Denver Broncos 2013: Free Agents signees: Move 2 – DJ Williams and Caleb Hanie released

In a movement to free around 5 million of cap, the Broncos released the longest tenured Denver draftee and the third string QB.

Both movement could be expected, as far as the Hanie one is sounding as the strangest, it really isn’t due that 1,25 M were due to him as salary for the 2013 season but no guarantee money was included. An undrafted college free agent could be a practice squad and the third QB in case of need.

Osweiler is the backup QB and the Broncos showed last training camp the willing to cut unnecessary costs when they cut LS Lonie Paxton (1 M salary) in favor of a rookie FA (400 K).

DJ Williams is more surprising IMO, because I would asked him a pay cut that Denver FO never asked. So my question is, why they didn’t cut him loose last year? Were there some cap complication?

Anyhow 5 M of cap relief could be spent on a good DT on the market.

Go Broncos!!!


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