Denver Broncos 2013: Free Agents signees: Move 4 – Broncos Re – Sign DT Kevin Vickerson

It’s a 2 years contract, the total value of it is still undisclosed at the moment.

I really like this other move too.

Big Vic really played great football for the Broncos in 2012 and proved to be a great commodity for the team.

The fact that he accepted a pay cut last offseason to remain with the team and the he performed so greatly, speaks volumes on the kind of player and man he is. He bet on his ability and won the bet and the Broncos really rapidly signed him back to the team. I don’t care if national analysts rates him really low in the DT free agent market, he was a big part of the team d-line in 2012 and is a proven commodity for DC Jack Del Rio.

Still the Broncos could go out and sign another DT (more of a NT guy a la Knighton) even if Vickerson is on the team.

I think that Vickerson story also shows to the rest of the roster how dedication and hard work pays off and how the Broncos FO are sensible to this kind of behavior.

I feel that the team is much better with Vickerson back and this sign also speaks volume about the FO going his path on the roster building.


Go Broncos!!!

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