Week 15: Denver Broncos 34 – Baltimore Ravens 17: Good and Bad


  1. That was it. A great match by Denver. I know that Baltimore were missing a lot of their best players and lost Jacoby Jones and Torrey Smith during the match, but that was complete dominance by Denver defense. Denver offense started to have the better part of a hard fight against a wounded but still stingy Ravens defense. Moreno TD put everything on the books with 1 and half quarter still to play. Most dominant win (in a meaning game) I saw by Denver in a long time.
  2. Chris Harris is playing great football since the start of the season. I know that he won’t make the pro-bowl, but his level of playing is so good that I wanted to mention him before others.
  3. Knowshon Moreno is playing the way he knows to play and was drafted in the 1st round to do. He’s always getting some extra yards, as Willis McGahee does, and he could break a 15 – 20 yards gain every now and then. The O-Line has a lot to see too about the Denver running offense, but Moreno situation on the roster was so peculiar (for a player expected to create impact) and his behavior even more peculiar (in a really good way) in comparison with a normal 1st round pick guy, that this is another comeback story for the Broncos. The Team is playing great football and everybody is giving his best effort. I love what Knowshon is doing.
  4. Denver Defense, as a unit. Is Awesome. I never saw a Broncos defense that performs so well. It’s just great, dominant defense. The first half performance is something to be remembered, capped up with a pick 6 of 98 yards right when they were giving the impression of breaking a little bit…..that defensive TD just gave the match ball to the offense in the 3rd quarter. I really do hope Del Rio will remain for another year of Bronco Defensive Coordinator, the work he did is amazing.
  5. So much for Decker being regressing. So much. He’s having a really good/great year. Next year he’ll be even better. And you always see in him the eagerness to play football and the eagerness to be there for his team. He’ll be a great WR, I hope that Denver will keep him around for the rest of his, hopefully, long career.
  6. Justin Bannan setting the tone of the game with the forced fumble. I watched the play several times and I still came out of it amazed with how Bannan went directly and all the way for stripping the ball from Sacco. Bannan is simply having a great year. Towards the end of games, is possible to see Manning on the sideline chatting with Bannan, probably exchanging impression on what went good and wrong. You don’t have to forget the amount of leadership Bannan is bringing to a young group of defensive linemen. His plays and presence is another reason why other players raised their level of playing to level few were envisioning.



  1. I don’t want to be picky, because for a fan as I am, there was no bad performance or meaningful situation during this game. Anyhow I have to put something here. The offense rhythm was quite off in the first half again. I guess Denver would love to find a good rhythm on offense sooner in the playoffs.
  2. The offensive line should start to find a way to allow fewer pressures than what happened the past two games. Playoffs teams are already taking notes how to slow down Manning fueled offense.
  3. Giving two long TDs to the opponent TEs was not adding excitement to the game from a Broncos fan perspective. Still I know that was complete garbage time and Denver defense would have never missed so many tackles (or even giving the pass completions)  if those Baltimore drives were something remotely close to be meaningful, but still….
  4. I didn’t see much of Malik Jackson lately, probably it was just me not noticing him getting some playing time.

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