Willis McGahee injury – How the Broncos could replace his plays

These are my thoughts on how the Broncos could replace McGahee while he’ll be out.

I think that offensive coordinator Mike McCoy proved himself a lot in the adjustment category.

I will explain myself better.

Last year, in 2011, when Tebow came to the line-up, Coach Fox and OC McCoy did an unbelievable job reconstructing the whole offense for better serving Tebow style of playing.

In my opinion Denver will use the kind of running plays that better serve the remaining three running backs on the roster.

Hillman has been drafted to be a bruiser. He could be used to run between the tackles or tosses. He can catch the ball out of the backfield. He could block some. He’s just little bit to small to have more than 15 carries per game, at this point.

Lance Ball showed that he can be a great blocker. He can run between the tackles, even though he looks to not have that kind of power to consistently brake a couple of tackle in the middle and misses the top speed (Hillman one) to run tosses consistently and ending the plays with big gaining. He is a solid back that could gain 3 yards if used in 20 runs per games. He can catch the ball outside the backfield too.

Moreno is coming back from ACL tear, his resistance is questionable but he could be a good complement to the other two backs. He can block, probably he is the best pass catcher running back on the roster and he could have good gaining on open field after catching the ball. It all depends on how is his knee.

I guess that, meanwhile Willis McGahee will be out, Denver will share much more carries between the three running backs through games, instead to use mainly one runner as it has been done until now.

So it will come down to maximize the strength of each of the runner, using the right play for each one of them, and, as I wrote at the beginning of this post, I think McCoy is the right coordinator to develop a functional running plan for this three runners committee.

Plus I can also envision McCoy to find a way to sneak in the running back rotation both FB Gronkowski and WR Trindon Holliday. Gronkiwski could take some short yardage situations, meanwhile Holliday could be used in some trick plays and bring in his speed from the backfield.

I have high hopes for the three of them and I guess Broncos fans will be surprised by the depth of Broncos at Running Back.

There is no need to sigh anybody from the street and even Jeremiah Johnson, is another good option, probably the most similar player to McGahee, but to activate him on game day, a player has to be waived, cut or has to be put on I/R list. And I don’t think that it would be a good decision now that these 53 players just play as a Team, and a really good one.


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