Around NFL Divisional Playoff picks v1.0

Baltimore @ Denver –> Baltimore. I love the Broncos and I don’t wanna jinx it.

Green Bay @ San Francisco –> Green Bay. I trust more Rodgers and Green Bay offense against San Fran defense than San Fran offense.

Seattle @ Atlanta –> Atlanta. It could be close, but still until RGIII could walk the Redskins where edging the Seahawks. Atlanta is a far more experienced team than Washington. Seattle would need to build a big lead in the first half to come out of the Georgia dome with a ticket to the NFC Championship. I like more what Atlanta bring to the table as a team, even though I don’t trust them. Still I don’t have the upset feeling for this game.

Houston @ New England –> New England. I would like Houston to stun the Patriots. Unfortunately it won’t happen.


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