Week 12: Denver Broncos 17 – Kansas City Chiefs 9: Good and Bad


1)      It’s a good divisional road win. The match was bad, but divisional games on the road are always complicated and difficult to win.

2)      Wesley Woodyard made a mistake on a unnecessary roughness penalty. Other than that, he was great again.

3)      Mike Adams in the first half was in east mode. He was tackling everything coming his way, almost got a turnover all by himself, a QB pressure and a defensed pass. Add to this the tackle for loss in the second half and you get a great performance. He is another underrated addition to this team done by Broncos front office.

4)      Knowshon Moreno just highlighted himself. He was not Peterson, and he’ll never will, but he is a dependable back and surely the second most talented back on the team. I understand that both Ball and Hillman bring some different skills on the field, so that the coaches want them to be sued every week. But Moreno showed that he could do a similar job than McGahee. I guess that his benching was due to something else other than pure productivity but still praised Denver coaches and front office to notice that he would have been the most valuable replacement if McGahee would go down and keep him on the roster, instead of cut him loose. Another good front office move.

5)      The defense reaction, during Kansas City 4th drive, after Vickerson penalty on 4th-1 that gave the Chiefs the automatic 1st down. After that penalty this is what happened on the field (at least for NFL.com play by play transcription):

  • 1-10-DEN 35(7:15) 25-J.Charles up the middle to DEN 34 for 1 yard (95-D.Wolfe).
  • 2-9-DEN 34(6:39) (Shotgun) 9-B.Quinn pass short left to 22-D.McCluster to DEN 33 for 1 yard (25-C.Harris).
  • 3-8-DEN 33(5:56) (Shotgun) 9-B.Quinn sacked at DEN 42 for -9 yards (52-W.Woodyard).

Awesome reaction by Broncos defense! You know what did the Broncos offense with the ball after Kansas City punt? Well, at the 11th play of the drive Manning throw the ball to Tamme for a Broncos TD.

It all started by a 4th – 1 penalty that could have put the Broncos on a tough spot. Kudos to the defense for coming up big in an important phase of the game and Kudos to the offense too that went for the blood.

6)      Denver returning game management: even after Holliday TDs in Cincy and Carolina, the way Denver returner were deciding to go for fair catch, touch back or a return was quite suspicious, with some attempted returns that hurt Denver field position (when deciding if to return or a touchback a player should take in count that if there is no hole or the opposing covering team is close, starting a drive from the 20 yard line is really better that from the 12 or less). In this game Denver returned just once and for 50 yards. Holliday was really close to pass the last coverage defender and sprint for another TD in that occasion (if I remember correctly it was the first kickoff return of the game for Denver). All the other times, Denver players wisely IMO, went for taking what the Chiefs were giving, not trying to take risky chances. While watching the game, I thought it was the best plan.



1)      Matt Prater missed two field goals. I guess that when you’re one of the highest paid kickers in the game and you’re asked this year to be a normal kicker, and not a superman like last year, you better nails all the kick you get. Otherwise you’ll be one of the highest paid for short time. Especially in Denver. Just ask Lonie Paxton.

2)      Denver run defense problems. It’s fair to say that Denver defense didn’t crush against the heavy load of running plays that Kansas City mastered, especially in the second half the Broncos did a really good job not allowing easy running path to Jamaal Charles. Anyhow during until the 14 – 9 lead there were problems when the Chiefs were able to bring O-Linemen to the linebacker level, especially in the middle.  Quite few times the Chiefs were able to pick up brooking and block him before he could make a play to the ball carrier, getting 5 or more yards of gain on the ground. Denver has to find a solution to this disadvantage, especially thinking of some other better team that Denver could face in the playoffs (or already Tampa Bay next weekend could represent a better test). At the moment a stud MLB could be the biggest addition during next offseason because it looks like the players on the actual roster are not a long term answer (see age for Brooking or performance for Mays).

3)      Denver defense was often bringing pressure with three or four man only on passing situations. Even Von Miller was asked more to “spy” the play and react than give immediate pressure to the QB. Overestimating the Dline capability? The result was that in many cases there was less pressure to Brady Quinn than what anyone would think.


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