Denver Broncos 2013 Free Agency signings

Player Position Contract Previous team Vote Notes
Ryan Clady LT Franchise Tag – 1 year Broncos B+ Is not an A because I eould like the Broncos to find a long term deal with Clady, but due to his injury I think this is the best way to gain time to evaluate his real value and try get something done before the tag price will became unchangable
David Bruton ST/S 3 years / Broncos B I understand that his special team value is great, but until I don’t know how much money is involved in the deal, I could not clear my mind about, I’m surely happy he’ll be on the team again but I would like to know also that he could produce more on defensive snaps.
Louis Vasquez RG 4y/24,5 M Chargers A This is a great signing, for two reason. The first and most clear one is that he is an upgrade, to be fair, to the revolving door Denver had in 2012 at the position. I’m sorry that Kuper days on the team are almost over, but Vasquez, IMO, is a better player and on his prime. This kind of player usually doen not get to free agency. The second reason is that the Broncos truly stole on eof the best players to the fiercest division opponent taht already had O-Line as the most glaring need. Now San Diego is really needy and has to use not only the 2013 draft but also the 2014 one, to rebuild on O-line that looks like a swiss cheese at the moment.
Kevin Vickerson DT 2y/ Broncos A The Broncos D-line last year was better than advertized because both Bannan and Vickerson did a great job and show that they were really better than a lots of professional analysts were saying. No both were free agents and Vickerson, between the two, was the player that was playing all the 3 downs. To gey a proven commodity back that knows the scheme and already prove his play in the league is really a great bargain.
Terrance Knighton DT 2y/4,5 M Jaguars A A lots of fans won’t probably open champagne bottles because of this signing. But truly we should understand that is, IMO, from Keith Traylor days that the Broncos don’t have a NT with the talent of Knighton. He was the one DT on the free agency that I tought would make the most sense because of the scheme the Broncos play and because his connection with Jack Del Rio. I guess Del Rio will find a way for clearing him from out of the bfield problems and he will perform in a way that we, tha fans, will be impressed. If he doesn’t, the contract will give leverage to the Broncos to cut him lose next year. I bet we will ask for giving him a bigger contract in one year!!!
Stewart Bradley MLB 1y/1,1M Cardinals B Another body, and a big one, in the battle for the starting MLB position and Special team performance. Not bad for the price pais and could surprise.
Wes Welker WR 2y/12M Patriots B++ It could be an A++ if Welker proves that he is not a system product. Still if he don’t, the Broncos pick him away from the most dangerous rivel. This deserve a B at least. He could be the final piece on the receiving corp to make it hell for an opponent defense to cover Broncos playmakers
Dominique Rodgers – Cromartie CB 1y/5M Eagles B- This sign could become an A if the money involved is less than the one gave to Porter one year ago, given that I think that Cromartie is a better corner. His problem is consistency. If he can reach his potential this could be a great signing, if not, again like Porter, next year he will join free agency again. Update: it¡s 1 year 5 million. I don’t know where the Broncos are picking up the money….but still 5 M is quite a bit for 1 year. I downgrade my note from B+ to B- for the salary.
Shaun Phillips OLB/DE 1y/1M Chargers A This signing came during day 3 of the 2013 Draft. Almost at the same moment Denver drafted DE Quanterus Smith, the news of Phillips being a Broncos broke up. I’m really impressed with this signing because of the contract that Denver has been able to give to the player (low vase salary and full incentive depending on performance) and because Phillips could cover two important roles on Denver Defense: play SOLB and help the pass rush. The first role is merely a back-up role, if Von Miller goes down with injuries, he can step up and be very productive, as he did in his 9 year career in San Diego. The second role is even more important since the release of Dumervil, to be effective, Denver pass rush need to have two outside guys that could bring pressure, he could be the new Von Miller companion if Robert Ayers won’t be able. A lot of versatility and depth here.

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