Week 14: Denver Broncos 26 – Oakland Raiders 13: Good and Bad


1)      Double digits winning record. Awesome.

2)      The game was never in doubt. The offense scored a TD in the first drive and a FG in the second drive. At that time the match was already 10 – 0.

3)      Matt Prater didn’t miss any field goal.

4)      Chris Harris was great again in coverage.

5)      The coaching staff seems to be able to always correct something for the best between the first and the second half. This time Manning was sacked 3 times in the first half and then none in the second half.

6)      At the end of the match the running game was able to get a first down that closed the match. Improvement.

7)      Knowshon Moreno is playing exactly as the Broncos need to balance the offense scheme. The past Thursday he had his first 100 plus running yard or the year. I think it won’t be the last time he’ll manage it.

8)      The run defense was stout. Improvement.

9)      Eric Decker has not regressed. This game shows it.

10)   Denver swept Oakland. It’s always a good feeling. And It does not matter if everybody says that the AFC West is awful….still the Broncos have to play 6 games in the conference and up to now the Broncos won 5 with 1 less to be played at home. It always a good feeling.


1)      Red zone efficiency was sloppy against the Raiders. If this cannot be solved in the next two games, it will be a big reason of worrying for Denver in the playoffs.

2)      Demaryious Thomas is an indispensable piece on the offense puzzle. Without him the offense was not able to generate too much in the third quarter.

3)      I didn’t see Dumervil getting to many times to the QB.

4)      I don’t have any other bad thought about Thursday game. It was really a well-managed game, where some players could also rest and some younger player could have been employed some snap more than usually. This is not a bad thing, on the contrary. So really I have nothing else to add here.


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