2013 NFL Draft – Prospects Analysis – Offensive Linemen – Centers




Player College Exp Height Weight General Forecast Analysis My Broncos Forecast My Broncos Analysis 5 best player for Broncos Scheme
Barrett Jones Alabama rSr 6’4” 305 3rd – 4th Not very impressive when he reaches the sencond level in the running game. Does not seem really fuid in the running protection. Looks to to, even in the second level in the pass protection. Shows impressive strenghtn and good footwork in pass protection. 2nd – 3rd If Denver is looking for an oofensive lineman that could provide good depth he’s the guy. I don’t know how much upside he could have, having played in Alabama in a big time college “organization”, but for sure he could provide quality plays both at guard and center position in caso in 2013 any starter would go down with injury. *
Brian Schwenke California Sr 6’3” 307 2nd – 3rd Wow, he’s a nasty O-lineman that always looks to finish his block. Has some really good quickness after the snap and shows some good footwork. Get to the second level quickly when asked. Sometimes goes up with his body even too early leaving the opponent defender to take advantage of him being “impatient”. 2nd – 3rd I think he could be employed as a Guard too, due to his quickness and mobility. His versatility could make him the first center selected, ahead of Frederick and Jones and the Broncos could be in the mix if they are looking for some good depth in 2013 and possibly, since Walton is a FA at the end of 2013, teh new starter for the Broncos in 2014. *****
Travis Frederick Wisconsin rJr 6’4” 338 2 Like Jones he does a far better job in the pass protection were he excels. In the running plays he looks to have some trouble to get to the second level and stay in his block. Many times it looks that the defender is able to push him back. His running does not look so fluid. Anyhow does a really nice job blocking in the passing game showing good blocking technique and good footwork. 3rd It’s probably that he’ll be the first pure center to be selected in the Draft and I don’t know if he’ll last until the last part of the third round. Anyhow he’s a powerful player that could have still upside, it looks that he could add some more muscles to his frame and he’ll have to learn to be a “mauler” in the running game. If Denver will continue to use the same offensive approach he won’t be nothing more than a backup for a year or even two, because Denver always try to establish some running game before to hit the opposing defense with playaction. This is the reason I’m giving him a 3rd round garde from my Broncos point of view.
Khaled Holmes Southern California rSr 6’3” 305 4th – 5th Holmes to me is a less polished pass protector but does a better job in the running game than Jones and Frederick. He looks strong and is able to hold is point. His running into the second level is more fluid. Has some concentration issue. He looks mobile and is able to take good angles to move the defender in the running game. 3rd – 4th Holmes is an interesting player because he’s sliding a bit on draft projections but to me could have the tools to start his career as backup at center but could be employed also as guard because he looks mobile in the run protection. If the Broncos would look to veratility I think he should be on their board, just after Barret Jones, or even to Barret Jones. The plus on Holmes is that he could be available in the 4th round while I don’t think Jones would be there. ****
Braxston Cave Notre Dame rSr 6’3” 304 5th – 6th Does a good job in the running game setting his point. He’s able to move the defensive tackle constantly in the running game. Even in the passing game he’s able to hold his point. He’s not dominant, but the true is that I didn’t see any dominant center yet in this 2013 draft class. 4th – 5th I think he could prvide good depth in case the Broncos are looking for. On videos he’s better than what I expected by reading professional analysis ***
Dalton Freeman Clemson rSr 6’4” 286 7th – CFA Does overall a really good job both in pass protection and in the running game. He looks polished. He won’t overwhelm you with measurement or anything but just a solid offensive line player. 5th – 6th I’m costantly seeing different things that the professional analysts, there will be a reason. Anyhow I think Freeman is a coplete football player that will do his job on sundays. I think he could play at any O-line position with the exception of LT. The Broncos, in need of depthe should take a deep look at this prospect. **
Matt Stankiewitch Penn State rSr 6’3” 303 6th – 7th Not enough videos on him. Was All big 10 first teamer and really did a great job on 2012 together with the other Penn State O-linemen. 7th – CFA If he goes undrafted, he could be another player that the Broncos could look at. As any Penn State player, had to go trough hard times in 2012 and came up huge. This should also be taken in count
P.J. Lonergan LSU rSr 6’3” 305 6th Good player that holds up well in the block and does not let the defender disangage it. Can get to the second level and has some power pushing. 7th – CFA Again an interesting prospect that could be a good backup in 2013.
Graham Pocic Illinois rSr 6’5” 310 6th – 7th Injured his shoulders on december 2012, not invited to the combine. Brings versatiliy to the table, since playes center, gaurd and tackle duting his university career. CFA A 6’5” Olineman could be good to take a look at him in training camp
T.J. Johnson South Carolina rSr 6’5” 318 7th – CFA A project for the NFL level. Has to gain strenght and power. Need to get better balance against the defender in the passing game. CFA Has the frame to put up more muscle. Could need a couple of year but looks at least as a serviceable backup being the type of O-lineman the Broncos are looking to like.
Joe Madsen West Virginia rSr 6’4” 301 7th – CFA Solid experience. Does not have too many videos on hime, but shows good leverage in the running game, getting to the second level quickly and holding well against the opponent. Has to get better on pass protection. CFA He could be a project. But his skills in the running game could make him good also for the guard position. Another interesting player that could be brought in at training camp.
Eric Kush California (PA) rSr 6’4” 304 –– Really quick after the snap. Smooth movement and quick feet. Does really a good job in the running game CFA Interesting small school player that with time and patience could develop in a effective “mauler” at the NFL level. I would like the Broncos to sign him and bring him to training camp.
Mario Benavides Louisville rSr 6’3” 279 7th – CFA not enough videos on him NO He’s little bit undersized for the type of body the Broncos looks to like on the O-Line,

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