Denver Broncos 2013: Free Agents signees: Move 9 – DE Elvis Dumervil accepts salary reduction – UPDATE: Fax not sent on time: Dumervil Released

Wow….I’m starting to get scared. I don’t know if anything could be better looking for the Broncos….now… I start to fear that something could get bad when it will really matters…so in september/october.

Elvis Dumervil accepted 4M paycut, streight 4M to remain with the Broncos. His 2013 salary will be 8 M, instead of 12 M.

I firstly would like to thanks Elvis Dumervil, as a Broncos fan, he made me happy, but I know that me being happy is not making him feeling any better for losing 4M streight away.

Second, the Broncos FO is really banging the table. Wow.

Thanks Doom.

UPDATE: this is incredible, or at least the excuse: the fax Dumervil sent with the agreement on the new salary, did not arrived to the Broncos that eventually released Dumervil.

Elvis Dumervil is now a Free Agent, I don’t buy the fax thing….so let see were he’ll land, but if with the Broncos (20% in my opinion) will likely be for less the 8M. The Broncos FO won’t like what happened. Period.

Goo Broncos!!!!


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