Week 11: San Diego Chargers 23 – Denver Broncos 30: Good and Bad


1)      Broncos’ defense. Awesome.

2)      Von Miller has made his point for the Defensive Player of the Year.

3)      Wesley Woodyard made his point for the pro-bowl.

4)      The D-line created a ton of pressure almost on any snap. Incredible. That pressure forced tons of incomplete passes by Rivers, 2 interceptions and 3 fumbles.

5)      The D-line destroyed Chargers running game. Impressive.

6)      The defense was forcing 3 & out on any Chargers drive until late in the 3rd quarter.

7)      Brandon Stokley is a difference maker in this offense. It looks like that on any game he finds ways to make huge plays that change the game momentum definitely on Broncos favor. At 36, unbelievable. His impact on games deserves pro-bowl credit.

8)      Del Rio work really developed in a thing of beauty. Denver Dline was maligned in training camp, the secondary was a question mark (being Porter and Adams FA acquisitions and Moore coming out from a rocky rookie year), the linebackers core also was a question mark. Now the defense could bring pressure with just 4 men, the linebacker corpse looks to be one of the best, if not the best in the NFL, the secondary is giving no room to opponent receivers, the catches that have been done by opponents are almost all great ones…..

9)      Elvis Dumervil. Playing hurt and making a huge play in what he caused to be the last play of the game. Talking about leadership and doing the huge play when needed.

10)   DJ Williams: impressive. Really impressive.

11)   McGahee played impressively well before his injury.

12)   Ball and Hillman combined a fair running game together when McGahee went down. This is an important sign for the next weeks without McGahee. Moreno should be added to the mix if his knee is healthy enough. I have good feeling about what Denver could discover in at least one of this three runners.

13)   Payton Manning didn’t have his best game, to be fair. But he was still awesome. Tamme 3rd down conversion (3rd and 14) was an incredible throw and just one of those plays that break defenses confidence. Amazing play.

14)   Denver TEs (Tamme and Dreessen). I tough they did a great job opening spaces in Chargers defense. That was a really good game by them (including a couple of drops by them).

15)   San Diego defense is really good. Still the fact that Denver offense could pile up 30 points is a great accomplishment on a night where still some errors have been done by the offense.

16)   Using Bruton on passing plays to cover the middle looking for TEs was really a great adjustment. He is that big and physical defensive back that could challenge big pass catching TEs.

17)   Chris Harris and Tony Carter didn’t over shine as in previous matches but still did a great job IMO. Carter was pushed before the first TD catch. That was Offensive pass interference. Period. The second TD he left on the field I guess that was a great call and play by the Chargers. You have to give credit to your opponent.


1)      Offense turnovers in the 1st half. Even with the defense playing at Championship level, the Broncos needed a last minutes TD in the second quarter to put 10 points difference on the scoreboard. An interception and a fumble really hurt early in the game. Plus playing against a really good San Diego defense should be already a difficult challenge, helping them with mistakes was not the best thing to do.

2)      Willis McGahee injury. I feel for him. He should be a fans favorite. This is a guy that always gives everything he has on the field. And his performances are always good at least! He will be missed, even if I think that between Ball, Hillman and Moreno Denver offense will find a different way to run the ball that will be productive anyhow.

3)      Receivers’ drops. I recall one by Dreessen and another by Decker. I know that that will happen on any football game, but still I have to put something here.

4)      Defense’ 4th quarter. They looked a little bit toasted on the last TD drive by the Chargers. Again…..I have to find something bad. So Denver has to find a better answer for covering tall receivers, tony Carter can make plays but sometime he will be beaten by 6’ 4’’ or taller receivers.

5)      Holliday hands. He has to learn to keep the ball into his hands until the referees say that the play is over. Right now he’s scaring me a lot.


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