Denver Broncos 2013: Free Agents signees: Move 5 – Broncos Sign DT Terrance Knighton.

This is a move a like a lot.

He has been the first FA that I analyzed as new possible addition for the Broncos, also in the wake that Denver would need a new, young powerful NT, and he was drafted and grew a starter under Denver DC Jack Del Rio.

I really think Bannan was underrated for his work in the 2012 season, but this offseason there were a ridiculous number of young DTs in the free market to not try to address the position for the ages.

Knighton is just the perfect piece that fits what the D-Line has to be in the Del Rio world.

The ley’s get excited by the contract: 2 years – 4,5 million. WOW.

I don’t have words for explain the respect that I have for Denver FO. You just sign a perfect fit for your defense and get a known commodity for 2,25 million per year. Great.

This is much better that select a stud DT in the first round of the draft because you have to. I don’t know how to explain this point, because it’s a turning point. Denver now has a solid starter at NT (Knighton) and a solid starter at UT (Vickerson). Plus Unrein is a solid backup (and who knows how much more he will improve this summer…) at the NT position and Del Rio could choose between Wolfe, Ayers and Jackson to put in place of the NT in nickel defense.

Denver could still select a DT in the first or second round of the 2013 draft, but they can draft because they love the prospect, not because they HAVE TO!.


Great job, Denver!!!!


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