Denver Broncos 2013: Free Agents signees: Move 7 – Broncos Sign WR Wes Welker

I could be the black sheep, but I kinda feel meeh for signing Welker.

I will explain myself.

I have the fear that Welker was more product of New England system. He played almost his entire career there and was a huge part of the success that franchise had.

Still he drops balls (all receivers do)….in important games. Plus now all the press will look at the Broncos as clear favorite in the AFC. Everything less than a SB appearance would be considered as a failure, while in the NFL nothing is sure.

I understand that he plays this particular position that is so important in the Manning/Broncos offensive scheme, but I also felt that Stokley 2012 performances was no short of Welker ones. I know that Stokley could easily retire this season, leaving Denver with unknown answer at the slot WR position.

I don’t know, what I like more about signing Welker is the fact that the Broncos FO is playing all his cards for winning now, in the next two years and has no fear to show it. It’s like a war declaration to the other 31 teams…..and in the sports point of view I do really like it.

I hope to be wrong with the Welker product of a system fear of mine, and I hope he’ll be that player in the offense that let the Broncos outscore any opponent.


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