2013 Free Agents of interest – Part 9 – Danny Amendola , WR

Danny Amendola – WR: 5’ 11’’, 188 lbs, 27 y/o, 9th season,  undraftred in 2008. Signed as college free agent with the Dallas Cowboys and spent the entire 2008 year on Dallas practice squad. Signed by the Philadelphia Eagles and spent training camp with them ending up in their practice squad. On September 22nd 2009 St. Louis claimed him from Eagles practice squad and put him on its active roster.

Danny Amendola when healthy is one of the most reliable slot receivers in the league ort the best one apart Wes Welker and Brandon Stokley. He’s an interesting player that run good routes and knows how to get open for a fast completion and at the intermediate level. His problem has been being able to stay healthy.

His career stats as week 15 of 2012: 190 catches for 1694 yards (8,9 avg) and 7 TDs, 12 rushing attempts for 87 yards together with 8 fumbles (3 lost).


Why the broncos would be interested:

  • The Broncos will be surely on the market looking for slot receivers that could be brought in if Stokley will decide to call it career. As I wrote before, Amendola is less than 30 y/o and is able to run good routes. He could be seen as the closest thing to Stokley and he probably is.
  • Again, being the Broncos looking for their next slot receiver and don’t having him on the roster, outside of the original Stokley, they could find themselves more comfortable with an experienced veteran than with a rookie.
  • He’s often injured, so I don’t think he could demand a big payday. Even a 1 year contract could be signed leaving both parts waiting to see what happens during the year (let’s say 1Y/ 2M contract). If he gets injured, the Broncos won’t offer him any new contract.
  • Injuries apart, he’s a good football player and no-dive style. This is exactly what the Broncos collected since the hiring of Elway as thinking head of the organization.

Why the Broncos could not pursuing him:

  • Injuries. I have the impression that the Broncos really had fared away from players that team doctors weren0t really sure about, both in free agency and draft scouting. He could end up in the doctors black list too.
  • If he’s healthy, there could be some good competitor on the market. I know that Welker will be a FA too, but if he’s going for big payday (and he should) then I don0t see the Broncos going after him (if they’re interested in Welker at all). I guess the Broncos run these kind of operation with a price already set (let’s say a range) and they’re not shy to leave all conversation when a bid is going on. Which is smart, IMO.


Danny Amendola is a kind of football player Denver uses to like. He’s one of the best in the league at his position but he’s injury prone. He could be a great addition if the contract is not huge or is at least protecting the Broncos in case of injury. He’s also another player that fought his way up in the NFL and this kind of profile that Denver FO is looking to fulfill its roster with.


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