through the tackles and on the outside. I didn’t see any evidence of pass catching, but also McGahee wasn’t a threat in the passing game and is getting better at 31 y/o. I like what I saw in his video much more than what I saw in Giovani Bernard. If the Broncos go RB in the 1st round, he’s the only one I would pick, and would be a really good addition. 1st IMO he’s one of the two true 1st rounds pick running backs. And he fits what the Broncos want. ***
Stepfan Taylor Stanford Sr 5’9” 216 3rd – 4th Again, this is a really underrated prospect at this point (late November). He can do it all: he can run in the middle, he can run tosses, he can catch the ball out of the backfield and can also block (although I imagine the Broncos would love him to improve in this area). Still he is not a bruiser, does not have top speed and top acceleration, but hit  the holes brutally, is not afraid of the contact and usually he gains some extra yardage breaking tackles or carrying tackler with him for a couple of yards more. 2nd To me he’s really impressive and if I agree that probably in the 1st round you have to pick elite speed in a running back (which he does not show in the video) I also think that you can’t deny that players like him are well built and ready to step up on a NFL game with no big transition….that is exactly what is expected by a high round selection. Again, it looks that the Broncos would select late in the 1st round, I think they should pull the trigger there on him and not wait to see what happen at the beginning of the second round, he could be gone!
Extremely patient runner with a lot of power and strength. I even like him more than Ball. UPDATE: middle of April: I’m still very impressed and I still think that Taylor and Ball are my top three RBs. Anyhow now it looks like that even if the Broncos would select him at the bottom of the 2nd round, still it will be considered by almost everyone as a big reach. So I have a 2ns round on him instead of a 1st, even with him being my favorite RB in the draft (Lattimore situation is different).
Giovani Bernard North Carolina rSo 5’10” 205 2nd – 3rd Also return punts. Brakes tackle. Not flashy, not really explosive after hitting the hole.
Good hands, can receive the ball.
Has history of injuries (knee).
Highly productive.
3rd Looks like a new Willis McGahee with well sculptured body and he’s able to take hits by defender and gains some extrayards.cc
Anyhow he does not have elite speed or acceleration to deserve a 1st round pick, IMO, more a 2nd or 3rd in the 2013 NFL draft.
Christine Michael Texas A&M Sr 5’10” 221 3rd – 4th Shows athleticism and power. Can run inside the tackles hitting the hole with speed. Has good acceleration when reaches the second level of defender. Looks little bit impatience on the line of scrimmage but yet has a good downfield vision when hitting the hole. No enough video on his blocking skills and pass catching ability.
Has injury history and was used less than in 2011 prior to his injury.
3rd – 4th Between all high draft picks, he’s probably my third favorite. He could replace McGahee as the premiere inside runner. My doubt on him is injury concerns **
Mike Gillislee Florida Sr 5’11” 207 4th – 5th Good runner with initial burnst after hitting the all. Not elite speed in space but can brake tackles and gaining extra yards. 4th – 5th I see him like a similar player to Knowshon Moreno, with the difference that Moreno were looking really better in his college career.
Miguel Maysonet Stony Brook Sr 5’9” 205 7th – CFA Power running back with speed. He can change direction and he’s elusive, have good enough explosion and burst. Look to be poised and patience finding the hole. Has the frame and strength to develop in a good blocker, not so sure as pass catcher but I’m surely impressed. 5th From my Broncos point of view I’d be really happy if they’d go after him in the 5th round. *
Marcus Lattimore South Carolina Jr 6-0 220 4th – 5th If not injuired, and gruesomsly, he’d be the best RB in the draft and with difference. 5th If the Broncos feels good with the RBs they have in the roster and whant to take a flier on a player that most probably will start and end the 2013 season on PUP list, then a 5th round should be high enough for gambling.
Theo Riddick Notre Dame Sr 5’11” 200 7th – CFA He has a good burnst in the backfield. Does not look athletic but gives a lot of extraeffort that allows him always to pick some more yards after the first contact. Has some elusiveness too. His pass catching capability is not really showcased and his blocking skill neither. 5th I guess that his elusiveness is the part of his game I like the most and that I cannot match with any of the RB in Denver roster. This said I’m guessing he could play some special team, becuase if not he won’t be on Denver draftboard. If he does, he could bring something to the team and a 5th round pick could be fair value for the Broncos. I think he’s better that what most professional analysts says.
Zac Stacy Vanderbilt Sr 5’8” 215 6th Power running back that is not afraid to take hits and is always willing to get some extra yards after the contact. Has the frame to break tackles even being a small runningback. Willing blocker, good pass catcher. 5th If Denver in the 5th round is looking for RB, he should be one of the best player still on their board. He does everything and did everything on a team that was far less than stellar (Vandy) in 2012. Underrated.
Robbie Rouse Fresno State Sr 5’6” 186 7th – CFA Small backs that has not elite speed but has great vision and some good explosion while hitting the hole. Although his size, he’s willing to block when asked for and does and good job for his size. Not being elite in anything hurts his draft stock but he could be a reliable option in the lasts rounds of the draft for a team looking for depth. 6th – 7th The best for the Broncos would be if he’d fall out of the draft. He’s another player I like and would be really happy if Denver would bring to training camp.I would even understand if the Broncos’d select him with a 6th or 7th round pick because I think that he’s a though guy that likes challenges and he’ll find his role on 2013 Broncos team.
Dennis Johnson Arkansas rSr 5’8” 212 CFA Stout player, good frame, has good footwork and speed, could be a pass catcher outside the box. 6th – 7th N/A
Michael Ford LSU rJr 5’10” 216 5th – 6th Compact player that could do a lot of thing on the field and whom few videos I liked a lot. He could run and block. Look a solid option in the later rounds. 6th – 7th He could be a finding, he has the body for running inside and has the speed to run aoutside. At the end of the draft his combination of sizes and speed could be a great finding.
Knile Davis Arkansas rJr 6-0 226 7th His draft stock is lowered down by injuries concerns and his so and so production in 2012. Still his videos are really good. He need to learn how to block better in pass protection if he wants to be a three downs RB in the NFL. He has speed to run outside, he run with power to run between the tackles and he has patience to find the hole. Not really elusive but with his size can vbreak tackles. He’s a dangerous weapon. 7th From my Broncos point of view he miss the blocking part. That quite vital for the Broncos because Peyton Manning is the QB and you don’t want him to be hurt. So even if the running abilitieas and the pass catching abilities Davis possesses would let me grade him as an high round pick, I can’t see any pass blocking ability, making him a luxury for the Broncos, since both Moreno and McGahee are very good and good pass blocker.
Kerwynn Williams Utah State Sr 5’8” 196 5th Small back that could have some potential running tosses nad outside runs. Does not have the body to run inside or will need big hole to run through. He’s anyway a good blocker for player of his size and is a good pass catcher. Once received the ball out of the box he’s really dangerous in open field because he’s really elusive stayingl low with his lower body and always ready for change directio. has really good speed. 7th – CFA He could have some success in the NFL and should be tested as retourner IMO, too. Anyhow I don’t think the Broncos are looking for the kind of player he is, at least until the end of the Draft.
Latavius Murray UCF rSr 6’3” 223 6th – 7th Big strong and with potential. A running back with potential is strange to de seen nowadays. He could learn to block and to catch a little bit, with patience. He has unusual speed for a man of his size. 7th – CFA I would like Denver to take a shot on him at the end of the Draft or in CFA. He couldbe candidate to spend the 1st year on the practice squad and then start contributing heavily in the offense.
Jawan Jamison Rutgers rSo 5’8” 200 6th Cutback runner, he does not have the explosion to hit the hole and make defender miss tackles becuase of his speed. Does a quite good job blocking and is a nice option as receiver out of the backfield. Probably his game has been influenced also by some horrible OLine game that never really gave him any chance (Arkansas game for example) at times. CFA If he’d fall undrafted he could be really interesting for Denver. He does everything in a good way but does not excels in anything. Something like Ball does but there is some potential in Jamison.
Ray Graham Pittsburgh Sr 5’9” 192 7th – CFA Pass catching abilities. Has explosion after hitting the hole but looks to lack top end speed for stretching the field once free. Has to bulk up and going more power to absorb the hard hits of NFL defender. Looks to be too light at the moment. Has elusivness and came make guy miss but has problems running throught the tackles. He has power to break tackles on the outside but cannot do much in the inside runs when tackled.
Has knee injury history
CFA My low grade is due to the fact that I couldn’t watch any video where Graham was running consistently inside. Also my injury concerns help. I still guess that he has a lot of talent and picking him as CFA would be a good signing for the Broncos.
Rex Burkhead Nebraska Sr 5’11” 210 7th – CFA He does everything great for the college level, but IMO he should move to FB in the NFL. He looks like a less explosive Peyton Hillis in my opinion. He could be a relly great addition late in the draft becuase he can block, he can catch the pass and he can run some tought yards. Great efferot player that would be valuable. Just the position he could play in the NFL is valuable to only few teams. CFA I just think that Denver has not enough picks in the 2013 draft (at the moment and it’s middle of April) to use one on a HB. If he would fall to CFA, whatever team will sign him will add a fanatstic player to the team
Andre Ellington Clemson rSr 5’10” 197 3rd Brakes tackles, has some explosion in open field. Does not looks like a sure pass protector, altough can some in the college ranks.
Looks like a complete back that miss some measurement but that has great leverage and always plays hard.
NO Although what I said. I’m not very high on him. I would like Denver to select (if the Broncos are going to pick a RB) a RB that could bring something to the team and I don’t see Ellington bringing different or better skills to the Broncos. He sure does to other teams.
Joseph Randle Oklahoma State Jr 6-0 200 4th Unbelievable College RB that does it all in college ranks. Still for the NFL needs to lewer down his level and get more muscle, which could quite him some speed. Has almoust elite speed in open field and could brake tackles in college. Not so sure he could do it with the bigger boys.
Could do better after the catch, where he looks one dimensional runner and does not cut the corner after the catch.
NO I don’t see him as a good fir for Denver scheme. I see him beign a cutback runner more than a power runner becuase of his body structure.
Le’Veon Bell Michigan State Jr 6’2” 244 2nd – 3rd I know that The Broncos hosted him for a visit and/or a private workout but I didn’t see anything that the Broncos could  match between his skills and what the Broncos ask from their runningback. He’ s inconsistent, make too amny times bad decisions on the LOS and does not have natural feel for blocking. It’s quite shoking sometimes. NO  I know that his size and power could suggest that he could be the player that Denver could have needed in short field situation (like in the Playoffs against Baltimore). But I just don’t think him being a 3rd round pick only because og his natural gifts.
Johnathan Franklin UCLA rSr 5’10” 201 2nd Pass catcher, one cutt runner with increbible elusiveness. He could be a third down back, but I guess he could be a better fit to some team that wants one cut and go type of runners. Had an incredible 2012 season. NO I’m not very high on Franklin not because he’s not talented or anything. Only because the Broncos selected Hillman last year and they’re quite similar runner. Anybody could make the case that as college player Frankling gained more attention than what Hillman did (anyhow he was really productive….but not playing in the PAC-12 for UCLA). Still the Broncos selected him, he’s on the roster and I don’t see the Broncos going after a similar player again.
Kenjon Barner Oregon rSr 5’9” 188 4th – 5th Cutback Runner with great explosion and vision. Needs to have hole to hit. Once on the second level he could find way to get missed tackles. No evidence of abilities in blocking. Can catch passes out of the backfield. NO Denver wants backs that can block, si this is a big if on Barner. Plus, his running between tackles is questionable if the O-Line is not creating big holes. Hillman has been selected in the 2012 draft and is physically similar to Balmer but more used to run between the tackles (which the Broncos use a lot). I don’t think he’d be the type of runningback Denver is looking for, but if he would fall in the draft (4th round?) he’s value would be too high to pass up, IMO.
Cierre Wood Notre Dame rJr 6-0 215 6th Cutback runner with some explosion and quite good pass catching abilities. His body frame doesn’t look to to me as the one of a three down RB in the NFL but he could be used in rotatio n with other RB. NO Denver already has a reliable catcher out of the box in Moreno, and I don’t see Wood as a big improvement over Moreno in any area.
Onterio McCalebb Auburn Sr 5’10” 164 7th – CFA to mi he’s just too light for the NFL. He will have to bulk up a lot. NO N/A

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