Around NFL week 14 picks v1.0

Denver @ Oakland –> Oakland. I love the Broncos and I don’t wanna jinx it. Plus I do believe that the Broncos won’t be in the best shape for playing the Raiders on a short week. The Raiders need a big win to give sense to the season and Denver is just going in the Black Hole as fresh division champion and on a 7 wins streak. It’s a rivalry game more for Oakland than for Denver that has just the motivation of getting the bye week in the playoffs….could it be enough on a short week, playing in Oakland against the desperate Raiders?

Philadelphia @ Tampa Bay –> Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay is playing for the playoffs; the Eagles are quitting.

Chicago @ Minnesota –> Close. To be determine in the next days. Gut feeling: Minnesota.

New York Jets @ Jacksonville –> Close. To be determine in the next days. Gut feeling: Jacksonville.

Tennessee @ Indianapolis –> Tennessee. I think that the talent level of these two teams are close. Indianapolis is already better than the Titans but will play without the starting running back and the starting safety. Plus Indianapolis does not have an elite run defense. I guess that if the match will be close in the second half. Tennessee will take advantage of his running offense.

Kansas City @ Cleveland –> Cleveland. The Browns play at home, Kansas City did a fantastic game last week considering the circumstances. They were really great. Now I guess it will be hard for them to focus on football after all the buzz of the week around what happened there in Kansas City. Incredibly Cleveland could win 3 games in a row….

Dallas @ Cincinnati –> Close. To be determine in the next days. Gut feeling: Dallas.

Atlanta @ Carolina –> Carolina. Let’s make it clear: the previous match between these two teams this season was really an hard fought match and it was in Atlanta. Carolina has the talent to win out any other game if the team plays as a team (which it didn’t happened almoust at all this season). I guess that playing against the best team in the NFC will give more motivations to the Panthers and they could pull off the upset.

St. louis @ Buffalo –> St. Luois. The weather conditions would suggest Buffalo should have the edge. But Buffalo will have two players with no starting experience from minute 1 of the game at Center and Right Tackle. Fisher is one of the smartest coaches and St. Louis D-line is quite good IMO. I guess the Bills will choke.

Baltimore @ Washington –> Close. To be determine in the next days. Gut feeling: Washington.

Miami @ San Francisco –> San Francisco. If the 49ers won’t win this game, I don’t even know if they’ll make the playoffs. I guess they’ll win this game but could be a really close game. Bad bad loss at S. Louis last week.

Arizona @ Seattle –> Seattle. Who’ll play QB for Arizona?

New Orleans @ New York Giants –> New York Giants. New york will play at home and the weather could be a big factor in this game. But both teams are underachieving this year, yes the Giants too.

Detroit @ Green Bay –> Green Bay. I guess the weather staff and all the last minute losses that Detroit had this year will be all factors. Green Bay has too many injured players so this game could also end up being a detroit win, but I trust Rodgers and now that Green Bay got Chicago, they won’t make mistakes like loosing this game, IMO.

Houston @ New England –> Close. To be determine in the next days. Gut feeling: New England.

San Diego @ Pittsburg –> Close. To be determine in the next days. Gut feeling: Pittsburg.


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