Denver Broncos 2013: Free Agents signees: Move 3 – Broncos Sign OG Louis Vasquez

It’s a 4 years, 24.5 million contract.

Is Kuper roster spot in jeopardy? Yeah, you bet. Is he a free agent? Not yet.

Lots of talking about big defensive sign and Denver FO come out ans strike a big sign like this….Love it.

Best way to win: score points. Best way to protect your 37 years old QB? Sign one of the best OLinemen on the market.

Great move, not anticipated and really solid move.

Now, being him an Offensive Guard, little stats can I bring in. Still he is one of the finest guards in the league; he’ll help solidify Broncos line (at Right Guard) for years to come.

This move has some ramification:

1)      Orlando Franklin will remain at RT at least until he finishes his rookie contract;

2)     Chris Kuper days in Denver could be numbered, a solid pay-cut or a release will come;

3)     The Broncos could still look for a Guard early in the draft to develop, since Beadles will be a free agent when the 2013 season will ends. Vasquez has being signed to be a Pro Bowl starter.

4)     The Broncos surely were not impressed with the depth they have at the position, they didn’t envision no young player on the roster that could have step up and compete for the starting position.

I Love this move because it shows me that the Broncos have and effective plan and they stick to it, not being afraid to use big money to go the direction they feel is best for the team.

Go Broncos!!


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