2013 NFL Draft – Prospects Analysis – Offensive Linemen – Guards



Player College Exp Height Weight General Forecast Analysis My Broncos Forecast My Broncos Analysis 5 best player for Broncos Scheme
Chance Warmack Alabama Sr 6’2” 322 1st He’s a really good football player that could start his NFL career being already a solid starter. 1st I don’t think he’ll be  still on the board when the Broncos will select. Also I don’t think the Broncos would be interested to trade up for a guard in the 1st round, having sjust igned Louis Vasquez to a big free agent contract.
Jonathan Cooper North Carolina rSr 6’3” 310 1st He’s battling with Warmack the spot of best gaurd in the draft. He, also, would be a plug in player, even with more potential than  Warmack. 1st He most probably will be already gobe for when Denver will have to select in the 1st round. As for Warmack, I don’t see Denver trading up for him because of the Louis Vasquez signing.
Larry Warford Kentucky Sr 6’3” 333 2nd Has great strenght. Hasve to learn to use better his feet. Does a great job in the running game. Has some issue with dynamic defender in the passing game. Not the quickest Olinemen. 2nd If the Broncos end up having the 60th pick (seconf d round) and he’s there, I would strongly like Denver to select him. Beadles will be a FA in 2013 and 1 year of learning could be really good for Warford, that could become a really good player in the NFL. ****
Alvin Bailey Arkansas rJr 6’5” 315 5th Does a great jon in pass protection, has quick feet and hold on well the defender. Looks to lack a bit of strenght to move the defender costantly in the running game. Has a good frame and could be a quality player in the NFL in a power blocking a scheme.   3rd – 4th A good option for the Broncos in the middle – rounds. I like him a lot actually and I think he’s underrated. He’s already a NFL ready pass protector and need some work in the run protection. But could be a quality backup in 2013 while becoming even a sterter in 2014 in the case Beadles is not re-signed. *****
Hugh Thornton Illinois Sr 6’3” 313 3rd – 4th Playes LT in 2012. Does have a great frame and body control, could have problems with speedster pass rusher in the NFL, for this reason would be more suited to play guard. I think that he could be more suited for teams playing zone blocking because of his athletic abilities. Need to bulk up to play in the power blocking scheme. 5th – 6th I think he’s more ready for the zone blocking scheme and could need a little to be ready for playing tha kind of O-line plays that the Broncos used in 2012.
J.C. Tretter Cornell Sr 6’4” 302 6th Good prospect with smooth feet and good athletic abilities. Run smoothly and get to the 2nd level very well when asked. Played LT in 2012 and does a good job in the passing game staying with his assignment and finishing it. Does even a better jon in the running game. 5th Will probably need a year to develop, but surely could be good depth a Guard. I also think he could have some potential at backup LT and if add power and balance himself better, could even became a relianle LT in the future. ***
Jeff Baca UCLA rSr 6’3” 305 4th – 5th Looks smaller than his size,plays nasty. Does a good job in the passing game, staying low and holding his point against the defender. Is able to adjust his body for better block. Lack some quickness that could result in trouble against NFL speedy pass rusher.  Is strong enough to get to the sencond level and push the defender until finishing the tackle. 5th – 6th All in all a good prospect that looks little bit smaller than other in this draft. But a player that, with some time of development and adjustment to NFL speed, should be able to compete for a starting job. Looks better suited for xzone blocking scheme.
Travis Bond North Carolina Sr 6’6” 340 7th Positions himself well in the passing game, has good strenght, need to improve his footwork to maintain balance while in his block. Looks not the fastest man while running, but anyhow use his body to find and block the defender at the second level. 7th I like the combination of size and power of Bond. He’s not athletic as his teammate Cooper, but could develop in a really good NFL guard under the power blocking scheme. He could be a good backup in the denver Roster in 2013 and then it would depend on him and on coaches patience. **
Sam Brenner Utah rSr 6’2” 307 7th – CFA Not too many videos on him. Versatile player that played both Tackle and guard. Has quick feet. Need to bulk up and gain power to compete at the NFL level. CFA Big gau that could be brought to training camp for competition.
Chris McDonald Michigan State rSr 6’4” 298 7th – CFA Uses good angles to block his opponent. Has big size and good frame. Could add bulk. Has enough quick feet but has to make a better job maintaining his balance. Does not run really smoothly. CFA I quite like what I saw. A tall linear player that could gain power bulking in a bit that has predisposition to take good anles to block and that could develop at least in a quality backup. *
Edmond Kugbila Valdosta State Sr 6’4” 332 7th -CFA A huge Olineman that has been invited to the combine. Had played at a lesser level and has to adjust at the speed of the NFL. CFA His size alone makes him interesting for any team.
Eric Herman Ohio rSr 6’4” 319 6th – 7th Big guy that has good strengh. Need to work in his bloking technique and to his footwork, Could develop in a really good “mauler” guard. CFA I like what I saw from my Broncos point of view. Anyhow since I think thet Herman is a project at this point, I’d prefer Denver to get him if he goes undrafted. Could be a practice squad team for a year and then devlop fistrly in back-up and then in a good starter. He looks to be a good project for what Denver likes in interior Olinemen. *
Josh Kline Kent State rSR 6’3” 307 7th Not enough videos on him. CFA A late riser on many boards, has being part of the Kent State team that won the MAC championship in 2012 for the first time ever. Could be a player to develop, having the size and the frame to play olineman in the NFL
Earl Watford James Madison rSr 6’4” 300 4th – 5th Need to bulk up. Has quick feet and could have some potential at Tackle. Anyhow will have to get time to get use to the speed of the NFL. Raw talent. NO I think that he could be best ruited for zone blocking, due to his agility. Need much more power to move NFL defensive lineman and to protect against their speed.

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